The Bane of Yoto - Revolutionary 3D Mobile Comic Gets Featured by Nvidia Tegra, Releases YouTube Behind The Scenes Documentary FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

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The Bane of Yoto - Revolutionary 3D Mobile Comic Gets Featured by Nvidia Tegra, Releases YouTube Behind The Scenes Documentary


Denver, CO, October 26, 2012 – The blockbuster transmedia experience The Bane of Yoto, by Joshua Viola, is now available to millions of subscribers for the Nvidia Tegra platform for Android. The app was hand-selected for feature positioning in the curated, editorial-driven home-page in Nvidia's TegraZone store and is based on Viola’s four-time award-winning novel of the same name, recently released by film, video game and TV licensing record label and music publisher FiXT.

“I’ve been waiting and waiting to release to Nvidia’s Tegra market. We’ve had to keep quiet about it for some time,” Viola says. “The Tegra audience consists of more hardcore consumers than most other markets. They’re looking for something with depth that they can really get into. I think my comic app will allow them to do just that.”

A YouTube Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Documentary on the making of The Bane Of Yoto has also just been published and is available below:

(Don't See The Video? Click To View On The Web)

Drawing rave reviews for its originality and vision, The Bane of Yoto Novel has won awards from the 2012 New York Book Festival, the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival, and winner for the Science Fiction category at the 2012 Halloween Book Festival. This is the first installment in a trilogy of science-fantasy novels by Joshua Viola. DC and Marvel comic book artists Tyler Kirkham, Nick Runge, and Steve Scott are responsible for some of the stunning visuals. FiXT, the publisher, is owned by cyber-rocker Klayton of Celldweller, who also provided the music. His work has been featured in such films as “Iron Man 2,” “Spiderman 2,” “Ghost Rider 2,” “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” and more. The Bane of Yoto merchandise available ranges from PlayStation 3 Dynamic Themes, Sculptures and T-shirts, to posters and more, all available through FiXT.


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More to the story...

Formerly a professor of Game Art and Design, and now art director for Leviathan Games, Josh Viola’s astounding perception is unmistakable in this perfect blend of science fiction and fantasy that comes together in a breakneck paced, action-packed plot where dynamic, fully-developed original characters battle for their very existence in a brutal world.

“I personally was never impressed with comic apps I’d installed,” he says. “They didn’t work, in my opinion. So I wanted to approach that world in a different, revolutionary way. Dreamotion was our answer to that problem.” DreamotionTM is Viola's name for the process of taking numerous layers of traditionally generated 2D illustrations and artwork and then bringing them to life in a fully-responsive 3D world.

“It’s all responsive to movement,” Viola continues. “When the user rotates their device, the world comes to life. The characters on screen animate and move as you are looking through every little detail in 3D -- and all without glasses.”


Support For The Bane of Yoto:

Steve Alten, New York Times and international bestselling author of Meg and Domain: “An exciting Sci-Fi adventure delivered in a classic Hero's Journey meets wicked new Alien World!”

J.C. Hutchins, award-winning author of 7th Son: Descent and Personal Effects: Dark Art: “Josh Viola has crafted a gritty genre-mash of science fiction and fantasy, powered by iconic characters, imaginative action, and fate-of-the-world stakes. This is widescreen fiction, people: It's in your face, larger than life, and refuses to be ignored.”

Keith Ferrell, former editor of OMNI Magazine and author of Passing Judgment: “Josh Viola’s debut novel is a science-fantasy epic, overflowing with violence and dark magic, romance and heartbreak, slavery and rebellion, cruelty and redemption. Above all it is the story of the transformation of little Yoto into an enormous creature whose new powers attract the wrath and vengeance of beings who possess the powers of the gods. Go Yoto!”

Wyeth Ridgway, President and CEO of Leviathan Games: “...[book] combines hero elements of The Incredible HulkTM with the alien landscape of Avatar, resulting in a rich storytelling environment that offers unlimited possibilities for video games.”

Gregory Burkart, FEARnet: "... Joshua Viola has launched a mammoth dark-fantasy epic overflowing with monsters, brutal battles and oceans of blood."



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