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May - 2010 Newsletter


The 20th World Economic Forum on Africa: Co-Chaired by SACCA's Advisory Board Member, Kuseni Douglas Dlamini
The 20th World Economic Forum on Africa opened today in Dar es Salaam. Twelve African heads of state/government are taking part along with over 1,000 participants from 85 countries. Rethinking Africa’s Growth Strategy is the theme of the meeting.. To Lern More

Missing Middle Article Series Featured in Huffington Post /
In support of the Missing Middle Initiative, launched at the World Economic Forum in January 2010, a series of articles will feature the key learnings and developments of the initiative throughout the year. The first article, Investing in Africa: Defining the "Missing Middle", proposed an end to the use of the phrase as it only perpetuates conversation about what is missing rather than a call to action regarding what has been found... Read More

Business Leader Profile:

The African Medicine Man – Stephen Saad
One phrase sure to light a fire under any natural-born innovator is ‘It can’t be done’. This is exactly what the South African pharmaceutical industry told Stephen Saad when he decided to establish Aspen Pharmacare as a globally competitive pharmaceutical manufacturing company in1997...Read more

African Alpha News:

A Door to Africa: Standard Bank Reaps the Benefit of Bold Thinking

To understand where Standard Bank is today, says its boss, Jacko Maree, you have to go back to South Africa in early 1987, when Standard Chartered, its original parent, sold out completely. Most South African firms were not welcome in the rest of Africa, he says, and “it wasn’t entirely obvious” that Standard Bank’s priority should be there or indeed in emerging markets at all...Read more

World Cup 2010, Who Profits Most?: The Money Flows, But Not Only into South African Pockets
The football World Cup may give South Africa’s economy an astonishing extra 0.5% of growth, according to a recent report by Grant Thornton, a firm of accountants. That is quite a chunk of the country’s forecast 3% rate for the year. Some 373,000 foreigners are now expected during the tournament, which kicks off on June 11th. On average they will stay for 18 days, go to five matches and spend 30,200 rand (nearly $4,000) each...Read more

Biggest Sub-Saharan IPO? Life Healthcare Said to be Planning
Life Healthcare Group Holdings Ltd., the South African hospital owner, will seek about $900 million in an initial public offering that would be sub-Saharan Africa’s biggest ever IPO, two people familiar with the situation said...Read more

Africa to Enjoy Strong Rebound: IMF
Sub-Saharan African will enjoy a strong recovery this year and next after the region fared much better than most developed countries during the global economic crisis, the IMF said on Wednesday... Read more

Nigeria Holds Key to Bharti´s $10.7 Billion African Gamble
The majority of Nigerians don´t own a mobile. Yet it is in that country that the fate of Indian mobile giant Bharti Airtel´s $10.7 billion African adventure will play out... Read more

Upcoming Events

Microfinance Club of New York - Africa: The Microfinance Landscape
SACCA's COO Will Be Leading Panel Discussion
Date: Wednesday, June, 9 2010
Location: Morgan Stanley Headquarters, 1585 Broadway at 47th, 6th Floor Auditorium, New York City
Link to event

Commonwealth Business Council´s Africa Business Forum
Date: Monday, June 21, 2010 - Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Location: London, UK
Link to event

African Connections Hosts Focus on Africa: Trade & Business Opportunities Conference
Date: June, 2010
Location: Washington, D.C.
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