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Newsletter #109 for February 23, 2013


Utility Governance Training Now Available Online

The first module of Tribal Utility Governance (TUG) training is now available for online viewing. The live event recording offers a "like you were there" experience. While this training was designed for and delivered to tribes, the material is highly applicable to operators and managers at all water systems. Two additional modules will be available online later this year.

You can find the recording halfway down on the TUG page at SmallWaterSupply.org.


Opportunity for Planning Assistance with Smart Growth Program

EPA's Smart Growth Implementation Assistance program helps communities that want to foster economic growth, protect environmental resources, enhance public health, and plan for development, but may lack the tools, resources, and information to achieve their goals.

There are four project categories. One of those, Community Resilience to Disasters and Climate Change, is most relevant to water and wastewater systems. These projects "should aim to develop planning principles and building design guidelines that ensure future development provides communities with better protection against storms, floods, and other natural disasters."

RCAP provides a nice overview of the program and links to relevant documentation. Please note this is not a grant program, but an opportunity for specific and direct technical assistance.

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How to Prepare for Extreme Weather

A new workshop planning guide from EPA assists water utilities with preparing for weather extremes: flood, drought, reduced snowpack, sea level rise, and wildfire. This resource outlines a community-level process to consider the impact and response to these events. Even if, as a small community, you don't have all the answers or needed resources this type of effort is worthwhile.

Click here to visit the Climate Ready Utilities page. Then click on Tools and Resources to find the workshop planner.

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Small Talk: Outreach Tip of the Week

For every outreach campaign, it's worth the time to sit down and debrief your efforts and the result.

Each week, we offer a quick tip to help you educate the public and communicate more effectively with local decision makers and customers.

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Previously at SmallWaterSupply.org

Need help with numbers? There are a wide range of online and smartphone tools to help.

Calculation Tools for Water and Wastewater Operators
More Math Tools for Small Systems from MRWA


Video of the Week

In each newsletter, we highlight an excellent video worth watching. That video is also featured on our home page. Visit our archive for past features.

This video demonstrates how common household items that seem flushable may actually clog pipes and be problematic for wastewater systems. It is a great video to share with customers!


Will It Flush?


Weekly Reading for February 23, 2013

Each week we share a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

We All Need Someone to Lean On - RCAP shares the benefits of building strong, healthy relationships inside and outside of your community.
Fighting the Nonrevenue Water Monster - Advice and a helpful resource for dealing with water loss.
Water Tug of War Goes On - Article outlines history and issues related to allocation of water to Navajo Nation.
Who Has the Best Tasting Water in Rural America? - Wisconsin community wins the annual prestige from NRWA.
Accomplishing the Impossible - Editorial that begs our "can do" attitude to return.

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SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar

Upcoming Free Webinars

March 7 - USEPA: CCR Electronic Delivery Framework
This webinar will discuss electronic delivery methods and approaches appropriate to meet CCR Rule requirements to “mail or otherwise directly deliver” the CCR to customers.

Want to find additional training opportunities for operators, including events in your area? Search the SmallWaterSupply.org Calendar for more online and in-person events.


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