December 2011 eNewsletterIn the beginning... Adoption Ministry 1:27 was birthed when Adoption Ministry’s Director, Joy Casey, met a visionary pastor

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December 2011 eNewsletter

In the beginning...

Adoption Ministry 1:27 was birthed when Adoption Ministry’s Director, Joy Casey, met a visionary pastor in a remote town in Ethiopia called Dembidollo. Adoption Ministry of YWAM is meeting the needs of poor women and children in Ethiopia by establishing several humanitarian projects as well as orphanages. However, with five million orphans in that country, the leadership team of Adoption Ministry began praying and asking for a strategy that would multiply effectiveness. Secondary to much prayer and Joy’s fortuitous meeting with a pastor with like-minded vision, Adoption Ministry 1:27 will do that by empowering the local church to care for at-risk families and children in their communities.

Jeff Butler

JEFF BUTLER is our Adoption Ministry 1:27 Program Director. Jeff is an Account Manager for McKesson Medical-Surgical and is married to his high school sweetheart, Chris. Jeff and Chris have nine children, seven of whom are adopted. Jeff is a former pastor who has a passion for orphan care and is a coveted speaker. Let him know if you would like for him to come to your church, business or group to share about practical ways to care for widows and orphans... you will not be disappointed!

Jamie and Nathan

JAMIE WHITLEY did her YWAM training in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2000 but then began a teaching career where she met her debonair husband, Nathan. The Whitleys have one adorable little girl, Lauren. Jamie is the Administrator for Adoption Ministry 1:27. She interfaces with our ministry partners, handling sponsorship requests and doing most of the communicating with sponsors.

Noonish and Tesfaye

PASTOR NUNESH AND TESFAYE run Adoption Ministry 1:27 in Korah. Korah is a community on the outskirts of Addis Ababa that is located by a huge garbage dump. It is home to the outcasts and very poor of Ethiopian society. Tesfaye and Pastor Nunesh were both raised in Korah by parents who are lepers and have dedicated their lives to helping their neighbors rise above their situations. Tesfaye is the Case Manager for our Korah project.

Garamu and Wakjira

PASTOR GERAMEW AND WAKJIRA are capably steering the sponsorship program in Dembidollo. The church has identified 1000 orphans they want to help through adoption or providing foster homes for them. Wakjira is the Case Manager for the program. He himself was an orphan but was able to study hard and eventually graduated from college with a BA in economics. He is in love with Jesus! Helping vulnerable families and orphaned children is what his heart longs to do.

Abebe Abonesh

ABEBE AND ABONESH are the dynamite duo that oversee Adoption Ministry 1:27 in Ethiopia. Abebe handles all of Adoption Ministry’s humanitarian work and Abonesh is a crackerjack accountant that provides accountability for all the money spent on humanitarian work. Abebe and Abonesh work very closely with the pastors and case managers of AM 1:27 and provide Jeff Butler with monthly reports on each sponsored family. We couldn’t function in Ethiopia without these two!


Seven days there and back...

Butlers with Lelt

It was a whirlwind trip, that is for sure! Jeff Butler traveled to Ethiopia with his wife Chris to appear in court for the adoption of their 10-year-old daughter, L’elt. After court, Chris flew home leaving Jeff behind to meet with the pastors and case managers of Adoption Ministry 1:27 and also to visit some of the families that are being sponsored. Jeff reports it was an honor to rub shoulders with many godly men who have dedicated their lives to helping others in their communities. They work for very little pay but believe this is what God has called them to do.

demb mtg

The trip to Dembidollo is not for the faint of heart! Jeff and Abebe, YWAM’s representative in Ethiopia, took formula to orphanages in Nekemte and Gimbie on their two day trip to Dembidollo. Rough roads notwithstanding, Jeff met the pastors of the three churches we are working with, spoke at one church’s Sunday service that had about 2,000 people in attendance, and visited some of the most vulnerable families in their homes. Seven days later, Jeff boarded the airplane for home - tired but with his heart bursting with thankfulness for all he had seen.


A highlight for Jeff was meeting a crippled widow who had a 4-year-old boy. She was one of the first people we secured a sponsor family for, as she was dying of Tuberculosis. She had been unable to keep her medicine down without food in her stomach. Now, she told Jeff through tears of thanks, with regular food and medication, she is feeling better. For the rest of the flight home, Jeff pondered all he had seen and was determined to thank the dedicated ministry partners who, for $40 a month, make a huge impact on lives, one family at a time.

Be sure to read about Waganesh's story as well as that of three other families being sponsored through AM 1:27 and how that sponsorship is changing their lives!

Wagenesh and Shambelu

The widow Tedesu

Single mother Shibre

The Basada family

Thank you so much for your partnership with us in this ministry!

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