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Newsletter #10 for February 1, 2011

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Brrr, it's cold outside!

As a the midwest braces for one of the worst winter storms of the decade, the SmallWaterSupply.org team continues to bring you the best of the internet every Tuesday. We want to particularly welcome all our new subscribers from southern Illinois.

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Helpful Reminders to Reduce Monitoring & Reporting Violations

The Arizona DEQ has an email list that their operators can subscribe to, to get current information about classes, testing, and reporting for their compliance program. They recently sent out a list of common mistakes and errors that they find when supplies are reporting their compliance and testing data that lead to the data being rejected. This can cause a violation notice, which is a problem for everyone, and also means more work for you, the operator, to straighten things out.

It’s a good reminder to use common sense and be diligent when reporting your monitoring compliance data.
* Use the correct form – generally states require the information on their form, the lab’s result sheet isn’t acceptable
* Be sure the Supply Name and ID match – particular problem for contract operators with more than one supply
* Be sure the Chain of Custody forms that go to the lab are complete and be sure to sign everywhere its needed
* DBP errors – sample at the correct location, collect enough samples and collect TTHM and HAA5 samples at the same time and location
* DBP reporting – stage 2 samples go on stage 2 forms, mark if it is MRT or non-MRT correctly
* MRDL errors – must collect same number of samples as total coliform and at the same time and location
* LCR errors – use the inside cold water faucet, do not collect outside or at well, do not collect at vacant/unoccupied sites

Rules can vary some, state to state, but many of the most common errors can be avoided by making sure you know the rules and stick to a consistent sampling schedule and protocol. If you have questions or comments, email us, or leave a comment in the “Common Reporting Mistakes and Problems” topic on our forum, under Water Systems - Compliance/Testing. We’d appreciate any additional suggestions you might have.


Weekly Reading for February 1, 2011

Each week we'll provide a collection of our favorite links we know you'll love too!

1. 'Game-changing' water project for tribal communities - Legal settlement to finally bring community drinking water to the Navajo Nation.
2. Water infrastructure in trouble - Recent main break in suburban Maryland sheds light on larger issues facing US water infrastructure.
3. Treated wastewater as valuable resource - Benefits and opportunities of treated wastewater reuse are explained with small communities in mind.
4. AWWA weighs in on chromium-6 - In response to recent proposed legislation to force a deadline for EPA to revise the standard for chromium in drinking water, AWWA shares significant concerns.
5. Obama pushes infrastructure overhauls without financing plan - This blog post points out potential flaws in the President's recent calls for massive infrastructure improvements.


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