DAKAR 2011: South America Annie Seel, reigning womens Dakar Champion, is ready for her 5th start in the legendary Dakar Rally, crossing South America

DAKAR 2011: South America

Annie Seel, reigning womens Dakar Champion, is ready for her 5th start in the legendary Dakar Rally, crossing South America. The mission is to race for the victory again and defend her title!

“Main thing is to finish – no matter what.

This mission has taken me to the victory!”

The statement above is the essence of Annie’s determination. She proved this in her first Dakar Rally in 2002, reaching the podium first in class despite a broken hand, engine trouble and sand storms.

100% finishing rate
Since then she has raced 17 World Cup rallies and offroad races around the world - never ever quitting one. Annie holds a unique finishing rate of 100%.

Winner Dakar 2010
In Dakar 2010 Annie was crowned the Womens Champion, after a very tough race including a spectacular Tomb Raider-like crash into a deep mine shaft and an injured thumb. Once rescued, she continued to an amazing win of the Womens Cup - her most victorious moment ever!

Mission Dakar 2011: Victory
Annie always dreams of the "perfect race" where she has a clean ride and no problems. But every Dakar holds many challenges, and this year there will be hard competition in the womens section. Her goal for Dakar 2011: defend the crown!

World wide fans
Many fans worldwide follow Annie on the web and Facebook. She was elected one of the "Dakar Heros" on Eurosport.com.

The most unique motorcycle woman in the world
Annie is one of the most widely experienced racing women in the world, having competed in roadracing, motocross, enduro, supermoto and rally. She also takes on four wheels - in 2007 she raced cars in the VW Polo Cup at Nürburgring.

Annies story began in Dakar 2002
The Dakar 2002 was one of the toughest, only 33% finished. Annie survived and classified 54th general, also winning the "Production 400" class in her first Dakar-attempt. She refused to with-draw when the going got tough. Defying hardship like; a fractured right hand and bruised leg, trapped a night in the desert with technical problems during sand and rain storms, she made it to the podium in Dakar.

Womens World Cup Champion
Racing and experiencing more rallies paid off - in 2004 she won the gold medal and Womens 450 World Cup Championship!

First Irowoman in USA
Annie S(t)eel is now the first IRONWOMAN in the world.... In June 2004 she was the first ever woman to solo ride the IRONMAN class in USA's longest off-road race, the legendary Vegas-to-Reno.

Mount Everest World Record 2003
In 2003 Annie challenged the real Everest – on a motorcycle. Overcoming altitude sickness, harsh weather and a 21-year-old Nepalese rental bike, she set the womens altitude record on Everest, 5305m.

Annie's high-lights:
2010 Dakar Rally: 45th, 1st woman
2010 Australia Safari Rally: 15th general, 1st woman
2010 Nordic Enduro Championship, 2nd woman
2009 Australia Safari Rally: 16th general, 1st woman
2009 Dakar Rally: 76th (best stage 41st) broken nose+shoulder
2008 Pharaons Rally: 12th general, 3rd Super Prod, 1st woman
2008 Central Europe Rally: 24th general, 1st woman
2007 Dakar Rally: 94th (best stage 17th), technical problems
2005 Awarded Adventure Woman of the Year in Sweden
2004 World Cup Champion Womens Rally Cup 450
2004 First "Iron-Woman", solo-ride Las Vegas-to-Reno 2003

World Everest Record: First motorcycle woman at 5305m
2002 First Dakar Rally: 54th, 1st "Production 400" Class
2002 First Woman to race Pro-Class in Baja 1000 miles, 8th
2000 First Rally, UAE Desert Challenge Dubai: 49th

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Web: AnnieSeel.com

Team Seel Motorsport: swedenchallenge@happy.se, mob: +46 708 733 711
Press Contact: Marie Hessel, thedakarrally@gmail.com, mob: +46 702 23 86 86