The Green Building Opportunity Index In an innovative new study, Cushman & Wakefield and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) BetterBricks i


The Green Building Opportunity Index

In an innovative new study, Cushman & Wakefield and Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA) BetterBricks initiative have published the Green Building Opportunity Index - a comprehensive ranking of the top 25 U.S. markets for high performance, energy efficient office buildings. You can download the full report here.



Manhattan is the country’s largest office market with a total of nearly 393 million square feet of inventory. 241 million square feet of that space is located in the Midtown submarket. In Midtown, 20.3 million square feet of that space is LEED-certified (8.4 percent of total inventory) and 50.3 million square feet of space is Energy Star-rated (20.9 percent of total inventory). We expect these figures to continue growing. More energy efficiency initiatives will be enacted under the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, ultimately driving down learning curves and costs of compliance. And large owners and operators like Vornado, SL Green, Durst, and Malkin are likely to remain committed to greening their portfolios.

According to the Report, there are currently 28 LEED-certified commercial office buildings in Manhattan, which total 24.1 million square feet of space. 23 of those buildings are located in the Midtown submarket and constitute 20.3 million square feet of space. 18 of those 23 buildings are certified under the LEED for Existing Buildings rating system; 5 buildings under LEED for Core and Shell.

So far in 2011, the following 9 properties in the Midtown submarket have earned formal LEED certification from USGBC:

900 Third Avenue (LEED-EB: O&M Gold; May 5, 2011; 515,200 square feet)
250 Park Avenue (LEED-EB: O&M Gold; May 5, 2011; 471,260 square feet)
125 West 55th Street (LEED-CI 2.0 Gold; April 20, 2011; 48,000 square feet)
909 Third Avenue (LEED-EB: O&M Silver; April 20, 2011; 1,125,000 square feet)
Two Penn Plaza (LEED-EB: O&M Silver; April 19, 2011; 1,500,000 square feet)
1740 Broadway (LEED-EB: O&M Silver, April 8, 2011; 412,704 square feet)
11 Penn Plaza (LEED-EB: O&M Silver, April 7, 2011; 1,987,328 square feet)
1290 Avenue of the Americas (LEED-EB: O&M Silver, April 7, 2011; 1,987,328 square feet)
1120 Avenue of the Americas (LEED-EB: O&M v. 2009 Silver; February 23, 2011; 400,000 square feet)

According to the report, buildings in Manhattan earned Energy Star accolades in 2010, and the total number of Energy Star-labeled properties has more than doubled since the last Green Building Opportunity Index was released in 2010. The Report identifies the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan as a major catalyst for the increase.

Midtown currently stands heads and shoulders above the other New York City submarkets in terms of LEED and Energy Star adoption, ranking 5th overall in the Index with Downtown and Midtown South trailing at 20th and 25th, respectively. While the Midtown South submarket lacks Midtown’s volume of Class A trophy properties that have almost uniformly pursued LEED-EB: OM ratings, we do expect Downtown to perform better in future Indices as the new World Trade Center towers come online.


As the LEED"r has been reporting, the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan went into effect, requiring commercial and residential building owners of properties greater than 50,000 sf to begin benchmarking building energy and water usage against 2010 data. The benchmark information, which will include a score for each commercial building, will be publicly disclosed at the end of the year. The Greener, Greater Buildings Plan initiative, which passed on December 9, 2009, is a six-part energy strategy reduction in emissions by 2030.

In addition to this initiative, two major public organizations serving the area have created programs designed to facilitate the adoption of energy saving strategies through creative incentives and informed guidance for building owners.

In March of 2011, Con Edison announced Lockheed Martin had been selected to run their Commercial and is designed to provide cash rebates and incentives to usage by the utility’s commercial and industrial customers, thereby reducing their carbon footprint and saving money at the same time.

The program was initially launched in the fall of 2010 and according to Con Edison, more than 250 project applications have been received, which could effectively result in savings of approximately 23.5 million kilowatt hours, 460,000 therms and, in turn, generate almost $3 million in rebates and incentives for Con Edison’s commercial and industrial clients.

Commercial Real Estate program (Focus CRE) offers owners a variety of strategies to assist in their assessment of factors such as building energy savings associated with improvements will accrue to the owner versus the tenants (examples include their Benchmarking Toolkit and Lease Analysis Tool). One of the primary goals of this initiative is to provide timely incentive dollars to help offset a notable percentage of project implementation costs.

For more information about benchmarking contact us at The Cotocon Group.


It was nice to see that Manhattan's office rental business is one of the healthiest in the country, even in this depressed financial environment. However in order to stay in the running, there still needs some work to be done. The other markets in Manhattan need to step it up and start benchmarking if they want to stay competitive with commercial real estate of other areas. Benchmarking isn't just a mandate it's the law! If New York wants to stay on top of the world, then they better get with the program!

Source: 2011 Green Building Index, Cushman and Wakefield).


Green Home of the Week


Gorgeous Green-Roofed Ninety7 Home Sits Atop Singapore’s Siglap Hill

If you had a house on a hill overlooking Singapore, wouldn't you like it to look like this cool blue Ninety7 House by Aamer Architects? At first glance it appears to be just another splashy three-story luxury home, but closer examination shows that through passive design, Aamer has created a beautiful home that is energy-efficient, naturally lit and ventilated, and mitigates heat with a green roof and timber decking. Although this curvy home is oriented to watch over the city, nature is never far from center stage.



Green in the News

Congress Bans Department of Defense From Getting LEED Certification

The US Government has been a big supporter of LEED, thanks to that radical leftist George Bush, who imposed Executive Order 13423, which set "goals in the areas of energy efficiency, acquisition, renewable energy, toxics reductions, recycling, renewable energy, sustainable buildings, electronics stewardship, fleets, and water conservation." The Department of Defense was a real leader in this, with 49 projects, the most of any Department of government. But if the Republican congress gets its way, it's over; in the National Defense Authorization Act, there is what Chris Cheatham of Green Building Law Update calls "a real kicker" on


Coast Guard Testifies It’s Totally Unprepared for an Arctic Oil Spill:

“We Have Zero to Operate With at Present.”

The U.S. Coast Guard’s top official says the organization is not prepared for a major oil spill in the Arctic, where oil companies are pushing to Congress and regulatory agencies to allow for more offshore drilling.
In a Senate hearing yesterday on Arctic drilling, USCG Admiral Robert Papp countered the oil industry’s claims that it would be prepared for an oil spill, saying:
“If this were to happen off the North Slope of Alaska, we’d have nothing. We’re starting from ground zero today…. We have zero to operate with at present.” Read on


"...And then one day men realized that it didn't matter what happened to the environment as long as we wore these nice shiny suits!"

New Study Links Mountaintop Removal to 60,000 Cases of Cancer in Appalachia

In a new study released this week, it was revealed that among the 1.2 million residents living in parts of Appalachia, an additional 60,000 cases of cancer are directly linked to mountaintop removal mining, a practice that occurs most commonly in West Virginia’s Appalachian on


Iowa Eclipses Canada in Grain Production, Challenges China in Soybean Production

The U.S. state of Iowa is an agricultural superpower, simultaneously eclipsing Canada in grain production and challenging China in soybean production. No, these are not mathematical errors. Last year Iowa's farmers harvested 55 million tons of grain while Canada's farmers harvested only 45 million tons. Over the last five years, Iowa has averaged 57 million tons a year to Canada's 49 million on

highlights16 grainprod

Shipping Containers Turned Into Shopping Mall in London's BoxPark

BoxPark is "the world's first pop-up shopping mall", being built at the Shoreditch High Street station in London. It's designed by Waugh Thistleton, known to TreeHuggers for their
Nine Story Apartment Built Of Wood in Nine Weeks By Four on



Warming temperatures in the Arctic are causing the release of toxic pollutants long trapped in the region’s ice, snow, and ocean waters, a new study says. In an analysis of air-monitoring data collected at sites in Norway’s Svalbard archipelago and the Canadian province of Nunavut, researchers say there is evidence that man-made chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) have been “remobilized” into the Arctic atmosphere over the last 20 on

climate-change-remobilizes-buried-pollution-as-arctic-ice-melts 1


Over the past year and a half we have accumulated a substantial and diverse reader base that continually is looking for environmentally sound products and services. We are seeking companies that provide green goods and services and want to expand their exposure in the green community.

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Local Law 84

All buildings in New York City over 50,000 square feet are required to submit an annual energy benchmark. We're here to help make it as easy as possible for you to meet this requirement, while putting a valuable financial evaluation tool in your hands.

Building owners and operators are growing more concerned with the upcoming deadline to have their properties properly benchmarked. Professionals in the industry are reporting a sharp increase in the RFQ's for building benchmarking. What surprises most industry professionals is how easily and quickly these buildings can be benchmarked - assuming of course you hire the correct professionals.

Benchmarking is easy-to-do, inexpensive, and accessible. In addition to supporting the requirement, we can provide intuitive monthly reports on your energy usage and spotlight opportunities for energy savings. The first benchmark report is due to the city on May 1, 2011 (grace period instituted, please see below), but there are benefits to starting as soon as possible so that you can take control of your energy usage sooner.

The grace period for penalties only applies for May 1 to August 1, 2011 while owners get used to the new requirements; (however, the city doesn't expect extensions in future years). Russell Unger, Executive Director of the Urban Green Council, sees the extension as a smart move. While some owners have already been benchmarking, for the vast majority, especially residential coops, this is totally new. Given that 16,000 buildings are impacted by the law, and the fact that the final rules were only issued last month, an grace period for the fines will make the transition to the reporting less painful.

Own buildings in New York City? Let us help you comply with NYC's new mandatory benchmarking requirement (Local Law 84).

Click here to find out more information about benchmarking and complying with the LAW!


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