The Humanitarian Newsletter April 7 - April 28, 2014 Humanitarian Spotlight: South Sudan in Crisis As the peace talks between the warring parties i


The Humanitarian Newsletter

April 7 - April 28, 2014

Humanitarian Spotlight:
South Sudan in Crisis

As the peace talks between the warring parties in South Sudan’s recent surge in violence encounter a deadlock and resulting two-week adjournment in Addis Ababa, it is worth reflecting on the extent of the crisis that has unfolded in South Sudan in recent months. On December 15, 2013, shooting erupted in South Sudan's capital, Juba, between a faction loyal to President Salva Kiir Mayardit and another loyal to his ousted Vice President Riek Machar. A significant ethnic division between the two groups intensified and engulfed civilians in violence, pitting the ethnically Dinka supporters of President Salva Kiir against the Nuer ethnic group loyal to Riek Machar. A ceasefire was signed in January of 2013, but reprisal killings and escalating violence continue to persist in the world’s newest nation. In separate interviews on April 8, both sides insisted that they do not fear possible sanctions because neither believes that they are blocking the peace process or instigating the violence across the nation.

Since violence broke out in December, 908,000 people have been displaced throughout the region, including more than 700,000 people within South Sudan and 200,000 in nearby Sudan. The number of dead and wounded is estimated to be in the tens of thousands. As a result of the failure of the January ceasefire, there is an urgent need for food, clean water, healthcare, shelter, sanitation, hygiene and protection that exceeds current humanitarian capacity.

United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator Toby Lanzer was shocked by the destruction of the affected communities in South Sudan during his visit to the town of Malakal, the site of a surge in recent violence in the beleaguered nation.

Mr. Lanzer warns that if seasonal planting cannot occur in agricultural regions because of the continuing crisis, South Sudan will face an impending humanitarian disaster. Without the harvest produced by plantings in March, April and May, the South Sudanese will lack a crucial food source for themselves and their cattle and livestock. Lanzer, in an address to the United Nations General Assembly, urged donor nations to speed up aid disbursements for South Sudan. The United Nations estimates that South Sudan requires US$230 million in the next 60 days in order to stave off disaster.

Prior to this estimation, the United States added US$83 million in aid to South Sudan, raising its total contribution to US$411 million. The aid will be funneled through United Nations agencies including the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the World Food Programme (WFP), as well as various NGOs. WFP is beginning to airlift food to those in need, and plans to reach 250,000 people in the coming weeks. WFP and its partners are currently providing aid to 500,000 people impacted by the conflict. Further, some 21,000 people living in a flooded UN displacement camp are in need of immediate assistance. Doctors Without Borders stated that "people are living in natural drainage channels because there is no other space" and the conditions are squalid at best. This UN camp, like so many others, is overburdened and considerably underfunded.

Mr. Lanzer's observations highlight the severity of the situation, and echo past warnings "that the world’s youngest nation could collapse by year’s end if urgent action is not taken to help see its people through the current crisis." In a press release on March 25, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) announced that close to 5 million people urgently require basic humanitarian aid in South Sudan. While around 925,000 people have received some form of assistance, there remains a widening aid gap that desperately requires international attention.

For more information, please visit:

Humanitarian Spotlight: South Sudan Crisis - AlertNet
South Sudan - International Crisis Group (ICG)
"South Sudan Cannot Starve" - NY Times
"WFP And UN Refugee Agency Alarmed At Scale Of Needs In South Sudan" - WFP

Given the deteriorating situation in South Sudan, the Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) presents its Spring 2014 Lecture Series: South Sudan in Crisis.

The first event of the series, "Making Peace in Dangerous Places: Lessons from Sudan and South Sudan for Contemporary Conflicts," featured guest speaker Dr. Dirk-Jan Omtzigt, who discussed the peace building and negotiation processes that culminated in the division of the two nations during the 2011 independence referendum. This event was then followed by a Symposium titled "Perspectives on National Reconciliation in South Sudan: Lessons Learnt from South Africa, Rwanda, and Sudan", organized by Fordham's African and African American Studies Department.

The next event, on Tuesday, April 29, will feature a screening of the documentary The Longest Kiss followed by a discussion with Director Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque. Please see below for more details.

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Special Feature:
World Health Day 2014

Small Bite Big Threat

World Health Day 2014: Small Bite, Big Threat

Today, April 7th, is World Health Day 2014. As the day is observed annually around the world, major international organizations are taking this opportunity to raise awareness about the threat posed by vector-borne diseases. According to these agencies, more than half the world’s population is at risk from diseases such as malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, Lyme disease, schistosomiasis, and yellow fever, carried by mosquitoes, flies, ticks, water snails and other vectors. Moreover, every year, more than one billion people are infected and more than one million die from vector-borne diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled its campaign: Small Bite, Big Threat to highlight the focus of this year's World Health Day and has released a short video featuring simple measures that can be taken in order to protect individuals at risk.

For more information on this campaign, and World Health Day around the world, please visit WHO’s website.


Humanitarianism & Academia

Does South Sudan possess the political leadership to resolve the crisis?
by Dr. Amir Idris

In this article, Dr. Amir Idris, Professor and Chair of the Department of African and African American Studies at Fordham University, briefly sums up the current state of the political leadership in South Sudan and offers his perspective on the current crisis of governance and citizenship, and possible ways forward.

Dr. Amir Idris recently hosted the Symposium "Perspectives on National Reconciliation in South Sudan: Lessons Learnt from South Africa, Rwanda, and Sudan," a complement to the IIHA's Spring 2014 Lecture Series: South Sudan in Crisis.

dr lynne jones

Then They Started Shooting
by Dr. Lynne Jones

Dr. Lynne Jones, a relief worker and child psychiatrist, interviewed over 40 Serb and Muslim children who came of age during the Bosnian War and now returns, 20 years after the war began, to discover the adults they have become. This audiobook is a must-listen for anyone interested in human rights, children’s issues, and the psychological fallout from war, this engaging audiobook addresses the continuing debate about PTSD, the roots of ethnic identity and nationalism, the sources of global conflict, the best paths toward peacemaking and reconciliation, and the resilience of the human spirit.

*Dr. Lynne Jones is Co-Director of the IIHA's Mental Health in Complex Emergencies Course, which will be held at Fordham University in New York from July 13 - July 18, 2014.

Chasing Misery: an anthology of essays by
women in humanitarian responses

"International Women’s Day - March 8, 2014 - marked the official launch of Chasing Misery, an anthology of 21 essays and 26 photographs contributed by women who have worked in humanitarian responses during the last decade. All of the essays are first person accounts of specific experiences women had which challenged or inspired them. It has been my honor to contribute – both as an editor and author/photographer – to this work, which provides a deeper insight into the complex world of humanitarian responses through the eyes of those on the front lines."
-Carmen Crow Sheehan, IIHA Alumna, Mental Health in Complex Emergencies Course (MHCE 6 / NYC 2009)

For additional information, please visit:
Chasing Misery website:
Twitter: @chasing_misery
Interview (Washington Institute with Kelsey Hoppe, head of the editorial team)


New York Events

concern springrun2012a

Saturday, April 12, 9:30 AM
The Concern Spring Run

Join Concern Worldwide for their 16th Annual Spring Run in Central Park! Not only will you pulse through the park on their 4-mile course, but you'll also be supporting thousands of families and communities living in extreme poverty around the world. For over 15 years, hundreds of runners and walkers kick off Spring with this Run/Walk in Central Park to raise as much as they can for as many as they can in some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in our world. Join Concern for an unforgettable morning of pure fun- and all for a good cause!

For those interested in joining Team IIHA, please contact

To register: Please click here.

Location: Central Park, New York, NY


Thursday, April 17, 2014, 12:00 PM - 2:45 PM
Symposium: Preventing Genocide: Nations Acknowledging their dark history

This symposium will feature opening remarks by HE Ambassador Garen Nazarian, Permanent Representative of Armenia to the UN, as well as the screening of the film on the Ottoman Turkish Genocide of Armenians and assassination of Hrant Dink.

Panel presentations will include an overview, "A Century of Genocides, 1913 - 2014: Lessons Learned", as well as presentations by Mr. Hayko Bağdat, Turkish Journalist, "A Century of Denial"; Ms. Filiz Celik, PhD candidate, University of London "Dersim Massacre & Armenian Suffering" and Mr. Halil Berktay, PhD, Prof Sabanji University. The event will be chaired by Dr. Ani Kalayjian, President of ATOP Meaningfulworld.

To register: Please RSVP by email to Blerina Marku by April 10, 2014.

Location: United Nations Headquarters, Dag Hammarskjöld Library Auditorium, at 1st Ave and 47th Street, New York.


Thursday, April 24 – Friday, April 25
Climate Change Demands We Change.
Why Aren't We?

While a great deal of research has been devoted to issues of engineering, architecture, land use, etc., as ways of mitigating the effects of climate change, very little attention has been paid to the ways psychological factors, money and politics, and infrastructures impede change. This conference examines these issues as well as the difficult choices that must be made to foster urban resilience. The conference aims to make clear how these factors can be overcome and identify areas in which more research is needed. Speakers include experts in the social sciences, philosophy, architecture, environmental engineering, city planning, politics, and business.

To register: Please click here.

Location: Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10011 and John L. Tishman Auditorium, 62 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10037

IIHA logo cropped darker

Tuesday, April 29, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Film Screening and Discussion: The Longest Kiss

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) is pleased to announce the next event of its Spring 2014 Lecture Series: South Sudan in Crisis.

This event will feature a screening of the documentary, The Longest Kiss, followed by a discussion and Q&A session with the Director, Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque.

The meeting of the Blue and White Nile in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, is referred to as "the longest kiss in history." The film follows six young Sudanese searching for a place to call "home" as their journeys take the audience up and down the Nile, between north and south Sudan, ahead of the South's secession. Facing conflicting identities, youth in north Sudan grapple with a stale dictatorship while others in south Sudan hope to start over—but at what cost? It is an intimate portrait of a complex society that bears witness to its inevitable fragmentation.

Please RSVP to

For more information: Please contact Kasia Laskowski at 212-636-6294 or

Follow our Twitter Conversation! #IIHASouthSudan

Location: Lowenstein Center, Room 524, Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus, 113 W. 60th St., New York, New York 10027


Thursday, August 28 – Friday, August 29
UN DPI/ NGO Conference

There will be a conference this coming summer and the dates and location are now in place. In addition, plans are underway to have an opening event on the evening of Wednesday, 27 August and possible side events on Saturday, 30 August. So save the above dates and start your planning to be in NY then. Additional details will be forthcoming.

To register: Please register online.

Location: United Nations Headquarters, between 42nd & 48th Street, 10017, New York

National Events


Saturday, April 12 – Sunday, April 13
Global Health & Innovation Conference, 11th Annual Conference

The Global Health & Innovation Conference is the world's leading and largest global health conference as well as the largest social entrepreneurship conference, with 2,200 professionals and students from all 50 states and more than 55 countries. This must-attend, thought-leading conference convenes leaders, change makers, and participants from all sectors of global health, international development, and social entrepreneurship.

To register: Please register online.

Location: Yale University, New Haven, CT 06520

Monday, May 5 – Wednesday, May 7
Design for Urban Disaster

Urban disasters are on the increase, with rapid urbanization causing more people to live in places vulnerable to hazards such as flood, earthquake and tsunami. This conference invites humanitarian aid practitioners, those in government and designers from spatial/physical disciplines to explore ways to improve actions before and after disaster. The conference addresses three key themes: response, resilience, and transformation.

For more information: Please visit

Registration deadline: March 31, 2014.

Location: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138


Tuesday, May 13 – Thursday, May 15
Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2014

Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact is an exciting, relevant and technically focused international conference that will explore emerging technologies that further enable global humanitarian assistance.

To register: Please click here.

Location: The Marriott Courtyard, 777 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139


Sunday, May 18 – Friday, May 23
Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition

The American University Washington College of Law is hosting it's 19th Annual Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition. The competition was established to train attorneys on how to use the Inter-American human rights legal system as a legitimate forum for redressing human rights violations. It requires students to argue the merits of a hypothetical case written on a cutting-edge topic currently being debated within the Inter-American human rights legal system. All student team members must be enrolled in a Juris Doctor (JD) degree program or its international equivalent to participate as a team. The oral round sessions occur in May, in Washington, DC. Register as a team or to participate as an observer by March 2014.

For more information: Please visit or email Becca Russell-Einhorn at

Location: American University Washington College of Law, 4801 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20016


Saturday, June 7 – Saturday, June 21
BIARI – Brown International Advanced Research Institutes

In June 2014, Brown University's International Advance Research Institutes (BIARI) are offering a course entitled Human Security and Humanitarian Response. Topics for the course include the effectiveness of existing welfare systems in different regions; best practices in humanitarian assistance; and the politics of compassion in disaster and conflict zone. Discussions will focus in particular on the ethical issues that arise at the intersection of human security and humanitarian assistance; rights-based approaches to humanitarian relief; and the potential of new technologies to transform humanitarian response.

For more information: Please view the BRIARI brochure or contact

To apply: Please visit

Location: Brown University, Providence, RI 02912


Wednesday, July 9 – Thursday July 10
The Aid & International Development Forum’s 6th Annual Disaster Relief Summit

The Aid & International Development Forum’s 6th annual Disaster Relief Summit is the world-leading gathering for international humanitarian experts at relief agencies, NGOs and charity associations, UN and government agencies, development banks and donors and innovative technology and service providers. AIDF summits are designed to create a mutual platform to facilitate and encourage exchange of thoughts, share expertise and present the lessons learned through first-hand experiences. The summit strives to enable quicker and better response during crisis and catastrophes in a more effective, sustainable and cost-efficient way.

To register: Please register online here.

Location: Washington DC, USA. Conference venue details will be determined soon.

International Events


Monday April 7, 2014, 14:00 - 17:15 (GMT+01)
Conference: Will the global always trump the local in the humanitarian system?

Do the practices, norms, rules and language of international humanitarianism crowd out local efforts to respond to crisis? Is this inevitable? What are the implications?
As part of a two-day conference entitled ‘Between the Global and the Local in Humanitarian Action’, hosted by Save the Children, in partnership with the Humanitarian Policy Group and the Non-State Humanitarianism Network, and supported by OCHA and Saving Humans, this event gives participants an opportunity to consider and debate the extent to which global and local frameworks for humanitarian action can be truly complementary. An interactive workshop will be followed by a debate involving the following speakers: Bertrand Taithe (Executive Director, HCRI);
Kirsten Gelsdorf (Chief, PAIS, UN OCHA); Loretta Minghella (CEO, ChristianAid)
and Misikir Tilahun (Head of Programmes, Africa Humanitarian Action). The event will be chaired by Juliano Fiori (Humanitarian Affairs Adviser, Save the Children)

For registration and for more information: Seating is limited, therefore please RSVP to to reserve your seat.

Location: Save the Children UK, 1 St. John’s Lane, EC1M 4AR


Wednesday, April 9, 3:00 - 5:00 PM (GMT+01)
Panel: The situation of older and disabled Syrian refugees

The Syrian crisis has generated the largest refugee movement since the Rwandan genocide. Findings of a study commissioned by HelpAge International and Handicap international, show that in comparison to the general refugee population, older, disabled and injured refugees, and those suffering from chronic disease have reduced access to both basic and specialized humanitarian assistance, face challenges caused by imprecise targeting and registration, and are disproportionately affected by the enormous psychological toll of the disaster.

The panel will feature Lydia de Leeuw, HelpAge & Handicap Regional Inclusion Program Manager and Dylan Wynder, DFID Head, Humanitarian Response, as speakers. During the event, they will discuss the implications of the findings both in terms of the quality and effectiveness of the response to Syrian refugees, and within a wider context of commitments to the delivery of principled, impartial assistance that is fully accountable to affected populations.

Registration: Please register online here.

Location: 203 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 8NJ


Wednesday, April 23 - Thursday, April 24, 2014
Water Security Summit

The two-day summit will identify and explore the challenges of maintaining sustainable water resources in Asia-Pacific. Throughout Asia and the world, organizations have realized that addressing the most pressing water security challenges can drive multiple benefits, both environmental and economic.
The Water Security Summit will ultimately serve as a collaborative forum for industry leaders from diverse sectors to share insights and further a united mission: ‘To build and manage water sustainability for Asia’.

To register: Please register online here.

Location: Putrajaya International Convention Centre: Dataran Gemilang Precinct, MALAYSIA
Putrajaya, 62000


Wednesday, April 23 – Thursday, April 24, 2014
The Cities Network Campaign 2nd Annual South Asian Cities Summit on “Urban Climate Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction”

Nowadays, urbanization is occurring on an unprecedented scale. According to statistics, by the year 2050 it is estimated that 70% of the world’s population will be living in cities. The main concern is that this will raise major social issues like housing, poverty, pollution, inadequate water supplies, sewage, waste disposal, and transportation systems and many others. Cities having high population density, stressed ecological systems, and substantial dependence on natural resources would become very vulnerable to climate change. The objective of the Summit is to convene a high‐profile gathering of Honorable Ministers/Mayors/Commissioner/CEO, Government officials, senior local governments officials from South Asian cities (India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan), international subject experts, policy makers, national/international organizations, technology providers, financial institutions and funding organizations working in the area of climate change in the South Asian countries to discuss, debate and develop model solutions for cities in South Asia and explore potential business opportunities.

To register: Please email Ms. Anuradha Das.

Location: New Delhi, India

farbiger Stern2 bigger

Thursday, May 8 – Friday, May 9
44th St. Gallen Symposium: The Clash of Generations

The 2014 St. Gallen Symposium will focus on the topic 'The Clash of Generations". The Symposium will explore the disparities between generations, looking at societal structure and its implications on economic productivity, general welfare, political stability and social cohesion. Those in attendance include government leaders and workers, NGOs, interest groups, members of the press, companies, and universities.

For more information: Please email or call +41 71 227 20 20.

Location: Dufourstrasse 83, P.O. Box 1045, 9001, St. Gallen, Switzerland

jpg 27444

Wednesday, May 14 – Thursday, May 15
The Second European Association Summit

The 2013 EAS brought together professionals from more than 80 associations to discuss latest trends and exchange ideas. Working sessions involved top panelists from industry and institutions; speakers came from the European Commission and Associations. It was a mix that certainly pleased attendees: high satisfaction scores were reported across the board. The second edition next year will build on this success. Tying in again with the European Business Summit, 2014 EAS will add new and innovative topics to the program, helping participants add value to their association.

For more information: Please visit or email

Location: Brussels, Belgium


Wednesday June 4 – Thursday June 5, 2014
2014 Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference

The 6th annual conference will be hosted by the Tecnológico de Monterrey at its Santa Fe campus and co-organized by the Health & Humanitarian Logistics Center at Georgia Tech (HHL), the Humanitarian Response Lab at MIT, and the Humanitarian Research group at INSEAD. Activities will encourage discourse among participants through plenary panels, interactive workshops, poster sessions on innovative research, and other educational and networking activities. Discussions will focus on the role of logistics in areas such as disaster response, health systems and food security as well as highlight the unique logistical challenges for humanitarian response in Latin America.

Registration: Please register online here.

For any additional questions or topic suggestions: Please contact one of the co-organizers at Georgia Tech, INSEAD, MIT, or Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Location: Tecnologico de Monterrey, Santa Fe Campus. Avenida Carlos Lazo 100. Please visit the Venue website for additional information


Wednesday, June 4 – Friday June 6
Humanitarian HR Europe Conference 2014 - Addressing Your Organization's Needs: Global Mobility, Consortia Working & Demonstrating Impact

The 18th annual Humanitarian Human Resources (HR) Europe Conference will explore what the future holds for humanitarian HR. The conference will focus on three themes: how to measure and demonstrate the impact of HR; global mobility, which will explore national vs international reward and more; as well as the opportunities and challenges of working in consortia.

For more information: Please visit

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Tuesday, July 1- Friday, July 4, 2014
The World Mediation Summit

This is an international conference on mediation conflict resolution. The primary goal of the event is to promote mediation and to bring people from different countries, which are interested in mediation, together to exchange experiences. The summit will feature presentations and exchange with speakers and colleagues from across the globe including Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia. Topics will include creating business opportunities in the field of mediation, lawyer assisted mediation, cross-border and global mediation, current trends impacting the future of mediation, the impact of psychology in mediation
and many more.

Registration: Please register online here and email should you have any questions regarding the event.

Location: Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales. Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
at C/. José Gutiérrez Abascal, 228006 Madrid, Spain


Saturday, March 14 – Wednesday, March 18
3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

The main item on the Conference agenda is agreement on a successor to the Hyogo Framework for Action which was adopted at the last such Conference in 2005 within weeks of the Indian Ocean tsunami and which was attended by representatives from 168 UN Member States. Over 8,000 people are expected to attend the 2015 event including heads of State, government ministers, parliamentarians, academics, NGO and other civil society representatives.

To register: The registration and accreditation process starts in March 2014.

Location: Sendai, Japan

Online Events

Tuesday April 15, 2014, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM BST
Webinar: Engaging Communities in Urban Areas

This webinar will bring together a panel of operationally experienced humanitarians to discuss the challenges and opportunities of engaging with urban communities. Panelists from UN Habitat, Global Communities and others will draw on their experience to answer questions from the audience, as well as some of the following: What does 'community' mean in urban contexts? What types of engagement are possible in urban areas and what examples of good practice exist? How can humanitarians use common needs within an urban population to facilitate community cohesion? 
How can working with local organizations/CBOs improve engagement in urban areas? How can humanitarians ensure accountability given the scale of an affected urban population? 
How can better coordination support humanitarian response in urban areas and what could this look like?

For registration and more information: Please register online here.


United Nations Institute for Training and Research-Multilateral Diplomacy Program

The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) is pleased to announce a new series of training courses on Multilateral Diplomacy.

Monday, April 28 – Sunday, May 25
Overcoming Negotiation Deadlocks

This course will equip participants with practical skills to enhance individual negotiation capacity and lead through situations of deadlocks. By the end of the course, participants should be able to distinguish between different approaches to negotiations; employ a comprehensive toolbox for various negotiations situations and stages, including preparation, conduct and closure of negotiation. This course has a fee of US$600.

Monday, March 31 – Sunday, April 27
United Nations Protocol

This course aims to provide an overview of United Nations and multilateral protocol practices to guide the protocol practitioners who operate within the Offices of the United Nations at its Headquarters as well as in its numerous field offices throughout the world. With the help of interactive online exercises, participants will finish the course with a concrete understanding of specific protocol-related situations. This course has a fee of US$600.

To register: Please proceed to the application website and follow the instructions.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM (BST) Everybody wins: bridging the gap between scientific and local communities

The world of science and technology has a lot to offer those affected by or responding to the risk of disasters. But producing and using knowledge about disaster risk is far from a straightforward process. The challenge is in bringing together this wealth of local and scientific knowledge to enable communities to become more resilient in the face of disasters. One crucial way of promoting dialogue and supporting decision making processes are participatory games and exercises.

This event will comprise debate, games and workshop demonstrations led by Emma Visman, author of Knowledge is power, a network paper on using science and technology to enhance community resilience through knowledge exchange.

To register: Please register online here.

Job Opportunities


United Nations Foundation - Corporate Meetings and Events Associate - Washington, DC

The Corporate Meetings and Events Associate is responsible for the day-to-day planning, managing, and coordinating events with internal staff, including, but not limited to, panel discussions, seminars, conferences, receptions, lunches and dinners. As the primary representative of internally located events, the position requires flexibility to be on site before and after regular business hours, including weekends, as needed. The Corporate Meetings and Events Associate frequently works independently and requires a high-level of responsibility, accountability and initiative while at the same time functioning as an effective team player.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 8, 2014


United Nations Foundation - Senior Associate, Contracts and Budgets - Washington, DC

The Senior Associate, Contracts and Budgets supports the Public Affairs team. S/he will provide key operational support; help manage contracts related to projects and initiatives; liaise with outside contractors and grantees to facilitate agreement process; liaise with BSBR on contract review and approval; process invoices for payment; support expense reporting for senior PA team; and help operationalize activities related to the respective portfolio under the direction of the Executive Director, Public Affairs and in close coordination with the BSBR Executive Director.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 8, 2014


Save the Children - Regional Partnerships Manager, Singapore

The Regional Partnerships Manager (RPM) will be the organization’s principal representative for donors at the regional level, as well as acting as a focal point for new business development between Save the Children UK and SCI country programs in Asia. S/he will work with country programs to identify donor opportunities; facilitate donor engagement at country and regional levels; assist in the development of country fundraising strategies for UK donors; and with the support of Regional Portfolio team coordinate proposal development for large and strategic funding opportunities. The role is intended to strengthen the capacities of SCI country programs to strengthen in-country donor relations.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 10, 2014


Catholic Relief Services -Technical Advisor for Health Research and Evaluation, Baltimore

The Technical Advisor (TA) for Health Research and Evaluation will work within the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) Unit to provide technical and strategic leadership to CRS to strengthen agency capacity and acquire resources to (1) enhance M&E and information management systems; (2) oversee health-related operations research (implementation science) and impact evaluations; and (3) assist the Unit leadership in developing a learning agenda that identifies evidence-based best practices with potential for replication and scale.

To apply: In order to apply, please create an online profile and apply here.


Save the Children - Program Officer for the Humanitarian Capacity Building, London

The Program Officer of the Humanitarian Capacity Building sits within the People Development & Training section of the Capacity Building and Preparedness team. The role will report to the Program Manager of the Humanitarian Operations Program and will support the implementation and management of the Humanitarian Operations Program.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 13, 2014


Unite for Sight - Associate Director, Connecticut

The Associate Director position provides an outstanding individual with an opportunity to engage in high impact front-line global health programs. The Associate Director works from our New Haven office that overlooks the Yale campus. The Associate Director contributes their professional experience to lead Unite For Sight's four program divisions, while contributing creative and cutting-edge ideas to a leading global health organization. Ideal candidates exemplify a balance of superior writing, analytical, and communications skills paired with a demonstrated commitment to excellence.

To apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to, referencing the position title in the subject line.

Application deadline: Unite For Sight accepts resumes on a rolling basis.


Save the Children – Humanitarian Logistics Advisor, London

The Humanitarian Logistics Advisor will provide central co-ordination for logistics in emergency responses. The post holder will support and work within the logistics team to ensure that Save the Children’s logistics systems are fit for its full spectrum mandate. The Advisor will also be central to ensuring that the transitional complexities within the organization are managed according to their role in a structured and enabling way.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 13, 2014


UNICEF - Lesson Learning Exercise on the UNICEF Response to the Syrian Crisis (Consultant), Various Locations

A UNICEF Lesson Learning Exercise (LLE) is proposed to consider the UNICEF response to the ongoing Syria crisis and its regional impact (Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Turkey). The aim is to inform the UNICEF approach to continued humanitarian action in Syria and the refugee operations in neighbouring countries, providing feedback to strengthen the UNICEF response, an evidence base to inform UNICEF humanitarian action in similar crises, and to inform any adjustments to UNICEF procedures including the Level 3 SSOPs. It will consider how far UNICEF has been able to meet the needs of affected people and UNICEF accountability to affected populations.

The team undertaking the exercise will be comprised of a senior team leader, senior consultant and a research consultant. They are required to generate lessons and recommendations to inform UNICEF operational decisions making and programme improvement while the response is on-going. The research consultant, specifically, is responsible for carrying out the documentary review and analysis, and supporting the senior team leader for the interviews and meetings of UNICEF staff/partners. S/he will be responsible for drafting a survey for the LLE and conduct the preliminary analysis. S/he will also provide inputs to the draft report.

Application deadline: April 15, 2014


Danish Refugee Council - South Sudan Team Leader, South Sudan

The Danish Refugee Council is seeking a qualified candidate to be their South Sudan Team Leader. This position reports to the DRC Head of Programme based in Juba. The Team Leader has the overall responsibility for the continued development and implementation of DRC's projects in Maban County. This position is responsible for managing the implementation of the multi-sector refugee response in Upper Nile. The Team Leader will represent the DRC locally, and will lead the strategic development of the program within a protection framework while ensuring internal standards in finance, human resources, logistics, and procurement. This position represents a six-month contract, renewable dependent on both funding and performance. You must be available to start work as soon as possible and be willing and able to work in Maban, Upper Nile, South Sudan.

For more information: View the full posting.

Application deadline: April 18, 2014


Care International - WASH Advisor, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CARE Cambodia seeks a WASH Advisor to assess, design, and implement activities at the nexus of water, sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition. This unique position will support CARE’s flagship gender-based approach to improve mothers’ and children’s nutritional status, and will involve implementing such activities as improving household sanitation facilities, expanding the supply of household water treatment products, and enhancing hand-washing facilities, among others. A strong emphasis will be placed on supply-side dynamics of WASH provision, including private-sector-led production and distribution, to fulfill the demand of key target groups, namely mothers and children. As the project aims to employ Behavior Change Communication techniques, standardize hygiene and nutrition education, and effect gender-transformative messaging in select communities with chronic malnutrition and high poverty rates, the WASH Advisor is expected to reflect CARE’s holistic approach to household- and community-level water management.

To apply: Please visit their website.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


Save the Children – Humanitarian Nutrition Advisor

This individual will be responsible for managing the development of evidence based IYCF-E programming and capacity, in order to ensure the delivery of high quality, timely, accountable and appropriate IYCF-E responses. In addition, the post holder will support the Save the Children Humanitarian Nutrition team across Save the Children members, through guidance from the Emergency Nutrition Technical Working Group. Please note this role will demand around 40% international travel.

To apply: Please apply online.

Application deadline: April 21, 2014

logo 2012

Global Communities - Shelter & Settlements Specialist, Maryland

The Shelter & Settlements Specialist reports directly to the Director of Humanitarian Assistance and will manage all aspects of program design, startup and technical assistance for emergency and transitional shelter response; develop the design and delivery of shelter and settlements response options to humanitarian emergencies, and represent Global Communities to the global and local humanitarian community for all shelter, settlements, and infrastructure related program components. S/he will also develop institutional capacity to respond appropriately to shelter and settlements needs as households and communities recover from emergencies; and lead program development efforts related to this sector.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


International Rescue Committee -
Senior Business Development Officer, New York

The Senior Business Development Officer (SBDO) works closely with BDU senior staff to provide leadership in monitoring, managing and coordinating IRC’s response to competitive solicitations issued by the US government and multilateral donors such as the World Bank and UN. The incumbent will also be responsible for leading proposal development efforts on-site, which requires international travel to country offices for periods of up to six weeks. Based at IRC Headquarters in New York, the SBDO will report to the BDU Senior Director and collaborate closely with other International Programs and Finance staff to ensure that all proposal development issues are identified and properly addressed.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


CARE - Syria Crisis Response Regional Evaluators

CARE is seeking two individuals with experience in complex humanitarian response operations to evaluate the humanitarian outcomes of CARE's response to the Syria regional crisis. The main purpose of the evaluation is to:
• Provide an assessment of the scope and scale of the responses against the country response strategies, regional response strategy, CARE performance indicators and expected strategic outcomes as well as international standards.
• Establish operational and organisational efficiencies related to CARE’s internal decision making processes as well as to CARE’s partnerships for the Syria response
• Assess opportunities and risks related to most likely scenario for advancing the emergency response strategy and scaling up our response.

To apply: The team should provide CV’s of the proposed team members, evidence of successful completion of similar assignments as a team, contact information of at least three references, and indicative fees. Please send the reference documentation accompanied by a letter of interest including your terms and conditions to Uwe Korus.

Application deadline: April 25, 2014


Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is a humanitarian organization based in Greenwich , and working internationally with sister HQs in France, Spain, the United States and Canada to ending child hunger, malnutrition while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. The organization is currently hiring for the following positions:

WASH Program Manager / Senior WASH Program Manager

The organization is now recruiting for WASH Program Manager and Senior WASH Program Manager to manage country programs abroad.
This a great opportunity for individuals with a solid experience in a developing country within ACF or other Humanitarian organization and fluency in English, while Spanish and French would be an added bonus.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 27, 2014

Country Director / Head of Mission

The Country Director / Head of Mission will manage country programs abroad , supervising the financial management, developing programs, monitoring and evaluation as well as representing the country’s operation, Action Against Hunger to authorities, UN, donors and communities.

Individual's with a solid experience in a developing country within ACF or other Humanitarian organization; a good understanding of Food Security and Livelihoods programming; fluency in English, while Spanish and French are encouraged to apply.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: April 26, 2014


Unite for Sight - Global Health World Fellow, Connecticut

The Global Health World Fellowship provides an outstanding individual with an opportunity to engage in high impact front-line global health programs. The Global Health World Fellow works from our New Haven office that overlooks the Yale campus. In this full-time paid job position, the Fellow works closely with Unite For Sight’s CEO and with Unite For Sight's Executive Director on global health programming. The Global Health World Fellow opportunity is a 1-year position starting in Summer 2014, with the opportunity for continued growth in the organization as a Program Manager after the first year.

To apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to, referencing the position title in the subject line.

Application deadline: Unite For Sight accepts resumes on a rolling basis.

JRS Full blue S W1

Jesuit Refugee Service - HEM Site Coordinator, Jordan

To understand, support and engage in the mission of the Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins (JC:HEM). The Coordinator is philosophically aligned with Jesuit tertiary education offered via virtual immersive learning environments. The JC:HEM Coordinator is accountable for leadership and supervision of JRS-JC:HEM staff, for professional relationships with the JRS team and for project management of all aspects of JC:HEM at the Coordinators home location.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Eurasia Group

Eurasia Group - Director and Business Leader, Corporate Advisory Services, New York or Washington

Eurasia Group is seeking an experienced and motivated senior-level business development professional to lead, grow, and manage our Corporate Advisory Services team. This position may be located in the firm's New York or Washington offices. 
In this position, you will be responsible for managing the firm's growth with corporate clients across multiple industry sectors, with a particular focus on sales and relationship management at the CEO and board level. You will bring existing senior client relationships, originate new business and work directly with executive and research leadership to develop a business plan that ensures company sales and profitability goals are met. You will participate in strategy development, annual budget processes and work closely with the firm's CEO and head of sales.

To apply: Please click here.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Global Strategy Group logo

Global Strategy Group - Director of Research,
Greater NYC Area

Global Strategy Group (GSG) is seeking a Director to join their growing research practice and to work on a wide variety of political, public affairs and corporate research projects. GSG’s work environment is fast-paced and demanding. Directors are expected to juggle multiple assignments at any given time – whether it’s managing projects and clients, producing research documents and deliverables, or assisting with marketing and proposals. Ideal candidates should have a number of years of experience working on both qualitative and quantitative research for a wide variety of clients.

To apply: Please submit cover letter and resume to Please reference Director – Research within the subject heading of the correspondence.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


AmeriCares Senior Associate, Medical Outreach Program, Connecticut

Medical Outreach, in addition to its ongoing program activities, is engaged in a multi-year initiative to investigate, develop and promote best practices for short-term medical missions with the aim of improving their impact on immediate health outcomes and long-term health care capacity. In this position, the Senior Associate will play a key role in managing and executing the activities and deliverables of this initiative. S/he will also work with the program team on routine operational tasks related to order processing, reporting and communications.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


Pencils of Promise - Development Manager, New York

Pencils of Promise (POP) is seeking a Development Manager to join its team and support the fundraising efforts. The Development Manager reports to the Associate Director of Development and is responsible for activities that identify, secure, nurture and engage POP’s mid-level individual, corporate and institutional donors.

To apply: Please email or visit their job page.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


Unite for Sight - Program Manager, Connecticut

The Program Manager position provides an outstanding individual with an opportunity to engage in high impact front-line global health programs. The Program Manager works from our New Haven office that overlooks the Yale campus. The Program Manager helps to lead Unite For Sight's four program divisions, while contributing creative and cutting-edge ideas to a leading global health organization. Ideal candidates exemplify a balance of superior writing, analytical, and communications skills paired with a demonstrated commitment to excellence.

To apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to, referencing the position title in the subject line.

Application deadline: Unite For Sight accepts resumes on a rolling basis.


International Rescue Committee - Technical Advisor, Women’s Protection and Empowerment - New York

This position provides remote and on-site technical support and assistance to the IRC WPE country programs, specifically through the design, development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programming and project activities. The WPE Technical Advisor supports country programs to appropriately pilot, evaluate and use new tools, resources and program models, and to document evidence demonstrating the impact of the IRC’s work. This position also maintains relationships with regional and country program coordinators and managers, as well as senior IRC leadership in country programs and Regional Units.

To apply: Please apply online here.

Internship Opportunities

global poverty project-logo

Global Poverty Project - Spring 2014 Internships, New York

The Global Poverty Project has several open internships for the Spring 2014 semester.

The Global Citizen Fellow Intern works with the Global Citizen Team to create content across their issue areas to help draw attention to the plight of the world's poor. This intern will be responsible for copy editing content sourced from partners and issue leads, and managing the appearance and general usability of the Global Poverty Project website.

The Creative Intern could work in either Graphic Design or Production. In Graphic Design, the intern will work to create pitch decks, images for social media, and other materials. The Production Intern works in designing and producing video-based media, from filming, motion graphics and editing through to final output.

The Campaigns & Policy Intern could work in either one of two roles. The first, as a Live Below the Line Intern, who will focus on outreach to new groups so that participation numbers can increase. The second role is as an Education Campaign Intern who will work on a new campaign that focuses on access to quality education. The campaign will be marketed toward teenagers and will use creative approaches to build solidarity with the 57 million children who do not have access to primary education.

The Campaigns & Development Intern works with the Campaign Manager in accomplishing tasks related to managing and building Global Citizen partnerships and campaigns and helping to ensure campaign assets are accurate and effective.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

unwomen logo

UN Women - Environmental Sustainability Intern, New York

Under the direct supervision and guidance of the Administrative and Facilities Specialist, the intern will assist the Facilities and Administrative Services Section with sustainability, emissions monitoring, and "greening". A work plan with achievements for the duration of the Internship and learning opportunities will be agreed upon: (1) Assist with researching and generating new ideas to help reduce UN Women's environmental footprint and reduce energy consumption; (2) Learn how to conduct field surveys and compile data submitted by field offices with respect the GHG emission studies; learn how to develop training programs; (3) Learn how to develop a sustainability roadmap in order to establish goals, deadlines, and mile markers; (4) Learn how to write reports that can be understood and interpreted by both technical and non-technical audiences.

For more information & to apply: Please visit the UN Women employment website.

Application deadline: April 11, 2014


Project Istwa - Communications and Event Planning Internship, New York

The purpose of Project Istwa is to allow participants to use photography to communicate what is important to them and how they see their world. During each workshop, participants are given a digital camera so they can take pictures that show what a day in their life looks like from their perspective. Working with facilitators, participants learn about their cameras and photography and photograph their surroundings. The workshop week includes group work and individual work. Among other activities, after practicing a variety of shots participants go on a community walk with facilitators for further practice. Participants view and discuss each other’s photographs. These sessions open up a dialogue within the group about what each individual is seeing and wanting to communicate through their photographs.

To apply: Interested individuals should email a cover letter and resume to

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until the open internships are filled.


The Equal Rights Center - Spring Internships, Washington D.C.

The Equal Rights Center is seeking applicants who will be in the Washington, DC area during the Spring 2014 semester to participate in their Civil Rights Internship Program as well as our Communications and Development Internship Program. Interns work closely with the staff of the ERC in each of the program areas: fair housing, disability rights, immigrant rights, employment rights, communications, development, testing, corporate collaborations, and an emerging LGBT initiative. Interns work on a variety of substantive tasks related to ongoing studies, investigations, and complaints in the Washington, DC area and across the nation, as well as help out with day to day administrative duties. The Spring Internship runs from January 2014 through May 2014. Interns are expected to work at least 2 days per week (16 hours) and will receive a stipend of $30 per day, to be paid bi-weekly.

To apply: Please e-mail your resume and cover letter describing your interest in their work to the attention of Melissa Fobear at

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


National Economic & Social Rights Initiative - Human Right to Housing Spring & Summer 2014 Internships, New York

Interns will assist with research and writing in support of the Housing Program and its partners and/or support the development and maintenance of the Program’s communications infrastructure and media analysis. Research topics will vary greatly but may include human rights approaches to city planning, international examples of participatory development, and impact analysis of alternative policy implementation at various points of local government intervention. Other tasks may include contributions to movement blogging and media narrative analysis.

To apply: Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis, so applying sooner rather than later is advantageous. Please email one-page resume, one-page cover letter, and short writing sample (less than 10 pages) to Brittany Scott, Indicate in the subject line of the email the dates of the desired internship.

Application deadline: Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Human Rights Watch - US Program Summer 2014 Internship, New York

Human Rights Watch is looking for graduate interns for Summer 2014. The intern will primarily focus on Human Rights Watch research on criminal justice, sexual violence, and immigration issues. These issues will include sentencing reform, the drug war, sexual assault in the military, and juveniles caught in the justice system. Interns may be involved in organizing and evaluating information obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests, researching international human rights standards, and reviewing fieldwork interviews.

To apply: Please email the materials listed on their website to

Application deadline: Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Astraea – Program Intern, New York

Internships are available both in the US and the International Program. The Intern will receive guidance and training on progressive grantmaking: systems, processes, and program evaluation, as well as LGBTQ, feminist, and social justice movements in the Global South and East—especially in the Americas--in the specific tasks assigned. The internship, though unpaid, is meant to be an important and meaningful learning experience. The Intern will also receive a mandatory orientation to the organization, designed to familiarize with the history, values, and programs of the foundation.

To apply: Submit a completed application form, with your resume and a brief cover letter describing
why you are interested in interning with Astraea. E-mail or fax applications, Attn: Lolan
Sevilla, or fax: 212-982-3321 x813.

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

logo watch list(1)

Watchlist - Global Advocacy Internship, New York

Watchlist on Children & Armed Conflict is seeking qualified candidates to be Spring 2014 Interns with possibility of extension. The intern will conduct research on the practice of the Security Council and its Working Group on Children and Armed Conflict and assist in the drafting of Watchlist’s analytical reports, amidst other responsibilities.

To apply: Please send your brief cover letter, resume, and writing sample to Dragica Mikavica, Watchlist Program Manager, at

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


American Islamic Congress - Project Nur Outreach Coordinator Internship, Various Locations

An Outreach Coordinator Intern serves as a leader for the Project Nur chapters across the country. As an intern, you will assist Project Nur’s efforts through its wide array of programs to build bridges between communities by promoting understanding, acceptance, and responsible leadership. Responsibilities may include Chapter Development in your school; Event planning and Outreach as well as having the opportunity to become a board member on Project Nur's National Student Committee (NSC). Project Nur empowers its student leaders to utilize their creativity to implement meaningful initiatives focused on human rights around the world and the United States.

To apply: Please send an email to

Application deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Volunteer Opportunities


Unite For Sight - Volunteer Abroad Opportunity, Various Locations

Unite For Sight offers several opportunities to participate in their Volunteer Abroad Program, an immersive global health experience for students and professionals who are interested in public health, international development, medicine, or social entrepreneurship. Volunteers participate in and learn from Unite for Sight’s talented local partner doctors who have provided care to more than 1.6 million patients living in poverty, including 70,000 sight-restoring surgeries. The local doctors are social entrepreneurs who are addressing complex public health issues, and volunteers gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and realities of global health.

For application instructions: Please visit this page.


Friends of Rockaway

Looking for a meaningful volunteering opportunity? Friends of Rockaway —a local affiliate of St. Bernard Project—is helping the Sandy-impacted community of Rockaway recover in a prompt, efficient, and predictable way, with the help of dedicated volunteer groups. Individuals who volunteer with Friends of Rockaway are making a positive impact in the community by rebuilding homes of Sandy survivors, who cannot afford to rebuild on their own.

To apply and for more information: If you would be interested in learning more about volunteering and other ways to support the organization, please read the opportunity brief or contact Callie Peterson.


Save the Children - Born to Read Volunteers, London

Save the Children is now working in partnership with children’s literacy charity Beanstalk, to place volunteers in local primary schools and help children who are struggling with reading as part of our Born to Read programme.

These reading helpers spend one-to-one time regularly with children to read, talk and play educational games for an academic year. This consistent and regular support enables children to make progress in confidence and in their literacy skills.

To apply and for more information: If this role sounds of interest to you please download and fill in an application form and send to or post to Save the Children, Volunteer Support Team, 1 St John's Lane, Farringdon, EC1M 4AR. If you would like to find out more information please contact the Volunteer Support Team on or call 0207 012 6997.

Fellowships & Scholarships


March 2014 - October 2014
Urban Agriculture Paid Apprenticeship Program for Refugees & Immigrants

The Refugee & Immigrant Fund (RIF), a non-profit organization based in New York City, is offering this Apprenticeship for refugees and immigrants to gain valuable experience about the professional and agricultural environment in the United States, improve their English, develop new skills and write their resumes. The program is based across two of the world's largest rooftop farms, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard (Brooklyn) and Long Island City (Queens). The following will be covered during this program:

a) Urban Farming activities once a week from the end of March to October 2014

b) Full day, skills-based workshops including job readiness, resume writing, and English language classes.

For more information: Please visit the RIF website or call at (917) 517 6781.

U.S. Borlaug Graduate Research Grant

The U.S. Borlaug Fellows in Global Food Security graduate research grant supports exceptional graduate students who are interested in developing a component of their graduate research in a developing country setting and in collaboration with a mentor from an International Agricultural Research Center (IARC) or a qualifying National Agricultural Research System (NARS) unit. U.S. citizenship is required, and applicants must be enrolled in an accredited U.S. graduate program at the time of application.

For more information: Kindly write to

To apply: Please visit their website.

Application deadline: April 14, 2014

Call for Papers & Applications


2014 Health and Humanitarian Logistics Conference

The 6th annual conference will be hosted by the Tecnológico de Monterrey at its Santa Fe campus and co-organized by the Health & Humanitarian Logistics Center at Georgia Tech (HHL), the Humanitarian Response Lab at MIT, and the Humanitarian Research group at INSEAD. The conference features plenary panels, interactive workshops, and poster sessions and provides ample opportunities for networking.

Students or professionals with research posters are invited to register and submit posters online. Those with accepted posters will be notified by May 2. Students with accepted posters may be eligible for limited travel support.

Application deadline: Please note that the deadline for poster submissions and student support applications is April 25, 2014 and that a decision notification email will be sent out May 2, 2014 to individuals noted as contact authors in the online submission system.


Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2014

Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact is an exciting, relevant and technically focused international conference that will explore emerging technologies that further enable global humanitarian assistance.

Individuals are invited to submit papers in all subject areas of humanitarian engineering and technology development. Papers describing academic research as well as field work are encouraged

To apply and submit: HumTech2014 submissions for Abstracts only are now open. Please use the conference management tool (CMT) for your submissions


Forced Migration Review -
Call for Articles on "Faith-based Organizations and Responses to Displacement"

The Forced Migration Review editors are looking for practice-oriented submissions that will reflect a diverse range of opinions and perspectives about faith-based or faith-inspired humanitarian activities focusing on situations of forced displacement and address questions such as the following:

* What is it about faith that inspires humanitarian response? Does this affect cooperation or partnership with non-faith-based agencies and/or with agencies taking their inspiration from different faiths?
* Is there any conflict between the human rights approach to assistance and protection for forced migrants and an approach based on faith claims, particularly in respect of humanitarian norms, standards and accountability?
* Do displaced persons potentially identify with and/or trust organisations inspired by faith more than secular organisations?
* Do some groups of displaced people prioritise a match between their own faith and that of the providers of assistance, or vice versa?
* Do faith-based agencies ever implement assistance in a discriminatory way or link it to activities designed to proselytise? If so, how do they justify this?

For more information and a complete list of prompts: Please visit their website.

Submission deadline: May 9, 2014

IIHA Humanitarian Programs

Fordham - IDHA 40 photo3

International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IDHA 40)
New York, June 2013

International Humanitarian Affairs Minor: The IIHA has established the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor, available to undergraduate students at Fordham College Lincoln Center and Rose Hill. This interdisciplinary minor offers students a comprehensive understanding of issues central to contemporary humanitarian affairs. The Minor offers an in-depth analysis of the humanitarian field, enabling students to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

For more information about the International Humanitarian Affairs Minor, please visit our website.

International Humanitarian Studies Major: In considering international responses to suffering, undergraduates in this major will draw upon a wide array of intellectual tools and academic frameworks. Ethical, moral, cultural and spiritual considerations confront logistic, economic, scientific and geo- political modes of thought in circumstances of vast complexity: violent conflict (including gender-based violence), famine and natural disaster. The major will also contribute to central aims of Fordham’s mission: research and education that assist in the alleviation of poverty, the promotion of justice and the protection of human rights as part of a cosmopolitan education that prepares students for leadership in a global society.

Masters in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA): The IIHA and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) have joined together to offer a comprehensive Master’s program that combines the experience of long-time humanitarian professionals with the academic strength of Fordham faculty. The program combines the experience of seasoned humanitarian professionals with the academic strength of Fordham faculty from the School of Law and the Graduate Schools of Business and Social Service, who provide students with the political, historical, legal and ethical contexts of past, present and future emergencies.

For more information about the Masters in International Humanitarian Action, please visit our website.

Upcoming IIHA Training Courses

2013-07-02 00.35.28

Leadership & Management in Humanitarian Action
New York, July 2013

International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance (IDHA) 43
June 1 - 28, 2014

Human Rights in Humanitarian Crises 4
June 22 - 28, 2014

Strategic Issues in Humanitarian Affairs 2
June 29 - July 5, 2014

Disaster Management Training Course (DMTC) 6
July 6 - July 12, 2014

Mental Health in Complex Emergencies (MHCE) 10
July 13 - July 18, 2014

Mental Health in Complex Emergencies (MHCE) Workshop
New York, USA: July 21 - July 23, 2014
*This is a non-credit workshop that can be taken independently or in conjunction with MHCE.*

All courses above will take place at Fordham University's Lincoln Center Campus in New York, USA

For a complete list of our programs, please see our Course Calendar.

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) at Fordham University, working with external humanitarian partners, offers programs throughout the world at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Through these programs, IIHA trains students for careers in the humanitarian field by combining an academic approach with the shared practical experience of faculty, external speakers and students.

You may sign up to receive this Newsletter here.


To learn about how you can support the work of the IIHA, please email us at or
call us at +1 212-636-6294

Please note that due to Fordham University's upcoming holiday schedule, this edition of the Newsletter will cover the week of April 21st and resume its normal schedule on April 28th, 2014.

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