You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive Piwik emails. Piwik is the leading Free Software


You are receiving this newsletter because you have signed up during the Piwik installation to receive Piwik emails. Piwik is the leading Free Software for Web Analytics used on 460,000 websites!

Crowdfunding Piwik 2.0: Custom Alerts feature!


We have been successful in our first two Crowdfunding projects: Beautiful Maps for Piwik which has now launched in the newest version of Piwik, and Custom Segment Editor which we are in the process of building for a future release. We now need your help to fund our latest awesome project: Custom Alerts Plugin.

This new feature will notify you of changes in your website based on the rules you set. Your custom Alerts (for example "More than 100 sales per week") will be sent by email or SMS when the conditions are met. Custom Alerts are a key feature for Piwik 2.0 to be the ultimate analytics platform. Learn more about Custom Alerts feature (and the perks!).

By donating, you help make this very useful Custom Alerts feature possible. We need your support and pledge today!

The March Towards 2.0: Piwik Release 1.11!

The march towards 2.0 has begun in earnest with this latest release. The first features funded by the community: New Visitor Maps and Real Time Maps are now live! Piwik is now officially Flash free and uses only open standards and libraries. Here is just a quick run down of the new features of the Piwik 1.11 release.


Flash Free Maps
Over the last few months, we worked closely with Gregor Aisch, a leading data visualization expert from Germany and member of the Piwik team. Gregor built the maps from scratch, and we are excited to release this work under the GPL License v3. You can zoom down to the region, so you can see how many visits each region and city received. You can also select in the dropdown to plot another metric (bounce rate, time on page, etc.). When you click on a given Region or city, it opens the historical evolution of this region or city!


Real Time Maps
The new Real Time Visitor Map updates every 10 seconds to show your visitors in real time! Watch as your visitors come and go on your website. All of this was possible to our amazing team and the generous funding and support of community! We have a lot more surprises in store for 2013.


New Login form and New Admin Designs
Fabian Becker, one of our talented core developers, implemented a new design for Piwik’s loon screen and our admin menu. It just makes every admin page look better. This is the beginning of some new design elements we hope to bring to Piwik to make it even easier to use.

Other New Features
We also redesigned our tracking code generator to make it even easier to deploy Piwik on your site. We have also added two new reports: All Referrers and Browser Language, as well as improving the Referrers Overview page. Check out more info on the latest release. Once again, thanks to our amazing and supportive community. We have more in store for 2013, so stay tuned.

Piwik Web Analytics Essentials: The Book


In November 2012, we reviewed the first English book written about Piwik. This book by author Stephan A. Miller covers pretty much all you need to know about Piwik, from installation, the basic reports, as well as more technical aspects such as the API. It 's a great way to learning more about Piwik Analytics. Learn more about the book.

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