Thank You and Welcome! Welcome, Friend! Thank you for having taken the Post-Valentine's survey, and welcome to your gift: 51 More Weeks until Next V


Thank You and Welcome!

Welcome, Friend!

Thank you for having taken the Post-Valentine's survey, and welcome to your gift: 51 More Weeks until Next Valentine's Day: A Year of Weekly Steps to New Love. Believe it or not, just taking the survey and accepting your gift already puts the wheels in motion toward new horizons in love and dating.

I really did think of calling it "51 More Weeks to Another GD Valentine's Day". But I hate to sound so harsh. Believe me, I'm not a fan of the holiday. I thank God every Valentine's Day that I married someone who isn't a fan either.

We were lucky this year, friends. Valentine's Day landed on a Thursday. But in 2014, it lands on a FRIDAY. Without mental fortitude and proper preparation, next Valentine's Day could prove very damaging.

I've created this weekly series to make sure that doesn't happen.

What I Promise to You

Every Saturday morning, you'll get a fun, little "Fill Up Your Love Tank"-exercise in your inbox to try throughout the week ahead. (To clarify - because the alarm went off for at least 100 people just now - your "love tank" is your own capacity for love of all kinds.) It's always your option to do the exercise, and I'll suggest that you try it out once. I promise you I'd never have you do something I haven't tried and survived myself.

I also promise that I'll never have you endanger your life or other's lives. I won't have you go out on a date for the sake of going out on a date. I'll never ask you to compromise your morals or who you are for the love or attention of someone else. That's not the love we're seeking to find in this series.

What You (Won't) Need

You won't need to block off lots of time and cancel appointments and social calls to fit your Love Tank exercise in, unless you want to. In fact, the weekly exercise will be something you can "take along with you" to whatever you're doing. Kind of like Kegel exercises. No one necessarily has to know you're doing them unless you tell them you are.

Similarly, your weekly Love Tank exercise doesn't require any extravagant spending (unless it works so well for you that you want to spend it on me, then alright, I'll let you).

So, WHAT Am I investing, Then?

Your real investment throughout these 51 weeks is in your awareness.

So often, we are quick to implement "tips and tricks" we can apply to the outside of the box to change the impression of what's inside. This is not what we'll be doing this year.

If it's been awhile since dating was enjoyable for you, then there's a mindset that's probably in place for you that needs to relax and stretch a little in order to entertain the possibility of anything else, from an enjoyable occasional date to a mutually-loving relationship - and beyond!

(You say no one ever mentioned a "beyond"? Well, that's a topic for another week...")

As I'll explain in the first exercise, filling up the Love Tank is a way to gently stretch our mindset for more love, without over-analysis and without judgement.

Let's Get Started!

This is your opportunity to relax and stretch when it comes to love and dating!

In order to prevent this email from getting too much longer, you'll soon receive your first "Love Tank" exercise in your inbox.

You're willingness to try a different approach is inspiring to me. Thank you for letting me be part of your journey, and if you have any questions or comments, just email me directly at

- Janice

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