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Welcome to the December 2010 - issue #42 - of the LumberJocks eMag
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From the Editor


I'm checking my list and I'm checking it twice - because 2010 is almost over and I want to be prepared for the new year.

This year I wanted to make some bottle stoppers. I did. Check.
Although it hadn't been on my "to do" list, I also tried my hand at carving with a power tool (thank you Jordan for that carving class). I feel that the experience was a success. Check.
I also wanted to pass the lathe over to Rick so he could have some fun turning some things - I did (sneaky, really- he made all the Christmas presents this year). Check.

And now, it is time to prepare for 2011. What will be on the list for this coming year? I have discovered that I enjoy trying new things more than repeating the skill over and over (thus a few boxes, a few pens, a few fairy doors, a few bottle stoppers.) Perhaps this year I should return to some of these projects and try making some more. Or perhaps I should try ....... hmmm don't know yet. But I still have lots of time to think about it.

What do you have planned for 2011 and how did you do on your 2010 list?

~ Debbie
(as always, feedback on the eMag is appreciated!)

What's New at LumberJocks?

End of Year Survey

Moving forward means knowing where you are currently. As we wrap up 2010, we have a survey for you to help us plan for the future. Your input is greatly appreciated and one person (random draw) will receive a LumberJock t-shirt for providing their input.

Click here to complete the survey.


Shoppers' Special


LumberJocks' Winter Awards 2011

winter 2011-header-logo

It's official - let the Awards process begin!

"The Art of Joinery" – dovetails, mitres, and even the good old butt joint can turn a practical project into a piece of art. For this Winter Awards, show us your artistic joinery creations, whether they are in a piece of furniture, a sculpture or – whatever your imagination can design. As always we want to hear about your creation and how it came to life.

All of the Awards rules are located here.

LumberJock Classes and...

Screen shot 2010-11-23 at 4.06.38 PM

The Grease Box Owner's Club
If you've ever thought about making your own grease box, well now is a good time to do it -- join the "Grease Box Owner's Club".
Read about the club here in mafe's blog...


The Great Spoon & Coffee Scoop Challenge

...And one thing lead to another. First thing you know we have a LumberJock challenge going on!

If you are an expert at carving out a spoon-type utensil or if you are just throwing your hat in the ring and trying your very first, we want to see your creations. Once you have posted your spoon/scoop project, add the "project card" in a comment on Rivergirl's challenge blog here.

Screen shot 2010-11-11 at 9.33.04 AM

Project Cards
Note: the code for the "Project Card" is located in the column to the left of project photos.

Simply copy the "!http://widgets. ..." code and paste it into your comment.

Pen Turner's Swap
If anyone is interested in organizing another Pen Turner's Swap, contact itsme_timd

Focus on: Joinery


From Rustic ... to ...

Since our "Awards" Category this season in "The Art of Joinery", I thought I would use the topic as the focus this month.

Some of you may have already begun your Awards project, following our sneak preview that was posted last month, and some of you might already have a suitable project completed from the past and ready to go. Others may be still at the planning stage, contemplating the possibilities, what type of joinery to use, and how to showcase it in a project.

Here are some inspirations and some "how to" tips to get you started.


GaryK's Joinery Box

Types of joinery
* Butt Joint

* Mortise & Tenon

* Dowels

* Biscuits
* Pocket Joinery
* Tongue & Groove
* Half Lap
* Dado
* Rabbet
* Dovetail
* Box Joints
* Finger Joints
* Miter Joint
* Spline Joint

Did I get them all?


A "First Box"

For inspiration and information, check out these links:

Projects: joinery (also see: joining and joints)

Blogs: joinery (also see: joining and joints)

Forum Topics: joinery (also see: joining and joints)

Searches: tutorial Joinery and video Joinery


The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop


One of our "Hot Projects"

(For the "most discussed' projects this past month, click on the "Hot Projects" link on the Projects Page's toolbar) and don't forget to check the "silent projects" that are waiting for some feedback.)

And speaking of "waiting for feedback", there are forum topics that are unanswered, as well.

The following are some other projects posted by our fellow LumberJocks.


Blog Links

And here are some much talked about blogs.

From Scraps To Beads

and an adapter version
* Different types of Table Saws
* Wine Cork Display - Tutorial
* Thinking of Going Pro?: Consider "Time"
* The Teacher & Student - Alba's "Wheelchair Woodworking" Series
* Microbanding
* Rosettes
* Inlay
* Box Plans
* How square is square?
* Palm Box Tutorial
* Reducing Stress in Woodworking
* Tips for Selling/Shipping Projects)

LumberJocks' Share: Pen-Making

For those interested in making pens, I have compiled links for projects, blogs, and forum discussions related to pen-making and posted them "here"

1026580723 3dakZ-M

Display Box

Tutorial Highlight

One of the many great things about our LumberJocks is their willingness to share "how to" tutorials on building projects or performing some woodworking task. Looking through blogs tagged as "tutorial", I found this one by FaTToaD: wine cork display

Interview with a LumberJock

In case you missed it in our December issue of the "CreativeHands Newsletter" I had the opportunity to interview two LumberJocks:
* CharlieM1958, and

Dan Lyke

Shop Aprons


Over the years we have had several people asking about shop aprons - well look at what our very own Pete Wadey has created!

It was just a couple of months ago that Pete asked LumberJocks for their opinions about aprons and, now, he already has a business up and running!

Congratulations, Pete, and good luck with your A-Town Design Workshop Aprons.

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


Today, we are off to Lenny's workshop.

For most woodworkers, there are dreams of how they could improve their work spaces which often include making the workshop larger. Lenny has done just that - taking his 8' x 18" dedicated shop and expanding it to 21' x 18'.

When Lenny first approached me about "coming to visit", he described the transformation as such: I currently have a dedicated shop at the rear of our 2-car garage. The interior dimensions are 8 feet wide by 18 feet long or 144 square feet. One side wall is coming down and a new one built about 15 feet further out resulting in a shop that will be 23 feet wide by 18 feet long or 414 square feet. At this point the exterior walls are up and the contractor completed the roof construction this week. He still has to shingle it. I am adding a few amenities, namely, two skylights and a through-the-wall air conditioner.

Lenny has created a wonderful blog series describing the expansion process. One of the highlights (besides the skylights - oh what a wonderful feature!!) is the visit by some fellow LumberJocks. (You can read about the visit in this part of the series.)


Friends in the Shop

I did ask Lenny if there was anything that he would change and he replied, "Today, my answer would be: "I just did it. Increase the size of the shop." It has gone from 8'X18' to 23'X18', nearly tripling in size. I just got the shop back to a point where I can use it again and I can't tell you how great it feels having room to move around the shop from tool to tool and also maneuvering lumber in the space. Right now I am on a woodworker's high."

[As for tips to woodworkers...], "...research. Use Lumberjocks, woodworking magazines, etc. to see what other woodworkers have that you like and then, within the confines of your budget, incorporate as many of those things as possible."

Lenny has updated his workshop page in time for this "eMag visit". Check it out here.

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