C-LAB—the Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting ( http://c-lab.columbia.edu/index.html )—will be hosting an event later this evening, Wed

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C-LAB—the Columbia Laboratory for Architectural Broadcasting—will be hosting an event later this evening, Wednesday, June 13, at 5:30pm, in the Studio-X NYC space, looking at the arrival of what they call "The Senior Moment."

Divided equally between questions of the built environment and an analysis of spatial influences on human health and well-being, the event will specifically discuss aging and the city. "Aging and urban design go hand-in-hand," C-LAB explains, "as issues of physical resilience play out both in the body and in the material of the city."

Included in tonight's conversation are Linda Fried, Elyzabeth Gaumer, Aubrey de Grey, Jeffrey Inaba, Stephen Johnston, Thomas Kamber, Jesse Mintz-Roth, Caryn Resnick, Richard Rosen, Jeffrey Rosenfeld, and Georgeen Theodore.

Things kick off at 5:30pm sharp, and are free and open to the public.

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Meanwhile, Venue—Studio-X NYC's exciting, 16-month collaboration with the Nevada Museum of Art's Center for Art + Environment—continues apace.

With our public launch less than one week ago, and with enthusiastic introductions to the project published by both Wired and The Atlantic, we're off, we hope, to a good start.

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Thus far, in only the first few days of the project, we've interviewed—and will soon be posting our write-up on v-e-n-u-e.com—photographer Edward Burtynsky; we've visited the absolutely fascinating seismic shake-table research lab at the University of Nevada, Reno; we've stopped in for a primer on water rights in the American West with preeminent water rights lawyer, Ross de Lipkau; and we've enjoyed many, many more visits and interviews, including an incredible flight yesterday evening around the shore of Mono Lake with aerial photographer Michael Light (see photos on the sides for a sense of the view).

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Venue is now heading down along the Eastern Sierra, bringing Studio-X NYC's investigations into the enabling infrastructures of the 21st-century metropolis out onto the road and into the hinterlands, as we make our way south toward Los Angeles, for yet more interviews and site visits.

Stay tuned to the Venue website, or to our Twitter feeds—@VenueProject and @StudioXNYC—for more.

Venue is generously funded by the Western States Art Federation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Nevada Arts Council.