Greetings! A whirlwind summer passed, and now it's fall. I just can't believe it's here already. A lot has happened since the last newsletter (sorry


Vicki Hinze


A whirlwind summer passed, and now it's fall. I just can't believe it's here already. A lot has happened since the last newsletter (sorry about that) but I'll try to catch you up quickly.

On the Home Front

Hubby nearly lost his sight and for nearly two months, we had no idea if he'd be blind or retain vision. Thanks to his incredible docs, he does have vision and while it's not perfect, the inflammation of the optic nerve has resolved and now he's healing. There will be some damage, but we don't yet know how much. They're projecting it will take six months for his eyes to get stable. Then we'll know. If you'd remember him and his sight in your prayers, I'd really appreciate it.

I'm undergoing a few little medical issues, too, and will be having surgery soon. While surgery is always risky, it's a routine one and I expect to be back at my desk just two weeks after, so as medical challenges go, that's not bad!


Dangerous Desires: A group of authors set out to thank readers, and readers put them on the USA Today bestseller list for two weeks and nearly two more. On behalf of the entire group, thank you. Your support is just overwhelming and so appreciated.

That collection was to be available for a month, but your response was so strong that we heeded your request and extended it twice. You made it a bestseller on three continents. My head is still swimming at that!


Kindle Sale $1.99

Bell Bridge Books and Amazon Kindle teamed up to bring a Super Sale on Shades of Gray. For all of October, the book (regularly $10.95) will be $1.99 on Kindle.

About the Book:

How does a simple marriage of convenience turn into a military romantic suspense where lives must be risked to save a child, a marriage, and interrupt a terrorism attack poised to kill millions?

"Complications here go beyond the usual hurdles and make the romance more touching for being hard won. And if the main action-Laura and Jake must combat terrorists amassing anthrax in the Florida Everglades-seems far-fetched, just read The New York Times. " -Publishers Weekly

"A wonderful combination of romance, family drama, and out-and-out thriller."
-Anne Stuart, New York Times Bestselling Author

A deadly terrorist attack that could kill millions is brewing deep in the Florida swamps. It's Jake Taylor's job to stop it--and to rescue his wife, Laura, from its perpetrators. From the start, Laura and Jake doubt they'll live a long, happy life together--not with their military connections. He's a Special Ops soldier; she's a former Special Ops intelligence officer with an insider's knowledge of the risks he takes. So their marriage began as a practical arrangement, a marriage of convenience. The odds are high Jake will not survive this assignment and he needs to keep his young son out of the clutches of an unstable ex-wife. Fully aware of this and equally determined to save the child, Laura doesn't dare to fall in love with her husband. Yet when they find themselves dead-center of the threat and they must work together to stop it, they discover they're fighting their most intense battle ever--for the child, for their own lives and for their marriage.

Shades was at RT Book Club Top Pick and Gold Medal Winner. You can read reviews and the first chapter here.

You can enter the 5-copy Goodreads' giveaway from that same link or pick up a $1.99 Kindle copy at:


On The Horizon

Just a head's up on two new projects that will be coming in the next few months...

Project #1: This is a collection of stories that will be out in mid-November. There are six authors participating and each story has includes something about Christmas. Not necessarily Christmas stories, but a wide variety of stories with some connection to Christmas. More on that in the next newsletter.

Project #2: A new series! The first book in my new series will be released. It's quirky, it's fun, and I'm having the absolute best time writing it. Healing theme, of course, and romance, mystery and suspense. It has a surprise, too, in that it links to a different new project that is very different yet still has a healing theme, romance, mystery and suspense. I'll reveal more on all of this next month, but I wanted you to know I've not been totally slacking and I do have a new series is on the near horizon. My hope is that you'll love reading it as much as I'm loving writing it. I expect to be writing in one or the other of these two linked projects for the next year or so--which makes it really important we both love it, eh? I'm trying hard, guys. Promise.

I'll see you on the other side of surgery, and know that I send wishes for good things for you, much joy, and many...




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