Greetings to All: Hope you are doing well. The Region Office and my computers have undergone the change to Office 365 and I need to learn several new

Greetings to All:

Hope you are doing well. The Region Office and my computers have undergone the change to Office 365 and I need to learn several new ways of getting messages out to you and reading messages from you – so please be patient!

There are several important items that I have bulleted below. Please take the time to complete the paragraphs that pertain to you.

Voting for 2015 Slate of Officers: Carol Herzog, Chair of the Nominating Committee, will send out emails for you to vote and return to her. Look for this important email on or about June 5th. A majority vote of the voting board is necessary to approve the slate of officers.

HMO: Hopefully you all received and read the message from National President, Marcie Natan, that a tentative agreement had been reached by all parties involved and Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America will remain the owner of the Hadassah Hospitals in Israel. Reorganization of HMO will take time and there will be cuts in staff as expected. DO NOT BELIEVE NEGATIVE PRESS ARTICLES. The plan, as proposed, will progress in two parts -- Part I from 2014 to 2016 and Part II 2017 to 2020. As a member of the voting National Board we are required to pass this proposal twice and the second vote will be taken next week. There will be talking points for you soon. If you need more information, please let me know.

Leader’s Digest: Don’t forget it comes out every Wednesday. This combines many of the individual emails you used to receive from National.

“BLUEPRINT TRAINING” at the DoubleTree in Skokie on June 1st will include live streaming of Defining Zionism in the 21st Century: A Monthly Online Speaker Series is a New Program: The kickoff session will feature Ambassador, Yoram Ettinger, live from Jerusalem on Sunday, June 1st from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. EDT. For those of you who will be at our “BLUEPRINT TRAINING” at the DoubleTree in Skokie on June 1st it will be live streamed to us at 3:00 p.m. Those of you who wish to see it from your home – I think it will be very worthwhile. Please REGISTER here or from own your own Leader's Digest email.

• If you had a Shabbat Zahar Program in your chapters, or jointly with someone in your community, please take the time to reply to me and let me know. I am aware that there were several, but I would like to get a specific count.

• Send your Revenue Requests for third quarter to Sherry Abramowitz. This is the quarter you should request money to help subvent your members to go to National Convention. If you subvent your members, they should sign up and be voted in as delegates.

• Expect a major fundraising campaign once the HMO Agreement and Plan is accepted. Send your contributions to National every month, if possible. Every little bit helps -- let's finish the Tower.

• Please be sure that your Chai and Keepers Chairs are on your PIF. If your fundraising chair is also your PIF and Chai Chair, please go to your PIF and list them in both or all three places.

National Convention: The Early Bird Rate of $575 disappears after May 21st. Then the Registration Cost will be $625 per person and any remaining "duo" packages will also be gone. The Opening Session will be at 7:30 on Monday night, July 21st.

Delegates to Convention: Each Unit (Chapter) is allowed one delegate for every 10 members. On the Registration Form you were asked if you would like to be a delegate. The names of the women who registered will be sent to Chapter or Group Presidents for confirmation of their status as a delegate in early June. The list of names must be voted on immediately by your board and returned to the address given on the forms. Listed delegates will be able to vote at the business meeting. All paperwork must be mailed to the New York office as soon as possible.

Convention Region Dinner: Looking forward to a nice gathering and dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. on July 21st - Monday evening in Las Vegas. The cost is $55 per person. Please send your reservation with your check, payable to Hadassah, to Evie Lowenthal. For more information, email Evie

Consolidated Banking: It is moving along. My goal is to accomplish this before the new president comes in to office. We will want Great Plains Region to be fully compliant with the National Consolidated Banking Mandate. Please contact Sherry Abramowitz, our Region Treasurer or me if you have any questions. Banks across the country are working with us and are accommodating our requests for full online access.

Stand Up for Hadassah in your actions and your communities!

Best Hadassah regards,