I Love Photography: May 2014 Hiroshi Watanabe is a fine art photographer who needs no introductions as his work spans more than a decade of making ph


I Love Photography: May 2014


Hiroshi Watanabe is a fine art photographer who needs no introductions as his work spans more than a decade of making photographs! Regarding his decisions as to where to photograph, he states that "he goes to places that captivate and intrigue him. I am interested in what humans do so I seek to capture people, traditions, and locales". To accomplish this Hiroshi Watanabe has traveled to N. Korea, Japan, China, Africa, Ecuador as well as India, Venice, Italy and numerous cities in the United States.

Prior to traveling to an unknown place, he thoroughly researches the the history of the country and its people and says that he goes with an open mind - not knowing what he will find or photograph but hopes to find some surprises.
Working both in black & white and color, digital as well as film, Hiroshi Watanabe appears to have it all mastered!

Ideology in Paradise: Photographs of N. Korea

There are a limited number of signed copies available of Ideology in Paradise by Hiroshi Watanbe and all of the photographs from the series are available in limited editions of 20x20" and 32x32".

Watanabe Hiroshi BoySoldierArmyDayPyongyangNorthKorea IdeologyinParadise 2007

Boy Soldier, Army Day, Pyongyang, N. Korea

Watanabe Hiroshi Female Army Band  Grand Monument on Mansu Hill  North Korea Ideology in Paradise 2006

Female Army Band, Grand Monument on Mansu Hill, N. Korea

Watanabe Hiroshi Bar  Kaesong Folk Hotel  North Korea Ideology in Paradise 2006

Bar, Kaesong Folk Hotel, N. Korea

Watanabe Hiroshi Subway Station  Pyongyang  North Korea Ideology in Paradise 2006

Subway Station, Pyongyang, N. Korea

Watanabe Hiroshi SongdowonInternationalChildrensCampNorthKorea IdeologyinParadise 2007

Songdown International Children's Camp, N. Korea

Watanabe Hiroshi SingersMangyondaeSchoolchildrensPalaceNorthKorea IdeologyinParadise 2007

Singers, Mangyondae Schoolchildlren's Palace, N. Korea


Watanabe Hiroshi ElArbolitoParkQuitoEcuador Findings 2002

El Arbolito Park, Ecuador

Church Flower

Church Flower, San Lazaro Psychiatric Hospital, Ecuador


Edison Pastillo, Ecuador


Cerbando Goday, Otavalo, Ecuador



Ellis Island 2, New York

Watanabe Hiroshi Bubble man  New York American Studies 1996

Bubbleman, New York

Watanabe Hiroshi Bourbon Street  New Orleans American Studies 2001

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA

Watanabe Hiroshi Santa Monica Pier American Studies 2000

Santa Monica Pier, CA

Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Japan: Kabuki and Ena Bunraku (Faces)

photo 3

Azusa Tukamoto as Osome. Matsuo Kabuki

Watanabe Hiroshi Yuki Nonaka  Matsuo Kabuki Kabuki Players 2003

Yuki Nonaka, Matsuo Kabuki

Watanabe Hiroshi Hirokazu Nishijima  Matsuo Kabuki Kabuki Players 2003

Hirokaza Nishijima, Matsuo Kabuki

Bunraku, a traditional Japanese stage art performed with puppets, was created during the Edo period. The puppets are about one meter tall and are usually manipulated by three puppeteers who make the puppets appear alive. The puppet’s faces vividly display emotions while the puppeteers are visible on stage dressed in black outfits. Bunraku plays are also accompanied by traditional musical instruments known as Shamisen together with a singer-narrator who tells the story with deeply felt emotions.


Oshuto, Ena Bunraku


Tetsugatake, Ena Bunraku


Ofuku, Ena Bunraku


Jidai Baba, Ena Bunraku

Venice: Comedy of Double Meaning

In an effort to save the City of Venice, Italy (www.veniceinperil.com) Hirsohi Watanabe, along with several other artists, were invited to tour the city and asked to create a portfolio of work, the proceeds from which would be put towards saving the city of Venice, Italy.

Watanabe Hiroshi SaraGalizaasMorte ComedyofDoubleMeaning 2010

Sara Galiza as Morte

Watanabe Hiroshi MartaMarchiasStrega Sihouette  ComedyofDoubleMeaning 2010

Marta Marchi as Strega (Silhouette)

Marco Andreatta as Pulcinella

Marco Andreatta as Pulcinella

Paolo Bisetto Trevisin as Innamorato

Paolo Bisetto Trevisin as Innamorato

As a final note:
All of the photographs from Hiroshi Watanabe's portfolios over the past decade have been printed in specific sizes and offered in limited editions. Several images have sold out in a selected size, but often times it is still available in another size. Please inquire with the gallery about any image you are interested in.


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