July 2010 News I commented last month how time flies between editions of this newsletter. If only I had some way to slow down time... Well, of course

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July 2010 News

I commented last month how time flies between editions of this newsletter. If only I had some way to slow down time... Well, of course I don't, but some of my characters do. Just in time for Gen Con, at the start of August, Walkabout Publishing is releasing a brand new anthology Stalking the Wild Hare, featuring the Crimson story "Time War."

Many of you love time travel stories (and Crimson) as much as I do, so that's what we'll start with this month.

August is Time for Time War!


I'm very pleased to announce the release of my new all-SDS-mythology story, "Time War." This little gem, released as part of the Stalking the Wild Hare anthology, features references to just about every piece of creator-owned work I've done over my career. (Just about.) It stars fan-favorite Crimson, and introduces a new character, Orm: the Demon-Borne. It also features a homage (if I were British I'd say "an homage") to my favorite time traveler. Not only is it a great primer to my work, but I think those of you who are already fans will really love it.

The only trick is, it's not available online until after Gen Con. But, since Gen Con is at the start of August, that doesn't leave you much time to wait. So, in a week or two, just type my name and "Time War" into the Amazon search engine, and it should come right up.

Oh, and did I mention that there are more than 20 other great authors in on this project with me, including Jean Rabe, Mike Stackpole, and Tim Waggoner?

And, as always, my books you buy on Amazon can be used as part of their free shipping program.

Collectors' Alert!

The formats of both paperback versions of Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns and Luck o' the Irish will be changing in the near future! So the book you buy from Amazon today might be a rare collector's item tomorrow. Be sure to order your copies of the original editions by clicking the book covers right now!


SE Wisconsin Festival of Books - A Great Time

Hey, did I see you at the festival? In June, I was privileged to attend the first annual Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books in nearby Waukesha. It was a really cool event, with plenty of authors and panels, good food, and new friends. Among the people that I met were Ben Merens (of Wisconsin Public Radio - WPR) and new buddy Paul McCommas - who will be doing a book with me very soon.

I had fun talking to fans and prospective writers, and Paul and I did a really good panel together. You can see almost all of it (6 parts) on YouTube by checking out my YouTube channel.

Did I mention that I had a great time and intend to go again next year? If you're interested in seeing me in person, be sure to check out upcoming appearances on my web page. The next thing I'm locked into is MCing the Auction at the Apple Farm (fundraiser) at the start of October, but you never know when some new appearance may come up!


Still available on Kindle

I'm about to put a whole bunch of new stuff up on Kindle, including "Crimson & Dragons," a Dungeons & Dinosaurs story, "Snowraven," and a new e-version of Luck o' the Irish. But this month I've been busy working on those things and getting covers done.

Where does the time go?

So, just as a reminder, you can buy the stories from Amazon by clicking the book covers above. And maybe by the time you check in, I'll have some of the other things up as well -- or maybe you'll find something else you don't have yet.

Also remember, if you write a review of one of my books or stories, I'll send you a story for free! (Details are near the bottom of the newsletter.)

Coming Soon!


Have You Gotten Your Free Story Yet?

As you all should know by now, my "write a review, get a free story" policy continues -- and some folks are having fun building up their free story collection! So, if you've posted something on your blog, or Facebook, or Amazon (or elsewhere), let me know. You can contact me through those services, my website, or just write to fanmail@stephendsullivan.com.

For your efforts, I'll send you a free story in PDF format. I'll even try to send something you haven't seen before. And, those who put up reviews are also likely to get a first look at my new stuff (like my upcoming Snowraven story - previewed above - or Dungeons & Dinosaurs or "Crimson & Dragons"). Such a deal! So, what are you waiting for? Get typing!

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