Kind of a funny story . . . As many of you know, Kwan Yin Healing is in the midst of a long, slow, thoughtful focus necessary for any enterprise to

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Kind of a funny story . . .

As many of you know, Kwan Yin Healing is in the midst of a long, slow, thoughtful focus necessary for any enterprise to move from opening the doors and initial success to long term sustainability and service.

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And even with a plan (and a lot of help), it's a lot to keep in mind, a lot to work through, and of course, like everyone else, I continue to grow and change throughout. So it's challenging at times.

On a 24-hour retreat last week, sorting through my thoughts, feelings, listening to my heart, opening to the Divine, I realized... "Tim. You are saying the things your clients say early on." Bam. Wow. I heard that -- and actually turned to my own Kwan Yin Journey program, designed to deal exactly with these uncertain stages of life, put on module one, and listened.

15 minutes, in, I was basking in the warm comradery of the group on the recording. 30 minutes in I was nodding, thinking "Of course! That's exactly what's going on." So good. All that information distilled and arranged so powerfully for results and resolution.

It's what I tell my alumni clients -- once they've gone through the transformation the Kwan Yin Journey sets in motion, they have a set of proven tools, a comprehensive road map for the next phase of their life's journey. It's like peeling an onion -- we keep going down deeper and deeper layers. The difference is, each time we have greater awareness, peace, competence, and connection. It's what I advise clients at the end of the program as a next step -- they can sign up to work one on one, sure, but they can also simply go back and start at the beginning again.

Each time will bring new insights, new progress, new revelations, new transformations.

Some of what I learned . . .

Two things from that first lesson stand out for me.

First, I was reminded how definitely we believe we are looking at our situation, but in fact, we are looking at what we believe, not at what the situation truly is.

Looking to the Light

That's a challenging concept (part of why the in-depth Journey takes 11 weeks). But clearly true--our senses distort, our minds distort, our beliefs distort, and that's important not as a metaphysical construct, but because it explains why we're stuck in the first place.

Consider: if the problem is different than what we think, then we are going to remain stuck, because we're solving the wrong "problem." And, since we're stuck, that's exactly what's going on---or we wouldn't find ourselves "stuck." "In progress" is a very different feeling than "being stuck," as there is forward movement -- the problem is already in solution.

And second, if we're unable to see the true problem ourselves, we need to acknowledge that solutions come in seeking help. One of the points I raise for my clients is to ask "Who are your allies on this?" Hmmm. I had forgotten to set out with allies on this one! My next step was clear.

There's a lot more, but you get the gist of my "Ah-ha!" moment this week. And the "Ah-ha!" moments of the clients on the recorded class. Very powerful stuff.

So some options for you . . .

I've been mulling over how to make this work (and related work) more accessible to more people. So I have a couple of possibilities for you, now and potentially soon.

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The first is a new Home Study version of the Kwan Yin Journey. You won't find it on the website (for a while) . . . this is an opportunity just for you folks (and yes, for your friends as well).

The full 11-week program currently goes for $1997. And frankly, easily worth it. The Home Study version, though, will be $1197. Yup. You get it for $800 less. And you will get:

All 11 weeks of recorded modules
All recorded Q&A calls
PDF transcripts of modules and calls
A Reconnective Healing session with me (distance healing, unless you live locally)
The two-session Energy Alignment process via distance healing (unless you live locally, in which case you'll get The Reconnection in person).
Access to the private Kwan Yin Journey facebook page shared with alumni clients.

And if you've already had that energy work, or for some reason you don't want it (some people aren't yet used to the idea), you can also get the entire program without the energy work for $997.

There's no sales page. If you think you'd like to pursue this, drop me an email. If you'd like to discuss it first, that's also fine. I look forward to hearing from you so we can review what's going on for you and what we might do together.

Who do you know who needs this? Please forward this to them with a personal note. Thanks!

And the second potential options are . . .

OK, here's where I need your input. I can guess at what you need and what you'd like to see offered, but I'd be...well...just guessing.

So I'm asking you. What do you need? What offers would you like to see? If you've been around here for a while, you've seen me offer a wide range of topics as free offers. What would you love to delve into as a program? And at what level? 11 weeks is a major program...what shorter programs would you love to have available?

Tell me your wishes, and I'll do my best to see what resonates and bring them to light. Again, just drop me an email. I'd love to hear from you -- very much. How may I best serve?

And thank you!

By the way . . .

A couple of things are in the pipeline already.

First is "The Healing Journey." This will be a six-week program specifically geared toward those needing healing. It will come with six healing sessions (four healing plus a two-session energy alignment) as well as module material. So heads up there.

Second is the "Getting Unstuck" book -- it's done, but in substantial revision. My working plan is to offer a video self-help series supported by the eBook.

I'm hoping to present both of these later this year.

And...depending on what it is, I can probably offer your suggested programs as well.

Thanks again for your input!


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