Nonprofit News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 88 May 2012 We lead with two items for teachers this month. The story of Newark Boys Chorus School i

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Nonprofit News, Reviews & Resources   ||   Issue 88 May 2012

ABC Crayons

We lead with two items for teachers this month. The story of Newark Boys Chorus School is inspiring and the article on dealing with student work avoidance is fun. We think even non teachers will enjoy them! :)

There are also two pieces about life stories of different kinds - Chris's MAT Chat e-book, and a 'life in poetry' site for young people. Plus we have the usual gathering of snippets and resources from around the web, and some grant, workshop and conference dates for your diary.

Sue & Chris
BJ Seminars International

Newark Boys Chorus School


Here's an inspirational video about how the Newark Boys Chorus School achieves an incredible 98% high school graduation rate for its students.

The school is located in downtown Newark, New Jersey in the US. It caters for boys from grade four to grade eight, and deals with all the usual issues of any middle school.

As it's an inner urban school, some of those issues are probably more complex than elsewhere - for example, 68% of the students receive financial aid. But more than 90% of the boys go on to college, and many receive undergraduate degrees.

In the video, you'll hear from teachers, students and parents about what a difference a strength-focused approach makes for these young men - it's a truly inspirational story!

How to Deal with Student Work Avoidance

boy asleep over books

Here's one for the teachers among us ...

It's an irreverent article by UK teacher, Phil Beadle: Watch Out for These Work Avoidance Techniques.

With the help of one of his students, he's given a list of students' favourite avoidance techniques, with tips for how a teacher can handle them.

Enjoy - but don't take it too seriously! :)

Appreciative Questions and Life Stories

MPOD bookpile sm

Chris and eight other members of a group called M.A.T. Chat (Martial Arts Teachers) have published an e-book telling the stories of their experience with their various martial arts.

The stories are passionately told, deeply felt and very much about the full breadth of human experience – you certainly don’t have to be a martial artist to appreciate them!

It's also a great example of how Appreciative Inquiry – and appreciative questions – can help people delve more deeply into their experiences and find fresh inspiration and wisdom to share.

MPOD bookandcup vsm

So please do download the e-book and kick back over a cuppa to read the stories. We think you’ll enjoy the experience. :)

You may also like to read the appreciative questions used to help elicit the stories.

Power Poetry


And, speaking of life stories, Power Poetry is the "world's first mobile poetry community for youth". It's an interesting site that helps young people find and share their voices through poetry.

Power Poetry is where you share your work with other poets around the country and around the world. Here you have an opportunity to find your voice, use your voice and speak as loudly as you want. Because we believe you need “to be heard”

World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012

WAIC 2012

The World Appreciative Inquiry Conference 2012, held at the end of April in Ghent, Belgium, was an inspiring gathering of 600 people from 45 countries.

The WAIC website now has an excellent collection of material and resources shared by both presenters and participants. Visit the site to view webcasts of the keynote speeches and download papers from presenters.

And. although it has greater meaning for those who were there, you may like to view the flash show if you'd like to dip a little into the amazing spirit of the conference. :)

Out and About on the Web

MyWay sm

My Way


Caine's Arcade


Common Comma Mistakes


Foldable bikes

From Our Blog


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Dates for Your Diary


Conference: Stories to Inspire: Cultural Diversity in Aging
7-8 June 2012, Melbourne

HEY Grants Funding Opportunity
(For same-sex attracted or sex/gender diverse young people)
Applications close 25 June 2012

Good Cyber-Citizenship - Training for Workers
14 June 2012, Torquay, Victoria

2012 Regional Achievement and Community Awards
Nominations close 17 July 2012

Matrix On Board: Workshops for NonProfit Board Members
Different workshops, various dates from 7 June to 12 September

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