October 2012: I Love Photography!Camille Seaman Camille Seaman's photographic career has gained international prominence during the past year and i


October 2012: I Love Photography!

Camille Seaman

Camille Seaman's photographic career has gained international prominence during the past year and in recent months she has released new work, continuing to build on the original series she began, 'The Last Iceberg'. "Melting Away", has been a ten year project documenting the Polar regions of our planet, their environments, life forms ... and those who live there.

The selection of new work presented here is from Terminus: The Face of Change and The Last Iceberg III. Camille has felt the necessity to document their existence as many of them will ultimately disappear.


Neko Harbor, Antarctic Penninsula


Blue Underside Revealed II, Svalbard


Stranded Icebergs Detail II, Cape Bird


Sea Ice Remnant, Svalbard


Iceberg in the Evening, Greenland


Terminus, Antarctic Penninsula


When Camille Seaman is not traveling to the most distant parts of our world to document its changes, she chooses to chase supercells which form in Tornado Alley and with a professional storm-chaser drives through Texas to Oklahoma, Nebraska, North & South Dakota hunting down these violent cells, which ultimately cause so much destruction.
Camille's photographs illustrate the intense power that these supercells have, sometimes producing grapefruit sized hail and spectacular tornadoes, which can be 50 miles wide and reach 65,000 feet into the atmosphere.


Under the Anvil, Looking West, Presho, S. Dakota


The Lovely Monster Over the Farm, 19:15 CST, Lodgepole, Nebraska


Cottonball Tower (H) Texas


What the LIghtning Revealed, 21:02 CST, Big Springs, Nebraska


The Lovely Monster, 19:17 CST, Lodgepole, Nebraska


Hail Shaft with Hailbow, 18:35 CST, Gurley, Nebraska


The Darkness Over Wheatfields of Gurley (H), 18:33 CST, Gurley, Nebraska


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