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Give It Forward

When loved ones face a medical challenge, friends and family often wonder, "How can I help?" Stellar mom entrepreneur Desiree Varjas Wrigley launched GiveForward as a way to answer that question. The site offers personalized fundraising pages to help you raise money for a loved one's out-of-pocket medical expenses, and it's pretty easy to use. The company also offers coaching on fundraising, and just for Founding Moms, the first person to contact Cate Conroy will receive a free, one-on-one discussion with a GiveForward fundraising coach. Email Cate here .


Tech Geek Week

Need an excuse to visit Chicago? As I've mentioned before, TechWeek is a week-long conference & expo celebrating tech, web and interactive communities taking place July 22 - 27, and it will rock your entrepreneurial world. They've got some heavyweights coming to speak (read: Penelope Trunk of Brazen Careerist, Jason Fried of Rework fame, the founder of BlogHer and Craiglist's Craig.) I also mentioned that you can get 50% off the ticket to SPARK Women's half-day conference (happening during TechWeek) by using promo code 4MOMS. But, if you feel like saving less money, you're welcome to use discount code twspeakerfans30 to save 30% on your ticket. I'll be kicking off SPARK Women's half-day conference with my presentation titled Rockstars, Babies and The Mothership: My Story of Serial Entrepreneurship. Join me. I'll need all the support I can get.


Plain & Simple

Trying to stay on top of your personal finances is, well, trying. Add to that the running of your business and you've got a bit of a headache, right? At a recent Founding Moms' Exchange, we invited financial planner Brian Plain to talk to us about that headache. Check out (and download/print) Brian's helpful checklist that he shared with us. Brian can help you simplify your financial planning so you can spend less time worrying about your money and spend more time worrying about everything else. Have questions that you'd like answered in jargon-free, plain English? Visit Brian's website here and feel free to email him, too.


Pitch It

DEMO is a launchpad for emerging technology that is an event, a pitchfest, and a foundation all-in-one. Gain access to the most intriguing products and companies from around the globe. Over 20,000 technologies have been reviewed over the past 19 years of DEMO and more than 1,500 products have been selected. Happening September 12-14, DEMO Fall 2010 will leverage the incredible mix of top VC's, journalists, technologists, and more. And they have a pile of scholarships available. Money for women entrepreneurs, for minority digital media entrepreneurs, for bootstrapped companies, for angel-funded companies, and even an AARP scholarship. Applications must be submitted by July 15th, 2011. That's three days, people. Get on it.

Founder Theresa Wilson

Blessings In A Basket

Memuna, a mother of four, was able to open a General Store in her Northern Ghana village with the Prosperity Wages she earned from The Blessing Basket Project. The non-profit brainchild of Theresa Wilson markets the fine craftsmanship of talented women artists all over the world to help them emerge from poverty. The Project has helped thousands of entrepreneurial women just like Memuna achieve financial independence through the sale of beautiful woven bowls, baskets and bags. You are invited to become a Consultant with Seeds of Blessing, where you'll have the opportunity to sell exquisite and exclusive artisan Blessing Baskets in small group settings and online. Interested in helping The Blessing Basket Project change the lives of entrepreneurial women around the world while changing your own? Email them here.

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think small

Come Out Of Your Shell

Do you make business phone calls using your voice in a super high octave? Ever doubt your business decisions? Think small? Then think again. Read this list of 12 common mistakes of women in business, and keep yourself in check at all times as you build your biz.

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Check Them Twice

Contractually allows small businesses to prepare, negotiate, organize and e-sign contracts in one place online. Choose to use the lawyer-reviewed forms provided, or pick one of your own. A built-in editor shows changes and differences between versions, and allows all parties to sign online.

card.io is a simple and secure way to accept credit cards in your mobile app. Customers hold a credit card up to the phone, and card.io reads the card’s information using the phone's camera. Credit card numbers and payment information aren’t saved, and all data is protected with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Consmr is described as “Yelp for the grocery store.” The site provides a place to share and find reviews of grocery and drugstore products. Users can share their reviews on social networks and check in to share their active usage of products.

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