Updated: Today’s New Alert is $SMAA SMA Alliance, Inc. Update: SMA Alliance Signs Letter of Intent With Large Automotive Manufacturer NASHVILLE, TN-


Updated: Today’s New Alert is $SMAA SMA Alliance, Inc.


Update: SMA Alliance Signs Letter of Intent With Large Automotive Manufacturer

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire -06/07/12)- Strategic Marketing Alliance, Inc. (SMAA) is excited to inform shareholders that it has signed a letter of intent with a large automotive manufacturer for nationwide Internet marketing placement services on USAutoplex. After eight months of negotiation, the contract agreement is being reviewed by the legal and public relation departments before more information is released. The organizations involved are working diligently to finalize agreements in a timely manner. Information will be released as soon as the legal departments grant consent. Read More

SMAA Company Overview & Description

SMA Alliance, Inc. is a software and application company aggregating local buying demand for businesses. Specifically, SMA Alliance, Inc leverages its technology and applications in internet focused lead generation, which drives live buyers to retailers through conversion of individual online product interest into buyers soliciting purchase from retailers instantly.

SMA Alliance currently is focused on the automobile industry, providing automobile retailer’s 10 to 100 times buying demand on a daily basis through application of proprietary technology and managed systems.

Through its technology and applications, SMA Alliance drives buying demand from local markets to local automobile dealers which are subscribed to SMA Alliance or its subsidiaries. The system and process software is installed and managed from centralized location and is currently serving localized dealers throughout the entire United States.

The system is scalable to a worldwide audience of local buyers and flexible to be compatible to existing online traffic drivers.

The technology and systems are applicable to other retail sectors such as real estate, employment, travel, government, finance, etc.

SMAA Key Company Management

CEO- Tim Stephens
Mr. Stephens has been CEO since December of 2011. Mr. Stephens has operated in the Automobile industry for 45 years, starting at the very bottom in 1965 as a Porter until March 1969, when he enlisted in the US Navy, rose to the rank of E6 and was Honorable discharged, after two tours in Vietnam. Joining the ranks of auto sales he quickly rose to management and has operated dealerships as General Manager and owner operator until joining SMA in 2009. Mr. Stephens brings operations experience vital to the administration of the company with systems management of product delivery, internal and external communications.

Chairman- Anthony Baker
Mr. Baker has 15 years executive management experience leading successful start-up and turn-around companies, primarily in the automotive industry. Mr. Baker is an entrepreneur and developer of software and systems with strong implementation experience, developing business operations generating over 200 million dollars annually. Mr. Baker is exceptional at Identifying strategic acquisitions to gain market share and is proven to capitalize on market opportunities to drive revenues, profits, and growth. Mr. Baker graduated University of Kentucky with a BS in Chemistry in 1994 with additional studies in Theology, Pikeville Christian College, 1992-1993 and Business and Accounting from San Diego State University in 1999 and is fluent in English, Spanish, and German.

COO- David Wocjik
David Wojcik has over 17 years of Professional Automotive Dealership Management in his illustrious career in addition to being a US ARMY Airborne Veteran. Mr. Wojcik started his auto career in sales in 1993 and within 7 short years became the General Sales Manager of Millennium Hyundai in Hempstead, NY. Mr. Wojcik helped Millennium Hyundai grow from a 30 car a month store to the #2 Hyundai Dealership in the United States. Mr. Wojcik spent over 10 years of his career as part of the Staluppi Auto Group which is the nation’s 8th largest Auto Dealer Group. Since then Mr. Wojcik has spent 4 years as General Manager of RK Toyota, part of the RK Auto Group in Hampton Roads VA before joining forces with SMA Alliance. Mr. Wojcik brings leadership, professionalism, strength and an abundance of sales and marketing experience to any organization he is affiliated with.

CIO- Dan Laube
Dan Laube develops and manages all processes including strategic development, technology systems, budgeting, and marketing. Dan Laube brings information and system integrations efficiencies into SMA Alliance, responsive to the dynamics of the company and its employees. Proving Strong efficiencies from a very young age, Mr. Laube started his career at 14 as a flooring installation professional and at 17 had a flooring company of his own, developing it through efficiency to finally be sold. Dan’s development caught the attention of a prominent local automobile dealer where Dan was recruited as Internet director, increasing revenue over 400% in within his first ninety days. Dan was soon promoted to Assistant General Manager within a year. Dan was then recruited to Stadium Auto where he developed systems allowing a growth from 70 units in inventory and 35 unit sales per month to 270 units in inventory and 170 units per month within 5 months.

SMAA Contact Info

SMA Alliance
530 Church Street Ste 401 Nashville, TN 37219
Toll Free Nationwide: 888.330.6623
Voice/Fax: 615.691.7373
E-mail: info@ SMAAlliance.com









SMAA Recent Developments

Tuesday, June 5, 2012
SMA Signs Exclusive Contract With Credit Union Dealers Network
Marketwire (Mon, May 21) (Tue, Jun 5)
"NASHVILLE, TN, Jun 05, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Strategic Marketing Alliance, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMAA) signed a renewable one-year contract with the Credit Union Dealer Network (www.credituniondealers.com) today. This contract affirms that the Credit Union Dealers Network will use SMA's lead generation software exclusively for advertising of existing and future clients. SMA will receive a percentage of the gross profits from every sale based on leads generated from their advertising application software. SMA estimates a revenue increase of up to $1.1 million per year based on the sales projections from the Credit Union Dealers Network.
With this agreement, SMA added William Moore to the company to assist the Credit Union Dealers Network in the implementation and conversion to the SMA lead generation program. Mr. Moore has worked for Mercedes since 1986."

Thursday, May 24, 2012
SMAA Signs Victory Automotive Group on USAutoplex Lead Program
Marketwire (Thu, May 24)

Monday, May 21, 2012
Strategic Marketing Alliance Officially Launches iautobuzz.com to Service Larger Dealers and Manufacturers
Marketwire (Mon, May 21)


SMAA Products & Services

The Market
SMA serves as a marketing and advertising vendor to retailers of essential, large ticket items such as Automobiles, Real Estate, and Employment Recruitment. SMA currently is focused on the Automobile industry.

Problem: Each automobile dealer in the U.S. incurs an average advertising and marketing cost of $600 dollars per unit in inventory and retains an average of 15 marketing and advertising vendors to achieve the sale of inventory. The average inventory retention for each unit is 2.5 months.

Solution: SMA Alliance proprietary software reduces advertising and marketing cost to $99 dollars per unit or less and reduces inventory turnover to an average of 18 days.

Description- SMA Alliance owns proprietary software code and applied systems which achieve increased buying demand for product retailers by advertising to posting sites and online search sites where buyers go to find and research products they are interested in.

Application]- The success of SMA Alliance products is achieved through consistent, legal placement of products from SMA retailers to be found by persons searching for products by product type and additional description in their query. When the person typing in search queries finds the product they are looking for, SMA’s advertisements direct the person to receive more information about the product from the SMA retailer through a call to action. SMA advertisements are designed to trigger a solution to instant gratification and often results in 40 buyers calling the SMA retailer to express interest in the product on a daily basis.

Result- SMA Alliance increases buying demand by 10 X’s or greater, on a daily basis for each retailer. Clients of SMA Alliance experience increased sales at less cost and enjoy controlled hyper-growth through SMA’s reporting metrics and dependability of consistent demand generated for each Retailer.

Other Products- The Company has additional products, which are effective and competitive, currently developed and deployed to serve the automobile market.

The internet has changed the influence and efficacy of retail sales with 83% of all consumers searching and researching online before going into a dealership. SMA has emerged as an intuitive marketing company which focuses on ensuring its client’s products are what is found by consumers when shopping and researching for automobiles online, within each local retailer’s geographical and target market.

Target Market: Automotive Retailers
Competing Product: Lead Generation Services
Market Value: $6,250,000,000
Competitors: Autotrader.com

annual revenue- $512,000,000
Market Share- 79%
Product price- $5,900
Kelly Blue Book annual revenue-$100,000,000
Market Share- 10%
Product price- $599

SMAA Financial Reporting/Disclosure & Security Details

OTC Pink™ Current Information
Companies that follow the International Reporting Standard or the Alternative Reporting Standard by making filings publicly available through the OTC Disclosure & News Service pursuant to OTC Markets Group Guidelines for Providing Adequate Current Information (pdf) are designated as OTC Pink Current Information.

SMAA follows under these guidelines on the OTC Pink current information market tier.

Investigate more @ http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/SMAA/quote for more due diligence.

Share Structure
Market Value1 $58,166,788 a/o Jun 05, 2012
Shares Outstanding 252,899,080 a/o Apr 07, 2012
Float 46,155,520 a/o Apr 07, 2012
Authorized Shares 1,000,000,000 a/o Apr 07, 2012
Par Value Not Available

Shareholders of Record 48 a/o Apr 07, 2012

Security Notes
New & Secondary Issue=6-83 950,000 shs at $10 by Ladenburg, Thalmann, & Co., Inc. et al.
Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 100 split Pay date=05/20/2011.
Capital Change=shs increased by 10 for 1 split, payable upon surrender. . Pay date=09/29/2011.

Financial Reporting/Disclosure
SIC - Industry Classification 7310 - Services-Advertising
Incorporated In: DE, USA
Year of Inc. 1969
Company Notes
Formerly=InventBay.com, Inc. until 5-2011
Formerly=Interand Corp. until 6-07

OTC Disclosure last 10Q reported May 15, 2012 period ending Mar 31, 2012

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