The NewsPetter - - - January, 2011 - - - Vol. 9 No. 1 If you have problems viewing emails with images, please read the January issue of the NewsPette


The NewsPetter - - - January, 2011 - - - Vol. 9 No. 1

If you have problems viewing emails with images, please read the January issue of the NewsPetter online here. You can find the NewsPetter archives here.

Fred Collier, fur child of Chris and Patricia Collier, owners,

Sometime in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, January 4, Fred, our beloved 15-year-old Basset hound, passed away. Fred is pictured above, wearing his custom-made hat which he always seemed to enjoy modeling. We met Fred through Florida Basset Rescue back in the fall of 2004 and enjoyed every slobbery, woofy, silly moment we were lucky to share with him after that.

It's been a hard year here, fur children-wise. In February of last year, our 15-year-old lab/chow mix, Pogo, passed on. In November, our 15-1/2 -year-old Border collie, Sassy, passed away. Fred's death means a trio of furry Collier family members moved on to Rainbow Bridge in less than 1 year, leaving 3 huge holes in our hearts. I have to admit, I have been so sad at times. I've even thought about selling A good friend tells me it's grief talking and my head understands that, but my heart is a slower sell, something with which I am sure many readers can relate.

I'm sure we're not the only pet parents who've lost a precious animal family member this past year. To those of you with similarly broken hearts, Chris and I send our most sincere condolences and warm hopes that you'll consider adopting a needy animal from a rescue or shelter in 2011. We know we can never replace our loved ones now gone, but we can give hope to those still here who have no home and no love. And in the process, they can help mend us.

Featured Event - PAWS for Mount Dora


Park and Bark is just plain fun for you and your dog! PHOTO: Used with permission, PAWS for Mount Dora.

WHAT: Park and Bark

WHERE: Mt. Dora Sushi & Steak
WHEN: Sunday, February 13, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

DETAILS: Park the car, sign in, grab a map, hit the Waggin Trial, visit pet friendly spots, & follow directions to be eligible to win great prizes. Same event to be held again in March.

INFO: Visit PAWS for Mount Dora

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What's New?

Dog beach in Brevard County? Hopefully soon, according to Sandy Paws, a non-profit group working to make it happen and asking for donations of time, money, and ideas from pet lovers everywhere. There are 70 miles of beachfront in Brevard County and dogs should be allowed to join their humans on at least a couple of them. Agree? Please be sure to add your name to the online petition.

Did you know? It's projected that Americans will spend $47 Billion on their pets in 2011. That means millions of dogs, cats, and other kinds of animals will be getting some new "stuff" this year. This intrigues me and so, I would like to ask you to drop me a note and let me know what you plan to buy for your pet or pets this year, NOT including regular vet care, heartworm or flea preventative, or food. I plan to compile a "Top 5 Products per Readers" list and post it on the site. As always, you can remain anonymous; I just want your input.

One of my freelance writing gigs is Jacksonville Pet Friendly Places Examiner for You can find - and subscribe to - my page here and you are welcome to add your thoughts about my articles. Just look for the "Comments" section at the end of each one.

A group of USF St. Pete journalism students produced this short blog as their project. It's about St. Petersburg animal shelters, but really describes shelters and rescues all over the country. Take a look at Economy Affect Animal Shelters.

Free stuff for pets. Last month, I spent a few hours surfing the web and found more great items for our readers. Go have a peek at our Pet Freebies page.

Winter Park City Commission has voted to charge a yearly fee of $75 per dog for Friends of Fleet People's Park. This is a bummer but, with power comes responsibility - and accountability - so the City will be on the hot seat. Read more about it here.

Critter Magazine Gainesville did a nice article about in their November issue. Read it here.

One of my favorite animal-related resources is The Humane Scoreboard. Here's where you learn where U.S. senators and representatives stand on animal protection legislation, votes, and policies - as it all happens. The site also provides contact info for lawmakers so you can voice your agreement or disagreement with their actions. The "Find Your Legislator" tab has a quick "search by zip code" feature. Remember, there are several new members of Congress this year and we need to let them know what we - pet people who vote - expect of them.

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That's it for this month. We really appreciate everyone for continuing to "tail along" with Please write us anytime you have comments or suggestions, or would like us to feature your pet or a pet friendly event in your area.

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