Just Arrived in Our Shop! Alexander Henry's ( http://www.hawthornethreads.com/fabric/designer/alexander_henry_house_designer ) newest collection is o

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Just Arrived in Our Shop!

Sew Retro

Alexander Henry's newest collection is oh Sew Retro with it's 70's florals and vintage spools. In fact, that's my grandmother's sewing box that we recently stumbled upon, filled with some great vintage finds. I think my mom can name each item of clothing that every single button came from...not to mention where it was purchased, who wore it last, etc. She has an uncanny memory that didn't always work in my favor growing up! We're looking forward to some fun pieces sewn up with this line. For starters, here's the pattern our Meaghan used to whip up that cute pincushion!


Thank you so much for reading along with us, and for your continued support of our little shop!

Warmest regards,
Lindsay and Charlie

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