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Newsletter #126 for May 15, 2015

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Index of Operator Training Programs

Did you know that we maintain a state-by-state index of specific educational programs that prepare students to take an operator licensing exam. These programs are "certificate programs" that are generally a year or less in length and do not lead to a degree. The list complements the larger index of water-related educational options of 2 and 4 year college degree programs on the WorkforWater.org website.

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Reading Selections

A Regular Job A Long Way Away - Water operator spends his winters in Antarctica, where he says it's actually warmer than his home state of Iowa.

Internal Branding Key to Creating Water Utility Employee Ambassadors - In small communities, this approach can be used across the local government to promote the value of public services.

Wildfires Impact Drinking Water - This article shares key findings from a study that helps water utilities prepare and respond to wildfire events.

Testing Rule Applied to City Private Wells - Wisconsin wellhead protection law impacts private wells within municipalities that are served by a public water supply.

Will All Colorado Residents Finally Have Safe Drinking Water? - Newly-approved conduit will deliver higher quality drinking water to southeastern Colorado.

And for your amusement...

Al-Qaeda Claims U.S. Mass Transportation Infrastructure Must Drastically Improve Before Any Terrorist Attacks (Satire) - This tongue-in-cheek look at the infrastructure crisis from fake news source The Onion claims that terrorists "would like nothing better than to poison your lakes and rivers, but it looks like you already beat us to it."

See also: EPA Didn't Know Anybody Was Still Drinking Water

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