Thursday, April 21, 2011 TeamWorks Sustainable Landscape Maintenance is OPEN! Our lawn and garden service is: ▪ Professional. Our trained staff tak

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

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TeamWorks Sustainable Landscape Maintenance is OPEN!

Our lawn and garden service is:

Professional. Our trained staff take pride in in their work and notice the details. (Plus excellent customer service by email or phone.)
Green. We take care of lawns and gardens using organic methods -- no chemical pesticides around your home!

>>Learn more about our services

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Araceli Gembe, Assistant Manager for Human Development

Cleaning Cooperative Expands Career Advancement Opportunities

We are all very excited about the development path the members are creating at TeamWorks Cleaning! Long-time cooperative member Araceli Gembe was recently named Assistant Manager for Human Development. She now works 4 to 8 hours per week teaching newer members everything from computer skills to how to lead meetings. The rest of the week she continues to serve as the captain of one of our house cleaning teams.

In December, Elizabeth Arredondo was named Assistant Manager for Administration. She has quickly mastered the bookkeeping tasks that previously had been done by an outside contractor and will soon be learning more advanced accounting skills. She also continues to work most of the week as a the Captain of a hosue cleaning team.


New Blog Entry up at Our New Website

TeamWorks founder David Smathers Moore writes about the people and process behind the launch of the new Sustainable Landscape Cooperative and the lessons for all people who want to have a good livlihood and build healthy communities. Based on a presentation he recently gave at the California Cooperatives Conference. Go to Blog

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Join Our Team!

TeamWorks Sustainable Landscape Maintenance is looking for both volunteers and staff to join our team. Opportunities include:

-- assisting with our ongoing research and development of commercially-viable green landscape techniques (for a person with significant horticultural experience).

-- Operations and Sales Manager (with possibility of taking on additional roles over time and eventually becoming a partner in the cooperative).

It's an exciting time at TeamWorks... come be part of it! For more information, respond to this email or in a new message write to

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Did you know ...
* There are different kinds of cooperatives, including consumer cooperatives which are owned by their consumer members (examples are the outdoor store REI and credit unions), and worker cooperatives which are businesses owned by their own worker members (like TeamWorks).

The worker-owned cooperative movement has roots going back to the Rochdale Pioneers in England in the 1840s; it was greatly strengthened by the emergence of the Mondragon cooperative experience in Spain in 1956.
The International Cooperative Alliance defines cooperative identity as "autonomous associations of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise."

About TeamWorks

The TeamWorks Cooperative Network includes two autonomous worker-owned cooperative businesses plus a cooperative development program based at the San Jose non-profit organization, Sacred Heart Community Service. Our mission is to advance worker-cooperatives as a practical way to build a dynamic and socially-just economy. Learn more at our website.

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