Special Edition May, 2014 MAY BRINGS THE START OF BIG CHANGES FOR ALMA AND OUR MEMBERS! ▪ New Business Forum Debuts▪ New Website Debuts▪ Call for

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Special Edition May, 2014


New Business Forum Debuts
New Website Debuts
Call for papers for Winter Symposium
Free promotional offer for ALMA members

Change is the most difficult product to sell. People naturally get comfortable with the familiar. So when ALMA's Board of Directors decided it was time for some changes, we considered our course of action carefully.

Our new mission statement pretty much sums it up; "ALMA is The Source of standards, news, networking, and education for technical and business professionals in the acoustics, audio, and loudspeaker industry."

With this in mind, ALMA is pleased to begin this evolutionary process with some important introductions. While ALMA has always been at the forefront of technology in the loudspeaker industry, we agreed that we could do a better job on the business side of our industry. That changes this month with the addition of a business forum on our website and our newsletter, as well as a business track at Winter Symposium in January.

The ALMA website is about to change for the better. You told us you wanted more. A more complete resource. We heard you. A new ALMA website launches officially on June 2nd. It will be a work in progress, but we think you will like the ease of use and the new features. It is our goal to make ALMA "The Source" for everything loudspeaker related.

A bigger, better, more inclusive Winter Symposium is coming for 2015. This month we are issuing our annual "call for papers" inviting those interested in presenting content for our keystone event. We hope that you will take part in what will be the most talked about event for the loudspeaker industry.

Last, but not least, as part of the website enhancements I spoke of, please note the new promotional offer for all ALMA corporate members mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter. This is free promotion for the benefit of ALMA members.

There is more to come, but I hope you will agree that we have taken a pretty good first few steps. Stay tuned.


Spiro Iraclianos
President of ALMA


The Business of Loudspeakers

speaker 2

Manufacturing and business in general has been undergoing major, and subtle changes over the past few years. One cannot be a part of the consumer electronics industry and not be effected by the changes in one way or another. In ALMA's commitment to serve the complete loudspeaker industry, we are pleased to launch the ALMA Business Forum. ALMA's focus on the technical side of the industry is at our core and always will be. Our Business Forum is meant to give ALMA members a more complete picture of the industry. This is reflected in the theme for Winter Symposium 2015; "Digitally Driven Loudspeakers. A New Paradigm Demands New Designs." The questions of domestic versus overseas production, and supply chain disruptions are just some of the many issues ALMA will address with and for our members.

Send us your news! New products. New people. New positions. New promotions. Opinions and editorial content. If it effects our member's and/or the industry; We want to report on it. Call Barry Vogel at 602-388-8669 or email at barryvogel@almainternational.org.

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The official launch is June 1st, but readers here can get an advanced look at our new look on May 19th. Check it out at www.almainternational.org. ALMA has worked hard to improve our website. We have an extensive library of articles, papers, and past Symposium presentations for our member's use. There are plans to add much more content in the coming months. It is our hope that you will visit it often and participate in its growth.

The Buyers Guide will be all new and all of our corporate members are urged to fill out the Buyers Guide form to get the most up to date information listed on this valuable resource.

Another new feature on the website will be a member contact page. Corporate members are urged to send us a jpeg logo image and a desired link to get members in contact with you. This listing if FREE to all paid members.

We will also be updating the members list to better reflect who is working at member companies and who should be updated. Passwords will be changing as well. Details to follow soon.


"Digitally Driven Loudspeakers. A New Paradigm Demands New Designs".

The theme of the 2015 Winter Symposium is already generating a great amount of excitement. Our theme in addition to our new focus on business as well as technical issues opens the door to many options for content as well as exhibitors and demonstrations.

ALMA is issuing our Call for Papers. ALMA invites speakers, companies and industry participants to submit ideas and abstracts to present to the industry on January 3rd and 4th, 2015. This will be our biggest and best Winter Symposium ever! Be a part of it! Our Call For Papers information is now available on the ALMA website.


SolvayPlastics Press Release

Solvay's Udel® PSU Foam Is New Eco-Friendly Material Option for Wire and Cable Applications
Udel® P-1703 NT is First PSU Foam for Wire and Cable

BOLLATE, Italy, April 7, 2014 – Solvay Specialty Polymers has launched Udel® P- 1703 NT, a high-performance polysulfone (PSU) foam grade that provides low- halogen content and low-smoke performance for wire and cable applications. The new material passes the stringent NFPA 262 smoke and flame test for plenum (CMP) applications and is also the industry’s first PSU foam for the wire and cable industry. Solvay made the announcement at the Wire 2014 exhibition (Hall 12 Booth B33) April 7-11 in Düsseldorf.

“The industry is pushing for eco-friendly alternatives in wire and cable and Solvay has responded with a proprietary polymer solution that meets the low-halogen, low- smoke requirements while providing exceptional performance in these demanding applications,” said Michael Finelli, Senior Vice President-Head of Sulfone Polymers for Solvay Specialty Polymers.

Udel® P-1703 NT PSU resin offers a significant cost advantage over competing resins such as fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) because of its lower specific gravity (1.24) and higher foam rate (50% to 60%). The material’s high foam rate also imparts a low dielectric constant (1.8 to 2) to meet cable electrical requirements without the need for significant modifications to existing constructions.

Typically, Udel® P-1703 NT is chemically foamed using a FCB-8 foaming masterbatch, which is also supplied by Solvay Specialty Polymers. The material can also be foamed with physical foaming gases such as nitrogen. A ratio of 97%wt of P- 1703 NT resin to 3%wt FCB-8 masterbatch is typically used to achieve 50% foaming. By controlling this ratio and other processing conditions, the foaming level can be dialed into the customary 20% to 70% closed-cell structure utilized in the industry.

Udel® P-1703 NT PSU with FCB-8 is currently being used for separators (tapes and cross-webs) in CMP Category 6 telecommunication cables. The technology can potentially be applied to other plenum applications including fiber optics (OFNP), jackets, and primary insulation in cables. Other potential plenum applications include plenum raceways and fire alarm cables.

Since the use of Udel® P-1703 NT is a contributing factor to cables passing the stringent NFPA 262 smoke and flame test, the material is expected to be suitable for use in telecommunication riser cables, which require compliance with the less- stringent UL 1666 flame test. Utilization of the Udel® PSU foaming technology in wire and cable is expected to lead to compliance with both FIPEC 1 (IEC 60332-3) and FIPEC 2 standards for the European telecommunications market, which is a leading user of low-halogen content/low-smoke materials.

Udel® P-1703 NT is also envisioned for use in wire and cable applications for transportation railway and shipboard, oil and gas platform, MIL SPEC, and other confined space uses. It is now commercially available in the U.S. and Europe.

Solvay is committed to the wire and cable industry with a broad-based material portfolio which also includes Hyflon® perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) and MFA perfluoropolymer, Halar® ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene (ECTFE), Solef® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), Cogegum® GFR cross-linkable HFFR compounds and AFR thermoplastic HFFR compounds, Polidiemme® XLPO, Radel® polyphenylsulfone (PPSU), KetaSpire® polyetheretherketone (PEEK), and AvaSpire® polyaryletherketone (PAEK). These materials deliver the performance and safety demanded by cable manufacturers, building owners, engineers, and equipment designers in a range of industries including telecommunications, oil and gas, automotive, aerospace and military, industrial, and consumer electronics.

About Solvay Specialty Polymers
Solvay Specialty Polymers manufactures over 1500 products across 35 brands of high-performance polymers Ð fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers, fluorinated fluids, semi-aromatic polyamides, sulfone polymers, aromatic ultra polymers, high-barrier polymers and cross-linked high-performance compounds Ð for use in Aerospace, Alternative Energy, Automotive, Healthcare, Membranes, Oil and Gas, Packaging, Plumbing, Semiconductors, Wire and Cable, and other industries. Learn more at www.solvay.com.

Solvay (www.solvay.com) is an international chemical Group committed to sustainable development with a clear focus on innovation and operational excellence. It is realizing over 90% of its sales in markets where it is among the top 3 global leaders. Solvay offers a broad range of products that contribute to improving quality of life and the performance of its customers in markets such as consumer goods, construction, automotive, energy, water and environment, and electronics.
The Group is headquartered in Brussels and its companies, which employ about 31,000 people in 55 countries, generated EUR 12.7 billion in net sales in 2011 (pro forma). Solvay SA is listed as SOLB.BE on NYSE Euronext (www.euronext.com) in Brussels and Paris. Bloomberg (www.bloomberg.com) = SOLB.BB. Reuters (www.reuters.com) = SOLB.BR.

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