MoneyWell 2.1 Beta 8 Released MoneyWell 2.1 Beta 8 has been posted and is ready to be downloaded. The biggest improvement in this build is our Fill B


MoneyWell 2.1 Beta 8 Released

MoneyWell 2.1 Beta 8 has been posted and is ready to be downloaded. The biggest improvement in this build is our Fill Buckets Manager. Now you get to see what events will be filled before it happens and you also get to select which ones you want to take priority. And finally, you get to undo your bucket fills even if you accidentally accept the preview panel. Let us know what you think about it.

The full set of Beta 8 changes are:

Added drag and drop prioritizing of Spending Plan events
Added Fill Buckets Manager
Added undo support for Fill Buckets
Improved refresh of view switching by removing flash of linen background
Improved Spending Plan graphs to mirror matching Cash Flow versions
Improved Spending Plan historic graphs to include bucket transfers
Fixed refresh of Spending Plan when bucket selection is changed on a different view
Fixed fill amount calculations for weekly events filled twice a month
Fixed restore of Spending Plan graph size on restart
Fixed Cash Flow header refresh when transactions are changed
Fixed sort changes on Cash Flow to update the list
Fixed drag and drop of transactions on Cash Flow to appear properly when released
Fixed bar graph to include first and last transaction amounts for a month
Fixed bar graph to include split children values correctly
Removed OFX import checking for minimum FITID (caused unnecessary duplicates to appear)

Please read through this newsletter and the known issues on our download site before reporting any bugs. The final large feature for 2.1, our Scheduled Transactions Manager, is coming in the next beta build. Then it will be time for final testing and submission for App Store approval.

Syncing with MoneyWell for iPhone

We recently released MoneyWell 2.0.3 and the matching MoneyWell 1.5.3 for the iPhone. MoneyWell 2.1 Beta should sync well with our latest iPhone app since it includes all the 2.0.3 enhancements.

"Grand Unification"

The most difficult change for most of our customers has been the separation of accounts and buckets. Well, that is gone in 2.1. The lefthand panel now holds all your Smart Filters, Accounts, Buckets, and Securities.

You can also get to any of the five major views by clicking the button bar at the bottom or by using the keyboard shortcuts in the View menu:

⌘1 - Cash Flow
⌘2 - Spending Plan
⌘3 - Reconcile
⌘4 - Portfolio
⌘5 - Reports

This makes navigation quicker and gives you more filter options without the accidental filters of MoneyWell 1.7. To see the contents of a bucket or account, simply click on one or the other. To see the contents of a bucket filtered by an account, click on one and hold down the Command (⌘) key while clicking on the other.

Select any combination of the items to see your transaction list filtered.

Account and Bucket Groups

Do you want to organize your accounts into different banks or types? Click the + button and choose New Account Group, give it a name, then drag and drop your accounts into it.

Same with your buckets. Group all your Utilities together or your Fixed and Variable expenses. Collapse and expand the groups as needed and with Lion Restore, they will reappear the same way when you quit and restart MoneyWell.

Downloading the Beta

Make sure that you are signed up for this newsletter by visiting our MoneyWell Beta page. If this newsletter has appeared in your inbox, then you should already be on our list.

Visit our MoneyWell Beta Download page to get the latest copy of MoneyWell 2.1. Please read the precautions and make sure you have backups of your 2.0.3 documents. This is a fairly stable beta, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Report all bugs to or visit our Beta Discussion site to read the ongoing discussions and contribute your feedback. Please try to keep your beta reports focused to one bug each with a subject line that summaries the issue you've found. This will help us document the bugs and respond to you quickly.

More Features to Come

This is just the first set of many features we have planned for MoneyWell 2.1 and we will announce each as it's ready for testing by email an updated newsletter.

It would help us if you could keep your feedback focused on the features we have added to each build of the beta and avoid feature requests. Due to the outstanding 2.0 customer feedback, we already have a solid priority list of what we need to put into MoneyWell 2.1. The beta site will be more productive if it is used to report issues at this point.

Thank you for helping us build better software and for being such passionate customers. We appreciate your business and your desire to see our products succeed.

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