SoCal Trail Work Day This past Saturday April 7th I had the pleasure of taking part in a trail work day organized by our good friends Steve Messer (C

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Coach Banner Moffat of Crescenta Valley HS and the "Friends of El Prieto" gives the morning briefing.

SoCal Trail Work Day

This past Saturday April 7th I had the pleasure of taking part in a trail work day organized by our good friends Steve Messer (CORBA) and Coach Banner Moffat of the Crescenta Valley HS club and the "Friends of El Prieto" (a US Forest Service sanctioned organization). Banner and Steve went out and surveyed the sections of the trail to be repaired with the new local head of the Forest Service on Friday afternoon. The area to be worked on was burned in the Station Fire then hit by a brutal winter. Needless to say, there was plenty of work to do!

The group got together at 8:45 am and when I showed up I was blown away by the numbers! As I prepared my bike teams of riders just kept rolling up. In all, at least 50 SoCal Leaguers worked using tools supplied by CORBA and legs supplied by training (the work area BEGAN about a three mile climb up a fire road).

Though it was impossible to have folks from all clubs attend due to distances and spring breaks, it was exciting to see that ALL of the clubs likely to use this area were there. This wasn't just a small group getting together. This was grand representation and certainly the first time doing trail work for most of the people there.

On many Sundays you'll find these student-athletes racing against each other. But in SoCal tradition, on THIS day they were shoveling, clearing brush, and moving rocks side by side. And having a good time doing it. The first time trail workers will never ride down a trail again without realizing the effort that goes into maintaining and building the trail.

If you haven't contributed to a trail work day. Please try to. Contact a local trail advocacy group and offer your club for a day of labor. I believe that doing at least one day of trail work per season per club is critical to forging a life long connection to the areas we ride.

See you in the Dirt Zone --- and not always the race track!

Matt Gunnell
League Director

vailfinal12 (1)

Running the single-track power climb from the second Vail Lake course. ---Photo by Phil Beckman

Victory at Vail

This weekend marks our second stop at Vail Lake this season. For those who raced last year's SoCal Finals, this will be nearly an identical course. For those new to the course, expect a fast power course similar to the opener but with a few extra twists and turns.

You like dirt jumping? We're not a dirt jumping program so you'll ride UP a whole chain of dirt jumps. They're not steep but they definitely challenge your rhythm. You like climbing? This isn't an overly climby course. However, there is a stinger of a single-track climb early in each lap (see the photo) and this race we will not be starting in the normal staging area. We will be starting toward the bottom of the hill so the race will start on a power climb before crossing through the finish line on the first lap. This is sure to prove a challenging start.

The forecast is for rain on and off through Saturday morning. Though this will make setup a little more challenging it should make the dirt conditions fantastic for the forecast sunny day on Sunday. Of course, the weather in springtime can change rapidly (as we all saw at Keyesville) so be sure to come prepared for anything from rainy and cool to sunny and warm.

And speaking of setup, we still need some extra folks to volunteer and help us put on the best race possible for our student-athletes! If you are interested in helping, please go to our Volunteer page and sign up. We send out one big email to all registered volunteers on Thursday evening. This email contains waivers, instructions, schedules, and marshal maps so be sure to register by Thursday afternoon.

Finally, people often come to Registration looking for a list of the start times and number series for each field. We have conveniently included that information on all of our race flyers so be sure to print out a flyer from the race page and bring it to the race.

norcal inv camp-2012

2012 NorCal Invitational Camp

The 2012 NorCal Invitational Camp takes place at the fantastic campus of UC Santa Cruz from June 25-29, 2012. This is a week long residential camp where student-athletes and coaches stay on site in the UC Santa Cruz dormitories. Though the camp is being held in NorCal, it is open to both qualified student-athletes and coaches from the NorCal, SoCal, Colorado, Washington, and Texas Leagues.

There are only a limited number of spots at this immersive camp so plan accordingly. Partial scholarships will be available to SoCal student-athletes. For information on the camp, please go to the camp web page. For information on scholarships please contact


SRAM Ladies Lounge at Sea Otter

Going to Sea Otter? Make sure you stop by the SRAM Ladies Lounge at the SRAM booth Thursday, Friday, and Saturday April 19, 20, and 21st.

Mingle with female pros, compare notes with other riders, scope out the latest technology and learn the tricks of wrenching and racing.

Highlights of the SRAM Ladies Lounge:
» Pro athlete poster signings and race tips
» Huge SRAM and sponsor gear giveaway each day
» Free food, drinks and other goodies
» Mini tech clinics—see the latest gear and learn a few tricks

You might even bump into 24-hour World Champion mountain biker and Leadville 100 women’s record holder Rebecca Rusch at the first stop of the 2012 SRAM Gold Rusch Tour.

Learn more about the tour at


A huge mix of SoCal and NorCal jerseys stage at California State Championships in 2011. -Photo Phil Beckman

State Championships Registration

California State Championships will take place on Sunday May 20 at the Stumpgrinder Dirt Club outside of Los Olivos/Solvang. This is a prestigious race which brings together the SoCal and NorCal Leagues once a year. The race does not count toward either race series but is a true, stand alone, state championship race where the winner in each field takes home a California Grizzly jersey.

The State Championship race requires individual riders to qualify in order to compete. To qualify for State Championships, a rider must finish within the top 80% of at least one SoCal or NorCal race this season. To determine if you or your rider qualify please do the following:

1) Determine the number of STARTERS in a field. For example, a field shows 27 finishers and 3 DNFs. The number to use is 30 (27+3).

2) Determine where you finished. For example, you finished 14th in the field noted above.

3) Divide the place you finished (14) by the number of starters (30) and get the result. (14/30=.466666...)

4) Truncate the result to the first two digits after the decimal (.46)

5) Convert that number to a percentage by moving the decimal point two spots to the right (46%).

6) Is this number less than 80%? If yes, you qualified for State Championships and may register. If not, you have not qualified yet and can not register.

7) Please contact before registering if you have any questions.

State Championships is PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY. There will be NO registration at the race. If you are not yet registered in the Pit Zone please contact Angel at to ensure you complete Pit Zone registration. Fields may fill so, if you are planning on attending, please register as soon as you know you are qualified.

SoCal Facebook Pages

The SoCal League has two official presences on facebook. We have left our facebook "group" and gone to a facebook "page" for general league information. Please "like" and share the official SoCal League page by clicking HERE.

We also have a group for our coaches and staff to interact. This is a closed "group" called the SoCal High School Cycling League Coach Zone. If you are currently a coach, a volunteer that is part of the ongoing management at races, or seriously considering launching a new club you can ask to join by clicking HERE.


Apr 15 Victory at Vail

May 6 Power the Pinnacles (SoCal Finals)

May 20 State Championships

Jun 25-29 NorCal Invitational Camp

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