February 2013: For your valentine ♥ Show your ♥ valentine ♥ that you love her and surprise her with the ultimate photograph that says, "I Love You!"

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February 2013: For your valentine

doisneau kiss

The Kiss at the Hotel De Ville

Show your valentine that you love her and surprise her with the ultimate photograph that says, "I Love You!"

"The Kiss at the Hotel De Ville" by Robert Doisneau is THE classic image by the artist from Paris, 1950.

1978lipson walk


On a more fun level, you could say, "I Love You" with Jerry Uelsmann's photograph, Untitled, 1976 , aka Lips on Pathway.



parkin deborah mask memory 2010


parkin deborah abandoned memory 2010


Of course, no matter their ages, we can't forget the kids! Deborah Parkin's photographs from her Memory series reminds us of our childhood days and are a great start to building any child's personal collection.

Sunrise  Mt. Tom

Sunrise Mt. Tom, Sierra Nevada

And to show your valentine that you love him, what guy wouldn't love to have a photograph by Ansel Adams, "Sunrise, Mt. Tom" from Portfolio VII, #62/115, published 1976.


Petit's Mobil Station, Cherry Hill, NJ

A classic from 1974 is George Tice's image of "Petit's Mobil Station, Cherry Hill, New Jersey".
This image is definitely a guy photo and is the artist's most well known image from his career which spans 50+ years.

hartman mitchell TheBallplayer 2011


If this isn't a guy photo then I don't know what is....
The Ballplayer by Mitchell Hartman from his series of photographs, Fragments.

barer cara Still Life 2007

Still LIfe

Everyone loves books and loves to read them on a Kindle, Nook or an iPad, but none of Cara's books will be found on any reading device!
Cara Barer's book creations are made from old publications that have been recycled, redesigned and then recreated into a new art form! She has a huge collection to choose from! Books can also say, "I Love You" because they last forever, and we know that Cara's books definitely will!

Sweet Tree-lowres

Sweet Dreaming

Saving the best for last... Ellen Jantzen's newest image in time for Valentine's Day, Sweet Dreaming from the series, Transplanting Reality; Transforming Nature.
How better to tell your valentine that you love him/her ~ give the tree of love which will forever be in bloom!

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