“I’M A MEDIC, NOT A WRITER!” Need to do some important writing? A submission to the BMA, MDU or other body? Need to answer patients' or PCT queries

The Medics Wordsmith


Need to do some important writing?
A submission to the BMA, MDU or other body?
Need to answer patients' or PCT queries or complaints?
Need to prepare for GMC, tribunal or other hearings?

Overwhelmed with work?
Can't see the wood for the trees?
Written English not your strongest point?

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As The Medics' Wordsmith (TMW) I offer to take some of the load off your shoulders so you can get on with the job of caring for patients.

A flair for the English language makes TMW ideally suited to set out and present your case in a clear and concise manner to your best advantage.

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I am not a medic, legal expert or trade union official - just an accomplished writer who has had articles published in National papers (including The Guardian) and magazines, and an occasional blogger, I have also been performing my self-penned award-winning play to great acclaim on four continents.
You can download and read my biography here.

The idea for this service developed because I happen to have a number of Medical friends who, though clearly highly intelligent people, had difficulties at work, and found my writing skills to be literally life-saving. Here are three case studies:

The Prison GP

Click to view letter


Dr. 1 got a job as main GP in a prison and found that she was soon rattling cages because she discovered some serious malpractices, and set about making some urgent changes. She soon began to encounter significant resistance and was being undermined by colleagues. I helped her write to the Medical Director of the PCT. Click on the image to download the letter.

The Harassed GP

Click to view part of statement report


Dr. 2 was dismissed from a GP surgery, with various allegations made to justify this. He subsequently found himself also under attack from the local PCT and the GMC, and decided to take the case to Industrial Tribunal. I helped him write his submission to the BMA, as he was dissatisfied with their solicitor's efforts. Click on the image to download an extract.

The GP's son

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This is not medical, but concerns Dr. 3’s son, who was denied entry to a London University when he went to register. I wrote this letter to the Dean on her behalf. Click on the image to download the letter.

£££ ..................... The Deal ..................... £££

My charges are currently £40 per hour: consultation and writing time, not inclusive of travel time and expenses. We can meet in person (usually advantageous so you can refer to your paperwork) over the telephone or on skype.
You understand that I am acting as your wordsmith, and take no responsibility for the accuracy of the information you give me, or appears on the written document. You will always retain the ability to edit the document after my final submission to you (certified copies of which will be retained by both of us for record purposes), and it will be deemed to have been authored by you, using me only as your scribe. The document will be considered to be your own work, and/or as your submission to those who advise or represent you legally and/or in other ways. It will in no way be linked to TWS, who will be indemnified from any legal action in relation to your case.

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