Calling for Beta Testers It's Caitlin and Jeff from ProDPI here to tell you that we have an exciting new Instagram oriented company/service coming so

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Calling for Beta Testers


It's Caitlin and Jeff from ProDPI here to tell you that we have an exciting new Instagram oriented company/service coming soon! We are about to start a beta test for it, and thought you might be interested. Beta testers will get exclusive access to this new product before anyone else. And here's the best part—It's absolutely free!

We need active Instagram shooters, that shoot *at least 30 images per month.

After signing-up you will receive an email within the next week with more information. The beta test will last three months during which time you will be shipped three instances of our product. You will also be asked to fill out a small number of short surveys for feedback. As a bonus for helping us, we will give you an additional three instances of our product for free at launch.

If you have any interest, sign-up at the link below. Hurry though, as we only have a set amount of slots available!

Click here to Sign-up!


Congratulations to the Giveaway Winners!

IMG 20130923 105707

ProDPI's 10k Facebook 'Likes' Celebration
Thank you to everyone who participated in our 10k Facebook ‘Likes’ celebration & giveaway, including our friends at Fundy Software Inc, ShootProof, Design Aglow, Totally Rad, and Preveal for offering such great prizes.

To announce our winners we posted a new photo each day! Check out all 6 fun photos in this blog post:

Congrats Photos


DIY - Fabric Wall Cling Squares

DSC 0066edit

Getting creative with Fabric Wall Clings
This ‘do it yourself’ project involves transforming one large ProDPI Fabric Wall Cling into a collection of fun, small wall cling squares! We’ll start with tips on collage creation, then the hands-on trimming to get your final squares. This project is great for the studio, home, and the holidays!

DIY Project


Become the Expert - The Collection

become the expertblue

All In One Spot
'Become the Expert' is a series of blog posts that were written specifically to expand the understanding of certain areas of professional printing. The subjects of these posts range from calibration specifics, correct use of ProDPI guides, soft proofing, product tips and much more. We've posted the whole collection in one place for quick reference!

Get The Collection


Protect your online images, beautifully.

minimalist-sneak-peek-092313-1b 1024x1024 copy

Minimalist Sneak Peek & Blog Boards
by Design Aglow
"Clients getting sneaky with your sneak peeks, screen-capping them from your blog or reposting them on social media without so much as a watermark? Brand your online teasers with these Photoshop templates that mark images distinctly as your own, in a sleek presentation that coordinates with our bestselling Minimalist style."

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Crazy Simple Online Booking

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Are you tired of being your own assistant?
"If you find yourself bogged down with the tedium of trading emails and phone calls to lock in a sales meeting or portrait session, you could definitely use a break. You don't need to hire an assistant, just have Lumamoto do the booking for you! It's time to simplify your schedule. It's time for Lumamoto."

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