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Obesity: Are Sugar and Salt To Blame?
Cereal companies reformulate recipes to address concerns.


Why are GMOs Banned in Other Countries?
...but not in the U.S.? Reader question answered.


Has Genetic Modification Changed Wheat?
Important questions on the make-up of today’s wheat.


GMOs and Food Allergies
Dr. Stephen Taylor explains how food allergies are developed.


Is Pork Safe? New Antibiotic Concerns from Consumer Reports
Expert addresses findings from Consumer Reports research.


What is Ractopamine?
Defining a feed additive for pigs.


Are GMOs Safe? Questions Continue...
Experts answer questions from YouTube viewers.


Have questions about GMOs? Check out our YouTube videos.
Want to hear the facts about GMOs directly from the experts? Browse our library of videos.

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USDA temporarily relaxes some rules on school lunches, but calorie limits stay firm

1M+ more Americans on food stamps

Consumers ignore government's food advice

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Meet An Expert

Denneal Jamison-McClung, PhD

Denneal Jamison-McClung

Denneal Jamison-McClung, PhD, is Associate Director, University of California-Davis Biotechnology Program.

To get to know Dr. Jamison-McClung, Best Food Facts asked her to answer a few questions!

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
I have always been pretty good at jigsaw puzzles…I get into a zone and can see where the pieces fit pretty quickly. This always impressed my grandma, anyway!

What do you like to do in your free time?
I like to garden, spend time outdoors, travel with my family, dabble in family tree research and read novels.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
I would probably choose super-speed (like the Flash), since I always seem to be running behind schedule! Perhaps I could catch up...

What are you most passionate about?
I am most passionate about helping students find their dream vocation – everyone has special skills and talents that can be used to help the rest of humanity. Within science and technology, there are many interesting challenges to tackle – it is the best feeling to help other bright, creative people find their calling.

Click here to read more about Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung.

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Best Food Facts readers asked questions – and our experts will be providing answers! Look for these topics to be covered soon!

Is a vegetarian diet better for you?

Is organic food better for children?

California says “NO” to labeling. Now what?

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