AfrosNBabyHair Goes Digital!!! Well, sort of. We all know the Internet and social media are the KEY to catapulting a business in this day and age.

AfrosNBabyHair Goes Digital!!!

Well, sort of.

We all know the Internet and social media are the KEY to catapulting a business in this day and age. So I'm trying my best to stay afloat with all the different media outlets as well as offer my clients a cutting edge system to book and pay for appointments, as well as share the AfrosNBabyHair brand with others.

Here are some changes I've made to keep up...

I'm up to 93% online booking via my Style Seat. My goal is 100%! With Style Seat my clients are able to choose their appointments, see pricing, view styling inspirations from my gallery and much more.
I am now able to check you out using Visa, Master Card, AMEX, and Discover via Square.
You can also connect with me via my ol' faithful Twitter. But I've also added Facebook and I'm gonna try my hand at Tumblr. and see what it do. :-)
I just caught wind of the "new new" social media outlet Google +. If you're a part of Google +, add your hairstylist to the circle and help me figure it out. Thanks a million.
And lastly, this newsletter you're reading. It's something new, but definitely something needed to keep you abreast of what's going on.

Beauty School Reloaded... The Master Educator Edition

I've recently decided to take my cosmetology career to the next level. I enrolled in Feminique School Of Beauty for my Master Educator's license. With this licensure I will be able to teach cosmetology at the H.S., Cosmetology School, and Continuing Education level.

This will put me one step closer to my goal of training other stylists on the ins and outs of providing care and styling for highly textured hair. This means more educated hair care providers across the country. Because frankly I can't #LoveUpOn everybody in the whole world. Although I wish I could.

I have reduced my schedule to accommodate this undertaking and I have also upped my manpower so that I won't lose any passengers on this journey. Your well wishes, prayers, a spoonful of patience, and a shimmy shake of your pom poms are appreciated! :-)

Fresh, Fly Styles EVERY WEEK?! Tell me more!!

Since we're talking about new editions. Back in June I introduced my monthly memberships. The introductory special pricing turned a lot of sporadic clients into weekly's. One set price for unlimited hair styling was definitely a hit with the AfrosNBabyHair crowd both new and veteran. Though the discounted pricing period has expired, the memberships are still priced at an amazing value. Please visit Style Seat for more information.

Amen for stress free hair, maintenance on me, fly styling, ONE FLAT PRICE. cues shouting organ

I called in some REINFORCEMENTS......Meet April!

With the reduction of my schedule and my demand higher than it's ever been, naturally SOMETHING HAD TO GIVE. So, I took the "work smarter, not harder" approach and called in someone to smooth things on out.

April is one of my AfrosNBabyHair Elite clients. Meaning she trusted my professional opinion, stuck to a regimen, and is seeing AMAZING growth/length retention. A client who is proactive with her hair care regimen is always near and dear to my heart.

With her background in business development and accounting, April is a shoe-in for my right hand lady. Adding her to the mix has taken a load off. Here's what this means for you...

Shorter wait times: Come in, get shampooed immediately.
Concierge service: Focused on your comfort, answers to your questions, hearty entertainment while you relax.
Pre-booking for your next appointment (Monthly Membership Clients.)

Please welcome her with open arms. You're in good hands!

If I Haven't Seen You Or Your Hair In Awhile...

Many of you caught me at various stages of my development. Some of you may have experienced what I like to call "The Struggle Days." Products that didn't work, salons that didn't work, just stuff that DIDN'T WORK. As I grew I added some things to my repertoire. I'm sure if you took another look you would be pleasantly surprised with the updates.

Haven't seen me in the past 60 days? Please accept a COMPLIMENTARY TRIM as a token of my appreciation for your patronage. Now...quit playing and come and get your love! :-)