Dear friends, associates & other interested parties … ( ... to see the images in this newsletter, please give it a sec or two to 'load' properly ...

Dear friends, associates & other interested parties …
( ... to see the images in this newsletter, please give it a sec or two to 'load' properly ... )

Firstly, I wish to extend SEASON'S GREETINGS! to you ALL - Ho! Ho!

I love winter, though I hate the cold. It’s a bit of a dilemma. The appreciation of a blistering sun-crisp snow-scape is directly proportional to how cold my ears, hands & feet are. I think it's a kind of love-hate thing for many ‘canajuns’ ...

Speaking of love-hate, I also wish to provide an update on the verdict of our recent case before the Environmental Review Tribunal. After the INTENSE eight hour Hearing of October 5th, we waited breathlessly for the decision. One month passed. Two months passed. And then, this past Friday, December 10th, finally, we have received notification. The case has been sent forward to the Ministry of Natural Resources. It is now up to that Minister to make the FINAL decision about the FATE of this park. Will it be ‘GREEN’ and Natural - as it should be? ... or will the Living Earth be smothered with tons of fenced-in plastic grass as is the current Fed-PanAm-funded ‘intent’?

This continued delay might be a ‘good thing’. At the very least, clearly the Hearing Officer could not, in good conscience, approve the Development Permit ‘as is’. If he could, this would all be over by now. That said, it is possible for the MNR to ‘veto’ any recommendations he might make, pro or con. The final authority now rests with them. So, again, we must wait. For how long, we do not know.

In the meantime, that exquisite parkland area that tumbles along the Niagara Escarpment here in the Golden Horseshoe is ‘quiet’. All wild critters can continue to forage, rest, drink and wander there, as can that strangest of beasts - nature-loving humans ...

Finally, I do wish to thank all of those who continue to support us on this issue. At present, in just 3 short months, from all sources, we now have over 300 concerned citizens, locally & nationally, who stand firmly opposed to the foolhardy short-sighted last-minute ‘hijacking’ of the DESIGN of New City Park to turn it into an 'exclusive/members-only' fenced-in tournament level plastic grass sports stadium venue.

If, by chance, you have not yet signed our petition to protest the intrusive installation of TONS of fenced-in non-biodegradable toxic synthetic grass into a recognized UNESCO World Biosphere, please, join with us now - here. Every vote/voice still counts, now, and for the future. Overall, it is our collective wish that New City Park remain GREEN - a truly NATURAL & LIFE-AFFIRMING park - for ALL to enjoy. Thank you.

In other personal news, my big summer-long solo show at the Burlington Art Centre, ‘Memory’s Shadow: Pinhole & Photo Collage Photography’, was a great success. EXCELLENT critical coverage, EXCELLENT turn-out, and LOTS of fun !!!

A sample of crowd-pleasing photo-collage favourite follows; -

If, by chance, you missed it, you can always buy a signed first edition that includes an additional 56 carefully-crafted picture images, ‘here’. ALL proceeds of this collector’s edition are now dedicated to our continued ‘watch-over’ of the NATURAL HEALTH of New City Park. Only 50 copies have been made in this first edition, so, first-come, first-served. Thank you. Ho! Ho!

Next year, on Februrary 17th, I have been invited to be a Keynote Speaker for the Women's Art Association of Hamiltion at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. The topic is supposed to be 'my life as an artist'. I hope to do a quick overview of the journey, including a slide presentation beginning with the two decades of my Canadian Fine Furnture design & manufacture. The details of this event are still a bit sketchy, but if you wish to attend, let me know, and/or review my photo blog for 'updates'.

Finally, throughout this past year I have continued to create an assortment of art objects, with an emphasis on my signature 'naive-surreal-folk-abstracts' oil paintings. The most recent is a tribute to the park debacle - 'Last Stand!' - a caribou bull on the edge of extinction - stuck - with nowhere to go ...

Other then that, just plowing on ... living, loving, enjoying Life.

I hope you too have had a good year, that your family & friends are well, and that you have also discovered something NEW about your Self. Growing is as natural as breathing. To forget or overlook these primal elements is tantamount to forgetting that we are a part of Nature, not a part from it.

Season’s Best – and, yes, I will let you know when the FINAL verdict comes down. (If you don’t care to know, you can easily unsubscribe to this newsletter down below.) Otherwise, I’ll be touching base again in the late Spring/Summer of 2011 with a re-cap & the latest …

Keep those tender tootsies warm!
Have a WONDERFUL winter!
Very best -


Margaret Lindsay Holton
Golden Horseshoe Artist & Author
Lakeside Studio Open by Appointment Only
Burlington, Lake Ontario, Canada

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p.s. The ‘Meetup’ website ‘Friends of City Park’ is now closed. For continued updates, please follow my Facebook page and/or my photo blog. Have a merry!

Vote for a HEALTHY & GREEN New City Park!

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