Research Is a Major EiE Focus A tremendous amount of research went into the creation of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum. Then, more research


Research Is a Major EiE Focus

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A tremendous amount of research went into the creation of the Engineering is Elementary curriculum. Then, more research at pilot implementation sites informed an extensive refining process. We think all this research has led to the strongest engineering curriculum available for K-12.

Our research hasn't ended just because the curriculum development process is finished. On the contrary, we are now conducting research to measure EiE's efficacy.

The National Science Foundation recently awarded a significant grant to EiE for the Exploring the Efficacy of Engineering is Elementary (E4) project. E4 will investigate whether and how the EiE curriculum affects teachers’ teaching of engineering and science, students’ learning, and their interest in STEM fields.

Over four years, the E4 project will study the impact of four different EiE units, as compared to a control curriculum, on 300 grades 3-5 classrooms in three states. Of special interest in the study is the impact of EiE on underperforming or underrepresented children.


“Hop To It” Release Imminent

EiE is proud to announce that the Engineering Adventures unit Hop To It: Safe Removal of an Invasive Species will be made available to download from our website in mid-October. Engineering Adventures is an all new engineering curriculum designed for 3rd – 5th graders in out-of-school time settings. The activities allow all learners to act as engineers and engage in the engineering design process.

Check out the message from India and Jacob of Engineering Adventure in the video at left.


Engineering Adventures in Space!

NASA recently awarded the Museum of Science, Boston, a grant to support the Engineering MISSION: Engineering for Middle School Science, Inspiration, and Opportunity project. The two-year grant will allow the Museum to develop several engineering-themed resources for museums, planetariums, teachers, and out-of-school time educators. This fall, the Engineering Adventures team will begin developing the first of two aerospace themed Engineering Adventures units thanks to support from this generous grant.


EiE Founder/Director to be Featured NSTA Speaker

Dr. Christine Cunningham will give a featured presentation titled "Engineering-enhanced Science, Inquiry, and Problem Solving" at the National Science Teachers Association regional conference in Louisville, Kentucky on October 18 from 2:00-3:00.

Engineering is sometimes defined as the application of science and mathematics to solve problems. This talk will explore how integrating engineering design into science classes can engage students more deeply with science and mathematics concepts, highlight real-world connections, and foster inquiry and problem-solving skills.

If you're at the conference, be sure to catch her talk. Includes classroom videos!


Val's Hack

Our Resident MacGyver Shares Tips and Tricks

Are you tired of having sticky packing tape all over your chairs or desks while exploring the Water, Water Everywhere unit? So were the staff at EiE! We got this great tip from a group of 5th grade teachers from the Groton-Dunstable School District in Massachusetts. Thanks teachers! They showed us how to make filter stands using another clear 2L soda bottle.

Just cut off the top and bottom of a 2L bottle to create a cylinder and place the 16oz. cup inside the “stand.” Then rest the filter bottle on top of the cylinder. You can keep the testing station on a table or desk so that students can more easily test the filter materials. Remember to keep the filter station in the large pans or basins to reduce the risk of spilling. A tablecloth or old newspapers will help too!


Attend an EiE PD Workshop...for FREE!


EiE and Raytheon Company are pleased to announce the second annual Raytheon-EiE Teacher Scholarship Program, designed to encourage the inclusion of engineering and technology in elementary classrooms and support teachers in their implementation of engineering education.

Elementary teachers and science specialists are encouraged to apply. Recipients receive a $3,000 scholarship to attend a two-day EiE professional development workshop and purchase EiE curriculum materials for their classroom. Applications must be postmarked by November 16, 2012. Winners will be notified in early 2013.
Click here for scholarship application and more information.

Raytheon cmyk red

On August 9th and 10th, twelve of this year’s scholarship recipients (representing nine different U.S. states) attended a two-day “Everyone Engineers” professional development workshop at the Museum of Science. Over the course of the workshop, the recipients learned about technology, engineering, and worked together as industrial and packaging engineers as they engaged in two EiE units: “Marvelous Machines: Making Work Easier” and “Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages.”

Many thanks to Raytheon Company for their generous support of the EiE program!


Upcoming PD Opportunities

Join us at the Museum of Science, Boston for some exciting Professional Development opportunities. Click on the links below for more information or to register:

Everyone Engineers!

A 2-day hands-on workshop designed to introduce educators to the EiE curriculum and prepare them for implementing EiE in the classroom.
* November 8-9, 2012
* April 4-5, 2013
* July 10-11, 2013
* August 8-9, 2013
* October 10-11, 2013

Teacher Educator Institutes

Our intensive three-day trainings for educators who want to provide EiE professional development to other teachers.
* October 24-26, 2012
* December 5-7, 2012
* March 13-15, 2013
* May 8-10, 2013
* October 23-25, 2013
* December 4-6, 2013


Notes from the Field

We'd love to hear from you! Send questions, tips, and stories that might interest your colleagues to Photographs we can share would be wonderful (but please download our photo release form, have it signed for all kids in the photos, and send them in with the photos): there's nothing quite like seeing other teachers and students in action.

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