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Socializing Your Puppy

-Bridget Gallagher, Canine Behavior Specialist

Puppies are like babies - they need a lot or attention and work. They have an extremely short attention span, are hyper, and just want to play, eat, and sleep.
It takes twice as much effort and PATIENCE to train a puppy as it does an adult dog.

The Socialization Period between 8 - 12 weeks

At eight weeks, what puppies learn will have a lasting impact. Owners need to be careful about what their puppies are learning at this time. Your puppy is very anxious to learn how you want him to behave and react, and he needs to be shown what is expected of him/her in a calm, patient yet assertive manner. During this time period, you will get to know about your puppy's particular temperament and personality - whether he/she is confident, shy, insecure, or outgoing. It is important to know that the environments you put your puppy in are more complex than those he would encounter naturally. Because you will impose such important demands on your puppy, you must help him to make the transition into the human environment. You need to lay a groundwork for a trusting, happy mutually satisfying relationship. Puppies are less likely to broaden their experiences if they are insecure. In natural environments, puppies approach new things cautiously. By giving your puppy brief, repeated experiences in new situations, you give him a chance to become familiar with their environment. If you don't expose your puppy to a variety of situations and new environments, behavioral problems such as insecurity, fear, and fear aggression will occur as that is the only way the puppy knows how to engage into his/her environment.

During the Socialization period, there is a fear imprint period from 8 - 11 weeks. During this time, any traumatic, painful or frightening experiences will have a more lasting impact on your pup than they would if they occurred at any other time. For example, an unpleasant trip to the veterinarian could forever make your dog fearful about vet visits. Take some treats and a toy with you. While you wait, play with your puppy and offer him treats. Have your vet give your puppy treats along with lots of praise and petting before and after the examination. Avoid elective surgeries, such as ear-cropping and hernia repair during this time. In general, avoid stressful situations.

Remember, dogs are social animals. They need to interact with you, your family, and other people and dogs during the Socialization Period. It is during this time, that your dog needs to have positive experiences with people and dogs. Therefore, you need to socialize and teach your puppy how to interact with people and other dogs in a positive, non-punitive manner. You should gradually introduce your puppy to new things, environments, and people. Be careful when socializing your puppy with other dogs in dog parks, as other dogs can be aggressive resulting in a negative experience for your pup.

Take your puppy where there are few distracters. Give him time to get used to new places. Make sure he is secure. If you have children that visit only occasionally, have your puppy meet children as often as you can. If you live alone, make an effort to have friends visit you. Get him accustomed to riding in the car. Take him for brief rides, at first. Go someplace fun. Remember, if new experiences are overwhelming or negative, the results could be traumatic.

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Dog Charmer
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Saturday, June 9th
Come out to the DQ in Wyckoff for DQ and Dogs! On June 9th at 6pm, we'll be holding a fundraiser. For every mini-blizzard purchased, $1 will be donated to A Pathway to Hope. We'll also have our adoptable dogs and cats there to meet potential adopters.
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Training and Socialization Opportunities offered by The Dog Charmer & A Pathway to Hope:

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Sunday, June 10th
Basic Obedience session for adopters and fosters
North Haledon DPW Building
37 Willowbrook Ct. North Haledon
Join us for a basic obedience training session . Bring your dogs and any questions you may have on their behavior!
$20 suggested donation

Saturday, June 16th
Pack Walk with Bridget
South Mountain Reservation
Crest Drive off South Orange Ave., South Orange
If you need help with leash walking, this is the perfect session for you! Work with Bridget to master the walk!
$20 suggested donation

Sunday, June 24th
Join us at Jake's Place at Rock Ledge Garden Center for an adoption event! Come out and meet our adoptable dogs and cats.
1621 Hamburg Turnpike, Wayne

Buckled Up

Buckle Up your Pet

NJ has just passed a law requiring pets to be restrained in the car. Pets should be unable to make contact with the driver during vehicle operation and should be protected and secure in the event of an emergency stop or collision. Police can impose fines between $250 and $1,000.

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