Preamble to an Advertisement Hey e'rebody, Brian here. Writing to you on a rainy day from my half-shotgun in New Orleans. I've been busy making musi


Preamble to an Advertisement

Hey e'rebody,

Brian here. Writing to you on a rainy day from my half-shotgun in New Orleans. I've been busy making music on the streets of this unusual city and in the process have accrued quite a few new email addresses, so to all those new to the Brian Hudson Inc. fold, hello.

Just so you know in advance, I only write these newsletters to promote myself or solicit y'alls' help in doing so. I've accepted self-promo as necessary for my proceeding as a musician, but I like to begin each address to y'all with a non-solicitous/non-manipulative Preamble to an Advertisement. that said, I'm going to move into the spin zone where all rhetorical tactics of deceit-without-lies and shameless self-aggrandizement will be in practice. Y'all ready...?

We Have a Tour Planned... but We Don't Have Any Gigs

Okay folks...

Me and my friend and colleague Matt Harlan (Houston, TX) are teaming up again for a tour this summer. I've been working the booking end of things for the last four months. And I'm sad to say that we only have one confirmed date thus far. So we need ideas and hustle from our supporters to help us get this tour poppin' and bring us to your towns.

So if that red line on the image to the left comes near to you and you think you can help us schedule a show, please let me know. Or if you want to host a show at your barbecue or even pool party, I'm sure we could work something out.

The tour is scheduled for July 11 - August 4. We're planning shows in Texas, Colorado, Utah, maybe Idaho, maybe Montana, probably N. Dakota, Minnesota, hopefully Ontario, maybe Wisconsin, maybe Nebraska, maybe Kansas, Arkansas, and more Texas.

Re: Comfort Quest

Well folks... about a month-and-a-half ago, I was on the receiving end of a successful Kickstarter campaign thanks to y'alls' support to help me release new album Comfort Quest.

I wanted to let y'all know what so far has been done with the money:

1. The album printing costs were paid in full.
2. The album was featured (for $) on the Hear Texas Here display at Waterloo Records in Austin.
3. A radio awareness campaign is underway that involved sending about a hundred copies of Comfort Quest to independent radio stations across the nation.
4. The shirt artwork is almost done (thanks to Nicola Gell) and so shirts should be coming down the pipe next month.
5. Also, (and though it doesn't cost much it's a pain-in-the-ass) the record has been submitted to CDBaby and is available through their store now.

Also, if I still owe you a copy, please let me know:

The Corner

I've been playing a lot of music, both on my own and with Christina Friis on Royal St. in the French Quarter.

Every session on the street is crammed full of strange and fleeting moments as character after character passes by and listens for a moment or maybe a song (or maybe even two even he really digs the music) before moving on. It's a challenge to stay focused or even to make a coherent memory out of the session.

In order to encourage myself to draw lessons and try to make each street session special, I've begun keeping a blog about my exploits in the French Quarter. Hope y'all dig it...


So that's mostly it I guess.

I would also just like to say thanks for all the support and love. To everyone who threw down on or helped me promote my Kickstarter campaign, I got to say thanks. To everyone who stopped to listen in the French Quarter and signed up for some newsletter action, I got to say thanks.

And as my old comrade Hudson Mueller likes to say, "see y'all in the future."

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