Az 1 Promo: Eric Gomez is a man of many hats that has many responsibilities, and imagiin360 is his altered ego. Tell me the rolls that both play. i36


Az 1 Promo: Eric Gomez is a man of many hats that has many responsibilities, and imagiin360 is his altered ego. Tell me the rolls that both play.

i360: Well, imagiin360 is really the artist side of me. When I'm on stage, that's imagiin360. When I'm in the booth, that's imagiin360. Everything it takes to get me to that point and keep the name or brand in the public eye is Eric Gomez, the business side. On the business side, I do most of the Executive Production and creating new ideas and efforts for the company as the CEO. And before all that, there's always the family man side of me. That's always there no matter what. It's a game of balance for sure.



Az 1 Promo: Besides the family that you take care of as a do you define FAMILY when it comes to the music community?
i360: Well, I think family is a loose term a lot of people use to define a trusting relationship between people; but I believe family is the people you travel the victories and atrocities of life with. Family is the one's you know will be there whether you want them to or not. They're SOLID. There's some "extras" we consider fam; and when it comes to music, it's how we define our collective intentions. The people we consider fam are always mutually beneficial relationships. I believe that's a key component of any good relationship, especially in business arrangements.



Az 1 Promo: What's your definition of a WACK emcee?
i360: Someone who does what everyone else does. Not necessarily someone who sounds like another person, but the one who INTENDS to. You can't be great at anything if your just good at following directions and formulas. You only get to "GREAT" by defying all the standards and creating new ones.
Az 1 Promo: What advice would you give to another entrepreneur like yourself who wants to be successful in more than 1 outlet?
i360: Finish what you start! The biggest challenge enterpreneurs have, especially the artistic types, is our inclination to have a zillion ideas in a day and want to pursue all of them. The truth is. ALL IDEAS can be great if given the proper focus and resources. Make sure your resources and finances can withstand the turbulance of building ideas. It's a bumpy road and it's not for the faint of heart. And traveling a few bumpy roads at once is something you want to minimize if you plan on executing with quality.



Az 1 Promo: Music Music Music....what is in the works for yourself and the Headnokka fam in the future?

i360: I'm working on the elPresidente projects, mixtape and LP. The mixtape should be ready around the 3rd quarter of the year. Got some videos in the works as well. As far as the HeadNOKKA team, Solo's now back in the booth and finishing up She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not vol. 2 and the BITS vol 2 mixtapes. And I'll say it first here that the Used Heroes project is back in recording sessions. Coming up next though is THE RECIPE from Mecca & Regason that we're working on the final mixes for. That should be dropping in the next 2 months if all goes well.

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