Amazing "Highlights Reel" Video From Sunday VIDEO HERE Celebrity Producer/Writer BARNEY COHEN shared his experience and wisdom as our featured speak


Amazing "Highlights Reel" Video From Sunday


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Celebrity Producer/Writer BARNEY COHEN shared his experience and wisdom as our featured speaker at the February 16, 2014 "Accelerated Success: The Business of Acting" Seminar and Networking Event in Studio City, California. Mr. Cohen is currently ranked in the upper 2% of entertainment industry professionals worldwide (IMDB's STARmeter). He is the creator of the USA Networks vampire-detective series "Forever Knight" (one of the TV Guide "25 Top Cult Shows Ever!") and writer/producer of the even longer-running "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." Currently the writer/producer of the feature film "Gernika" (under the lead of a 2013 Oscar nominee!) "Jason" ("Friday the 13th") and his additional 235+ professional credits are listed on IMDB. He is currently in active development on three additional feature films and is interested in meeting potential talent for those projects. (He announced publicly that he intends to hire at least three of our actor clients whom he met at the seminars for one or more of his upcoming feature films.)

This is the "highlight reel" of Mr. Cohen's talk. Story ideas from audience members including 3 producers were edited from this video as were "inside announcements" that Mr. Cohen shared in confidence with the audience members (major upcoming projects, etc.)


4 Events in 2 Days - Did You Attend?


4 Events in 2 Days

There were two events on Saturday and two events on Sunday that were available to our clients - a private networking event at the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey (where three of the actors in attendance were verbally HIRED by the producer), a networking event at the Gemini Manor which was attended by at least a couple of producers in pre-production on their feature films, the seminar and networking event that we produced Sunday and the Red Carpet World Premiere on Sunday night.

Nice results came from each of those four events. Nice results did NOT happen as a result of those events for actors who were not there! For anyone who missed out . . . see if you can rearrange your schedule to attend more events and allow major success to happen sooner for you. After all, we work for YOU and we sincerely want to see you majorly succeed!



VLATKA at Sunday Afternoon Seminar &


Sunday Evening World Premiere Red Carpet


Guess who?

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There are a LOT of exciting projects coming together for us and our clients. Go back over the last few newsletters for a partial list. It's an exciting time and we want YOU to fully take advantage of all of these opportunities. I'll share more with you in the next newsletter, but wanted to get the Barney Cohen video link to you quickly . . . here it is again: And, if you haven't already done so, please watch the Judy Karman video from two week ago. Here's that link again:

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