March 2012 News Hey all you John Carter fans (yes, all you pro movie critics can hang your head in shame), I've got some really cool stuff for you th

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March 2012 News

Hey all you John Carter fans (yes, all you pro movie critics can hang your head in shame), I've got some really cool stuff for you this month -- and some of it is even Carter related.

First up, I should mention that the print edition of The Crimson Collection just came out. All of you paperback fans should click here and buy it right now!

Next, at right, you'll see the cover illustration for my reprint of the original edition of A Princess of Mars. How do you get this gem, I hear you ask? Easy. It's free when you buy my real release for this month:

"Elf Princess on Mars"

You can read more about that below, as well as news on Frost Harrow, a peek at the next Crimson story, and a bunch of other stuff, too.

So astral-project yourself right in! Mars is waiting!

Mars ELF - 72dpi COVER

The cover for the general audiences edition of EPOM.

This Month's Feature -- ELF PRINCESS ON MARS

My sci-fi/fantasy mash-up, “Elf Princess on Mars” is out now! (Just in time for you John Carter & Dejah Thoris fans.)

EPoM tells the story of Faye, a young elf looking for love in all the wrong places. In this case, the place is Mars, or as the planet is known to its inhabitants, Barsoom.

The e-book is available in both a general audiences edition (with tame illustrations) for Kindle here at Amazon and for all e-book formats (including Kindle) here at Smashwords.

The story is also available in an Elf Erotica explicitly illustrated edition (with extra illos & nudity) here for Kindle at Amazon and here for all e-book formats (including Kindle) at Smashwords. Yes, the adult version costs a bit more, but it has a lot more illustrations — including the fully illustrated version of EPoM.

Plus, until some lawyer tells me to stop, each copy of the e-book comes with the complete original text of A Princess of Mars, with illustrations by yours truly.

So, pick your version and settle in for a fun-filled slightly off-color romp on Mars today!

Frost Harrow Update

Work on Frost Harrow this month was mostly writing game stuff and prepping to run my CHILL game for Gary Con (just past). I set the story, about a rain of frogs and a monstrous takeover, in Frosthaven.

To do that, I needed to take my ancient Frosthaven map and make it into something I could share with my players (and the rest of the world). The map is not "finished" for final publication, but it's certainly good enough to give everyone a look at.

So, here it is at right. Click here to go to my Facebook Page and see a larger version.

Verdict is still out on doing the Frost Harrow books as a Kickstarter project. Should I, or shouldn't I? Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

Editorial Calendar

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming releases, listed below, as well as unannounced specials.

Winter/Spring 2012 - Frost Harrow #1 - Scream Lover
Spring 2012 - Frost Harrow #2 - Die with Me
Summer 2012 - Frost Harrow #3 - Ghouls

NOW! The Twilight Empire: Robinson's War
NOW! The Crimson Collection featuring "Crimson the Barbarian"
NEW! - "Elf Princess on Mars" (with A Princess of Mars)"
April 2012 - Crimson story: "A Titanic Mistake"
May 2012 - "Heart of Steam & Rust" steampunk shared-world project with Bob Vardeman
Later - Surprise Film Adaptation, BK: Swords & Sorcery

Upcoming re-releases still include the e-book version of "Martian Knights" (short story -- also available in the collection Martian Knights & Other Tales).

Got something you'd like to see me re-release or a project you'd like me to tackle? Drop me a line!

FREE stories here!

Please read my story for my late friend Aalandria: "The Candle Goes Dark, but the Light Remains" (a Crimson story). I hope it will entertain, uplift, and inspire you, and perhaps bring a tear to your eye as well.

You can find links to my other free stories on my site. Click the FREE area at the very top of the site.

Free Wallpapers!

In honor of The Crimson Collection, I've put up some wallpapers for you to enjoy. Click here to go to my wallpaper page and download her for free! And be sure to check my website for regular Crimson updates.

Appearances Calendar

I probably won't be at as many conventions this year as I was in 2012. Still, there will be places you can catch me.
April 13-15 C2E2 -- Chicago -- I'll be roaming the floor on Saturday, at the least.
June 15-16 Southeast Wisconsin Festival of Books -- Waukesha, WI

Out Now! Get your copies today!

TE RW - Hebert Demo 75dpi

Join Rob, Fin, Brenna, & Bill in a rollicking graphic novel!

Mars ELF - 72dpi COVER

Faye looks for love on Barsoom (Mars).

Free Stories In Your E-mail

My "write a review, get a free story" policy continues -- and now's a great time to add to your collection! So, if you've posted something on your blog, or Facebook, or Amazon (or elsewhere), let me know. You can contact me through those services, my website, or just write to

For your efforts, I'll send you a free story in PDF or a format you prefer. I'll even try to send something you haven't seen before. Plus, those who put up reviews are also likely to get a first look at my new stuff (like my upcoming Frost Harrow series). Such a deal! So, what are you waiting for? Hit your keyboards!!

Coming Soon!


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