6 Things Women With Gorgeous Skin Do Every Day They gently cleanse their face daily. If you're wondering why the condition of your skin isn't up to

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6 Things Women With Gorgeous Skin Do Every Day


They gently cleanse their face daily.

If you're wondering why the condition of your skin isn't up to par, it might be time to take a look at how you're cleansing it. A good soapy lathering, a scrub with an old washcloth and a quick towel dry are cleaning steps more suited to your car than to the delicate skin on your face. If you've had a skin care routine like that since preschool, then it's probably time to rethink your approach.

First of all, when it's time to wash your face, grabbing whatever soap is close at hand is not a good idea. Not all soaps are created equal. For example, the skin on your armpits is a lot different from what's on your face, so a deodorant soap isn't really suitable to use above the neck source: American Academy of Dermatology Some other issues you'll need to consider include how sensitive your skin is and how prone you are to breakouts. For example, if you have extremely dry skin or a condition called rosacea, even a cleanser that seems innocuous, like hot water, might irritate your face. source: National Rosacea Society

Next, give some thought to your washcloth. You don't necessarily need one, and you shouldn't be using one if you have sensitive skin. It has the potential to irritate your skin and could even make you more prone to breakouts. Water temperature is also an important consideration -- certain temperatures are kinder to your skin than others. There's even an art to drying your face, pat it dry, don't rub it!


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They reapply sunscreen.

You know that the number one way to prevent skin aging is to apply sunscreen, so of course you already use a morning moisturizer with an SPF of (at least) 30. What women with gorgeous skin also do: Reapply sunscreen every few hours. Sun-shielding ingredients are only effective for about two hours—long enough to protect your skin on a morning walk or commute but not throughout the afternoon. I keep Rodan + Fields Mineral Powder with Peptides SPF 20. infused with patent-pending RFp3 technology that supports my skin’s resiliency to environmental aggressors and irritants as well as providing sun protection. I can also brush this on the back of my hands or décolletage throughout the day.

NIght Renewing Serum

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They use a retinoid serum every night.

I have learned a lot about skin since I joined Rodan + Fields Dermatologists and the first time I meet someone, I immediately know if she's using a retinoid because her skin looks so glowy and smooth. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that have been proven to boost collagen, which reduces fine lines, and to speed cell turnover, which evens out discoloration.

Rodan + Fields REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum capsules contains a potent, proprietary blend of peptides and retinol to visibly improve skin texture and firmness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Retinol, favored by dermatologists for decades, improves skin texture and minimizes the appearance of pores. Patented time-release technology increases skin’s receptivity throughout the night while reducing potential irritancy. Recognized by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine as an Editors' Choice.

salmon asparagus

They eat salmon, and consume lots of antioxidants.

Salmon's high omega-3 content helps hydrate skin from the inside out and reduces the inflammation that can cause skin redness. Antioxidant-rich foods and drinks such as blueberries, dark greens, green tea and coffee, help fight free radicals that can damage the cellular structures of the skin, accelerating skin aging.
Eating clean is definitely the way to go!


They break a sweat.

Raising your heart rate once a day makes your skin glow. Because exercise improves your circulation and oxygen capacity, it improves your complexion. And we know that the skin has endorphin receptors, which may also explain why it is positively impacted by aerobic exercise.

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They sleep at least 7 hours a night.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, ages the skin and can cause acne. Sleep reduces the cortisol level in your body. So it's a simple equation: Sleep = younger, clearer skin. And always try to sleep on your back to prevent lines and wrinkles.