Welcome to all members... Thank you to everyone who has joined or re-joined recently and all the best for the 2013-2014 season. Running our club is

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Welcome to all members...

Thank you to everyone who has joined or re-joined recently and all the best for the 2013-2014 season.

Running our club is an expensive business. To prevent membership fees sky-rocketing, all who sail at BSC need to contribute their fair share by joining the club. If you know anyone who has forgotten to send in his or her membership application or renewal form and payment please encourage them to do so right now!!

Remember, membership renewals were due by 1/10/2013


How do I join?

For more information about membership and racking click here or to email, Membership Secretary, Duncan Robertson, click here.


Anyone for a Polo, Rashie or Cap?

BSC Apparel

Click on image to download or print BSC - Apparel Order Form

To promote Balmoral Sailing Club and our new logo, a smart range of quality apparel, including polo shirts, rashies and caps, has just been released. Currently we have only small numbers of each item available so it's definitely a case of first-in, best-dressed! We will certainly order more stock if there is the demand for it.

Details of colour, size and price can be obtained when you download the BSC - Apparel Order Form. You'll see that member prices are very reasonable and if you purchase a 'Set of 3' (Polo, Rashie and Cap) you'll get a further discount.


Don't miss Discover Sailing Day this Sunday!

Would your family and friends like to go sailing but you never get round to taking them?

Discover Sailing Day (Sunday 27th October, 10am - 4pm) is their chance to experience the fun of sailing at Balmoral Sailing Club.

Send them this link: http://discoversailing.org.au/myclub/clubdisplay.aspx?ID=2007&PID=112 and ask them to "Register".


Get your family & friends to click on the image above to register for Discover Sailing Day.


Safety first

With the sailing season upon us again, Heather Hall, Principal Race Officer at BSC reminds us how important it is to check our boats and rigging, to make sure that everything is working and has not deteriorated over the winter break.

Heather said, "I draw your attention to YA Special Regulations Part 2 for Off-the-Beach Boats." Click here to download. Heather continued, "These special Regulations supplement the Racing Rules of Sailing and the rules of the various Class Associations. And, it's important to note that if the Class Association's rules are of a lesser standard than these Special Regulations then these regulations prevail."

Heather stressed, "It is important that all our racing events comply, so please familiarise yourselves with the requirements, particularly in relation to the following:

Centreboards, Rudders and Tillers
Bailers and Pumps
Hull Identification.

The Race Committee may, at any time, require the person in charge of a boat to demonstrate that the boat complies with these Special Regulations. Class Captains will be inspecting boats over the next few weeks and spot checks are planned throughout the season.

Do you know the Racing Rules of Sailing?

The 2013 – 2016 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Federation and the Prescriptions of Yachting Australia can be downloaded by clicking here.

Little Tackers...

Congratulations to everyone who entered the Whale's Tales Competition. You were all very clever and got all the answers right. So, to choose the winners, we had to draw two names out of the hat. Not surprisingly, both winners will receive a whale!

First prize goes to Sacha Guenat and second prize to Harry Gill.

In case you'd like to know the answers to the questions, here they are:

Q1 What species of whale was Moby Dick? A1 A Sperm Whale

Q2 How did the Southern Right Whale get its name? A2 It was the 'right" whale to catch in the Southern hemisphere: they were slow-swimming, floated when dead, and provided large amounts of valuable products - particularly oil.

Q3 How close to an adult whale is your boat allowed to be? A3 100 metres - if only an adult whale is present but 300 metres if there is a calf with the adult whale.


Introducing two more Board Members...

Murray Freeman

Murray Freeman joined the BSC Board in 2013. Murray has been dinghy sailing since 1975 in Lasers,
16’ skiffs and MG14s. He also crews on an Endeavour 30 for social sailing.

This season Murray will be sailing his MG, Beast, with a new for'ard hand: Lucie Metlickova.

Campbell McKay

Campbell McKay is a Yachting Australia, Level Two, Sailing Instructor and was a Sports Scientist for the Australian Sailing Program for the 2000 Olympics. He has also done some offshore racing on St Jude,
in the 2010 and 2012 Sydney to Hobart races. Cam joined the Board in 2012 and was the Stirrer's Award recipient for 2012-2013.

Cam, sails a Mirror, McMissile, with his sons, Benedict and Spencer.

Murray and Cam, along with fellow Board Members, Lorraine Madden and Heather Hall, have recently been busy organising Discover Sailing Day.

Still don't know everyone?

If you'd like to meet the other Board Members have a look at the noticeboard in the clubhouse or visit the website soon. You can see photos and a short bio plus a list of sub-committee involvement so you'll know just who to approach with positive feedback, constructive criticism or offers to help!


LIKE us and you'll always be up-to-date!

Visit the Balmoral Sailing Club Facebook Page and LIKE us to ensure you receive regular news feeds including the weekly racing results.


What do you like about sailing?

Steve Thomas who crews on Trivial Pursuit summed it up perfectly: “I've never been an outstanding sailor but I still love getting out on the water. You’ve got fresh air, exercise, the wind in your face (and quite frequently a bucket load of water as well), sunshine (hopefully), excitement and a remarkable sensation of speed.

Trivial Pursuit

Steve Thomas and John Stracey aboard Trivial Pursuit

"Your life becomes governed by what’s going to happen in the next few minutes: trimming the boat to each shift in the wind, swooping over some swell, muttering as you sail into a dead patch, flying along on a ‘reach’ hanging on for dear life and fighting to control the boat every second.

"Overall I love it. I find it mentally relaxing, physically demanding and great fun. And, at Balmoral Sailing Club there's also a friendly environment that brings great company and a good social side.”


Not sure about sailing but love the harbour?

If you have family or friends who are not sure about sailing but would love to spend time on the water why not suggest they become a volunteer. Heather Hall, Principal Race Officer at BSC, said, “I’m very interested in hearing from people who want to get involved in any aspect of Race Management. It’s a great way to become a part of the friendliest Club in Sydney and to spend time on our beautiful harbour – in the relative comfort of a power boat! At the same time it's an important way of helping to make sailing safe for all the competitors.”

Click here to email Heather if you'd like to volunteer or find out more.


Welcome to a sailor of the future!

Kai Johanna Houtzager was born on July 29th to last season'sTasar Club Champions, Josh Faddy and Louise Houtzager. Little Kai has put paid to a back to back championship result for the couple. Louise said, "Josh plans to sail with Paula Cummins for the club championship races this season. We are looking for a baby-sitter so we can sail some other races together, later in the season, but for now I hope to have a few joy rides on Mango Chilli post-race while Kai socialises at the club!"


Proud parents: Josh Faddy and Louise Houtzager with Kai Johanna Houtzager


Coming Events...

27 Oct 10:00–16:00 – Discover Sailing Day
6 Dec 17.30 – Balmoral Arvo Blast 1 & 2
7 Dec – Christmas Party
21 Dec 14:00 – Last Race (PS) for 2013

Volunteers needed for Discover Sailing Day. Contact: discoversailing@balmoralsc.com.au


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