> A few minutes ago every tree was excited,> > bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing> > their branches in glorious enthusiasm lik


A few minutes ago every tree was excited,
bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing

their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship.
But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent,

their songs never cease.

~John Muir

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Sacred Trees

Pine whispers

In the bleak landscape of winter, the conifers remain generous with green.

Soothing our eyes and renewing our spirit, the conifers remain generous with medicines.

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Carolina Hemlock

Simple Pleasures

Pine family trees make a whole spectrum of beautiful and practical medicines.

{ cedars, firs, hemlocks, larches, pines and spruces }

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Jar full of fresh Pine needles, a cone or two, and some twig clippings
Fill 3/4 the way with brandy or other preferred alcohol
Fill remainder with good local honey, preferably raw
Let extract for 4-6 weeks


Pine needle elixirs will vary among the species, from bitter and sharp like the red pine, to delicious and orangey like the white fir, to delicate (slightly lemony) and gently resinous like white pine.

All of them to some degree will be expectorant, warming, and stimulating.

If your Christmas fir tree is organic, you can use it.

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Infused oil


Jar full of one - two day wilted pine needles plus a resin coated cone or two and some sappy, sticky twigs
Cover with oil of choice such as olive or jojoba.
Set in a warm place in the house such as on top of a fridge, a warm furnace, or near a wood stove.
Let infuse 4-6 weeks

Pine oil will also be expectorant and warming, also toning and antimicrobial to the skin. Try it on cold dry skin, or stiff joints, or as a base for a home made vapor rub or first aid salve. Pine oil is wonderfully versatile and excellent for massage and general skin care. It can also be used as an edible oil.



Conifers are both flammable and fragrant due to their high resin content. Some will be very sparkly when lit as a smudge wand, be aware. Juniper in particular.

Simple Loose Smudge

Dried pine needles of various species. Place over coals to smolder. Add other herbs if you wish, such as lavender, rose, rosemary, mugwort, or sage.

(Not sure how to identify your pine tree? post photos on my plant journeys facebook page and we can play ID the tree!)

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Stay warm and cozy, wherever you may be - but try to get out and hug a tree, too :)


Ananda Lakshmi Wilson

Plant Journeys

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Beautiful Pitch Pine Resin

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Cicatrix Tattoo Care


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