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Social Enterprise Institute January 2012 Newsletter

In this issue

A Word from the Founder: Professor Dennis Shaughnessy
News/Student Spotlight
Upcoming Events
Internship Opportunities


A Word from the Founder: Professor Dennis Shaughnessy

We are pleased to issue the first edition of the Social Enterprise Institute's Newsletter. This is a student-led initiative in which we hope to share the excitement we feel for our work and the work of so many others in the rapidly growing field of social entrepreneurship. At SEI, we are committed to creating a unique learning environment for young people who believe that business can be a powerful force for global good, especially in providing opportunity for poor families around the globe to find a path to a healthier, safer and more productive life. We hope through this newsletter and the many other unique programs at SEI that we can make a meaningful contribution to the global conversation around high impact social business while changing the world one person at a time.


News/Student Spotlight

Tim Spittle's journey in entrepreneurship and global health advocacy took him from biking across the US for FACEAIDS, to working for Esperanza in the Dominican Republic and traveling to Rwanda.
Read about Gwen Kidera's co-op with the Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation (MKMF) to discover how one co-op in public health and education can take you from teaching health classes to starting after-school reading programs.

Read about Sarah Elmes and her initiative while on study abroad in Costa Rica to turn her volunteer position at Oikocredit into a co-op opportunity.
As Rob Gulick immerses himself in fieldwork with TechnoServe, he realizes he made the right choice in Guatemala.
Kristen Paonessa researches client retention rates and provides technical training to micro-finance field staff at Fundación Paraguaya.

OAF Flyer v1.12.2012

Flier for our One Acre Fund Event

Past Events/Dates

January Lecture Series: One Acre Fund

Check out our recap of SEI's Lecture Series event this past January featuring Barrett Prinz, the Global HR and Legal Manager at One Acre Fund, an agricultural organization which helps East African farmers grow their way out of poverty.

Dean Tom Moore Honors Program Investment Pitch

SEI introduced a new annual grant program with the Northeastern Honors Program. Read more about the winners of the $10,000 and $5,000 investment here

Upcoming Events/Dates

NetImpact Meeting

Weekly from 7-8PM in 458 Richards Hall

February Lecture Series

February 22, 2012 6:00-7:30PM in 305 Shillman Hall (Save the date, more details to come!)

Famine in the Horn of Africa

Hosted by the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine, featuring Dr. Paul Farmer, Michael Delaney Director of Humanitarian Response, Oxfam on Monday, February 6, 2012, 5:30 to 7:30pm

Social Enterprise Conference at Harvard University

February 25-26, 2012. Check out more at their website.


Internship Opportunities

Lend for America Internship

This is an 8 week summer internship where interns work at a leading microfinance organization with peers and business owners to gain hands-on experience with domestic microfinance. Students get to review loan applications, opening savings accounts for businesses and work with clients.

Part way through the summer, interns travel to a large-scale microfinance organization in the US for a 3 day site visit. After the summer, student's can start a new Campus MFI.

There are three organization options to choose from: the Community Empowerment Fund in Chapel Hill NC, the Intersect Fund in New Brunswick, NJ, and the Capital Good Fund in Providence, RI.

All travel expenses are paid and interns receive a $2,500 stipend.

For more information, check out this link Lend for America Internship

Partners in Health Summer 2012 Internship

Partners in Health's Summer 2012 Internship application is now available at Applications are due by midnight on Friday February 17, 2012.


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