Special Anniversary Edition ~ 37 years! On June 18, 1976, I officially opened the Susan Spiritus Gallery and today, 37 years later, I am recognizing


Special Anniversary Edition ~ 37 years!


On June 18, 1976, I officially opened the Susan Spiritus Gallery and today, 37 years later, I am recognizing this day with a big smile and many wonderful memories! I started this business as a true neophyte. Not only was I the 'new kid on the block' in southern California, but I was one of the very few across the country to venture into the world of fine art photography! Some of my predecessors included Lee Witkin, Light Gallery, and Castelli, in New York, along with Helen Johnson (Focus), and of course, Tom Halsted, in Michigan. At this time only Halsted and I are still in the business, but we have been followed by many other well deserving and fine art photography dealers, who can be found north to south and coast to coast. I hope that they all have the lengthy success that I have enjoyed.
In celebration, I will be offering photographs for sale that have not been offered previously, many of which are from private collections and are being offered on a resale basis. In addition, all of them will be offered at a discounted price if you mention that you saw it in the June #2 newsletter.
Some of the artist names include: John Sexton, Henry Gilpin, Andre Kertesz, George TIce, Paul Caponigro, Aaron Siskind and Jacques Henri Lartigue


Aaron Siskind: Gloucester, 1H, 1944

Henry Gilpin Highway 1 1965 second best

Henry Gilpin: Highway #1

Sexton CornLily

John Sexton: Corn Lily


Paul Caponigro: Backlit Sunflower


Paul Caponigro: Frosted Window

Tice George From the Chrysler Building  NY  1978

George Tice: From the Chrysler Building

 MG 2540

Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Portrait of the Eternal

Oak Tree  Holmdel  NJ  1970

George Tice: Oak Tree (8x10" vintage platinum with printed signature)

Tice George Petit's Mobil Station  Cherry Hill  NJ  1974

George Tice: Petiit's Mobil Station


Henry Gilpin: Mt. McKinley, Denali Nat'l Park, Alaska


Jacques Henri Lartigue: Cousins Trying to Fly a Kite, circa 1911


George Tice: Hudson River Pier, NJ


Andre Kertesz: Washington Square (day)

About the Susan Spiritus Gallery

The Susan Spiritus Gallery has been a leader in the field of fine art photography since 1976 handling the work of photographic luminaries, (Ansel Adams, Andre Kertesz, George Tice) popular contemporary artists, (Camille Seaman, Cara Barer, Fran Forman) and emerging talent (Deborah Parkin, Mitchell Hartman and Ellen Jantzen).

Known for its personalized service, the Southern California based gallery works with individuals, design professionals and corporations to address their specific needs. Whether a first time buyer or a prolific collector, the gallery has something for everyone. Art ranges in price, style and type including platinum, silver, hand-colored and digital. Commissions are also welcome.

Custom framing can be arranged. Artwork can be shipped anywhere in the world. For more information, please email susan@susanspiritusgallery.com or call 714.754.1286
visit our site: susanspiritusgallery.com

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