Summer Newsletter Is Here!! We have a cast of characters for you to meet in our 2012 Summer Newsletter -- both the two and four legged kind. Shown he



Summer Newsletter Is Here!!

We have a cast of characters for you to meet in our 2012 Summer Newsletter -- both the two and four legged kind. Shown here is the BEFORE photo of Rastafarian Fred. Wait till you see the AFTER photo of this handsome llama and read how HSSF humane officers handled this case.

We've included a few updates on our pending animal neglect cases and, of course, a special thanks to some folks that help us care for the animals and prevent cruelty.

Finally, our Event Calendar has been updated. Hopefully you'll make our events part of your calendar so we can catch up on current affairs and, you can meet some of the recipients of your kind gifts.

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Silly Rabbit

(L-R) Hank, Silly Rabbit

Hoppy Endings for Silly Rabbit

In July 2011, HSSF humane officers seized 76 animals with a court ordered search warrant for a property in Loomis. Subsequent to that seizure, HSSF cared for and found homes for all the animals. Sadly, for some of the animals, we were too late, and they succumbed to their long standing neglect.

In February of this year, the Placer County District Attorney's office filed seven felony and three misdemeanor counts of animal neglect. (see Justice for Neglected Animals below.)

After the seizure, our humane officers continued their investigation and found that the defendant began accumulating additional animals. Those animals were sick and malnourished. Once alerted, the court responded by ordering the defendant not to own or possess farm animals, or cats or dogs and gave the defendant two weeks to find new homes for the animals.

But when our humane officers returned after the two-week period, they found the defendant was still in possession of animals. Again, obtaining a search warrant, our officers seized one hen, one rabbit and a mixed-breed puppy in April. Both the hen ("Henrietta") and the puppy ("Bella") found fantastic homes.

Silly Rabbit now known as "Tuon" was spayed and placed for adoption. Just a few weeks ago she too found her forever home and forever love in "Hank" a dapper Himalayan rabbit.

Tuon's new guardian's Kathryn and Adam write:

"She has been very sweet and affectionate! We've both had her in our laps several times, and she likes to sit beside us on the couch eating hay and being petted. Tuon has gently nudged me a few times to let me know when she wants more petting".

"Tuon has not been afraid to explore, and nothing seems to phase her, even landing on a cat's back while jumping off the couch (the cat took it in stride, too). We've scaled back Tuon's access to the family room until I can move all of my plants out of her reach. She seems to think I am providing her with an all-you-can-eat salad bar! Everything seems to interest her, so we'll also be getting some other things bun-proofed, too".

As you can see, HSSF is dedicated to turning bad situations into happy endings.

P6160649 A

Loomis Seizure 2011

Justice for Neglected Animals

Last year’s Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills’ (HSSF) seizure of more than 70 horrifically neglected animals in rural Loomis was settled in Superior Court on August 30, 2012. Because HSSF officers collected overwhelming admissible evidence and followed proper legal procedures, Jenifer Gabor, aka Jenifer Ana and/or Susana Isztoika, changed her “Not guilty” plea to “No Contest,” which, for sentencing purposes is the equivalent of “Guilty.” She was placed on probation for four years, during which time she cannot own animals, and she must make restitution to the court.

The case began in July, 2011, when HSSF Humane Officers responded to a complaint and found the animals in despicable conditions. Most were dehydrated, malnourished, and in need of veterinary treatment. With the assistance of two veterinarians, HSSF Humane Officers Curt Ransom and Rosemary Frieborn obtained a search warrant and seized 14 neglected dogs, 36 goats, 20 sheep, 5 pigs, and a bird. The story can be found in the Auburn Journal. Click Here

Marilyn Jasper, President of HSSF, expressed her appreciation for both the Placer County District Attorney’s office and the judicial system: “These are complicated cases, but the DA’s prosecutors and the Superior Court Judges understand the gravity of the crimes.”

HSSF, a nonprofit organization, extends its heartfelt thanks to all who helped with the rescue mission and others who provided assistance with sheltering, finding homes and caring for the animals that survived the filthy and neglectful conditions. HSSF is also grateful to all those who donate to keep HSSF working to prevent animal abuse and neglect.


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