Vaccination Is A Rights Issue! March 26, 2010 If you're new to the list and wondering what this is all about, please take a moment to read before er


Vaccination Is A Rights Issue!

March 26, 2010

If you're new to the list and wondering what this is all about, please take a moment to read before erasing the note. We are organizing a big national rally in Grant Park, downtown Chicago, on May 26, 2010.

And the reason is simple.

Americans are very concerned about increased government compulsion to vaccinate as a requirement for daycare, school and employment.

Here's what you need to understand.

1. You're being asked to fight the old war! And the argument is fear-based... if you stop vaccinating, deadly diseases will return. We're told, just get your damn vaccines.
2. Government has no answers about fighting today's war. America has the infant and maternal mortality rates of a Third World country. We rank 45th in life expectancy. Our children: 10% with asthma, 4% food allergies, 3-5% birth defects, 1% autism. Look around and what do you see? ADD, peanut anaphylaxis, diabetes, eczema, seizures, OCD, speech delays. Adults are no better off, chronically ill, fed a steady diet of prescription meds. Half of all men, one-third of women today will get cancer in their lifetime.
3. Vaccine risks are known and documented. Some are killed or injured by vaccines. Pick a shot and take a peek: package inserts and VAERS.
4. There is no informed consent for vaccines.
5. Vaccine makers have exceptionally strong liability protections. We have removed their incentive to make safer shots. We have increased their incentive to make more shots. And they have.
6. If you're injured, you're on your own. Check out what the PREP Act did for H1N1 swine flu vaccine manufacturers.

Whether you start with the U.S. Constitution, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or customary international law, people understand what it means to be free. It means we have the right to make the important decisions that affect our lives and those of our children. This includes where we worship and the autonomy to control and safeguard our own bodies.

Vaccination is a rights issue.


Two months and counting!

If you are going to the rally, we need you to register right now. Please!! Click this link or go to the rally website and sign up.

Rest assured that we will not give your name to anyone else, for any reason.

And it is very easy to remove yourself from the list. If you are getting this action alert now, you are already on our big list. By registering, you will go into the Rally "bucket" so we can count you for planning purposes.

If you change your mind and no longer want to be on the big list, it is very easy. Just scroll down to the bottom of this newsletter, click Unsubscribe on this promotion, and your name is forever suppressed from any communication from us until you choose to activate it again (or ask us to do it for you).

If you change your mind and can no longer attend the rally, just return to the registration page, fill out the form again using the same e-mail address, and put "0" as the number of people attending.

The Park requires us to give an accurate estimate 45 days prior. That's April 11th. If we underestimate, we will be penalized. If we overestimate, we will be overcharged. There are many decisions that flow from this estimate including security planning and porta potty rentals. Please help us give the Park our best estimate for the number of people who will be there.

And please know, above all, we'd rather pay a penalty than not have you go!!

So sign up when you can! One thing's for sure, if you don't plan to go, it probably won't happen. Start planning now.


We're staffing our volunteer teams right now and we need YOU. Click HERE, review the list and pick the one that's the best match for your skills and interest. Set up, clean up, self-marshalls, local carpooling, rally gear sales, handouts, petition clipboards, music, social networking, community outreach, signage, satellite rally organizers, and more...

If you are worried about over-committing, please don't let that hold you back. If everyone does a little bit, we will pull this off in grand style.


1. Pledge your support! We expect to have our 501c3 application officially submitted inside the next two weeks and then we'll ask you to fulfill your promise to us. Making a pledge now gives us an idea how many of you are on board. It also helps us to plan.
2. Suggest participating organizations! Participating groups will be able to distribute informational materials. Contact us if you're interested!
3. *Read our article 2010: The Year of Advocacy* from the April issue of Autism File magazine.
4. Tell everyone you know about the rally. E-mail the flyer, action alerts, and article far and wide. Post on Facebook and Twitter.
5. Make your travel plans! We just added another great hotel deal through the long weekend. Airfares are still low. Chicago is beautiful in the spring and there's lots to do.
6. Organize a satellite rally! If you can't make it to Chicago but you can get a group together to watch the rally and make some noise, let us know. Since we'll be webcasting live, it'll be easy for groups to rally with us real time. Get enough people together and it becomes a media-worthy event.


1. Stage, sound and podium equipment.
2. Walkie-talkies.
3. Banners and signs. If you have a local business and can help rally-goers design and make banners and signage, let us know!
4. Low-cost color and black/white photocopying.
5. Free/low-cost DJ for our post-rally party.
6. Professional PR and media connections in the Chicagoland area.

Let us know!


We're counting on you...

Louise Kuo Habakus
Mary Holland
Bob Krakow
Mia Nitchun
Ginger Taylor...

and a growing list of volunteers and supporters

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