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Welcome to the July 2010 issue #37 of the LumberJocks eMag
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From the Editor


July is a busy month for woodworkers around the world, for LumberJocks anyway. Why, you ask? Because they are busy creating their entry for the current woodworking awards event!

This is our 9th Awards event (eight if you want to be picky, since the first one was called a contest) and boy, oh boy, is this a big one! Have I piqued your interest? Be sure to read about our upcoming Awards and the prizes that have been provided. Impressive!

I wish everyone well for the Awards event, not only in vying for top votes but in coming up with a project that depicts "fluidity". Our creativity is definitely being challenged with this one! Good luck everyone.

Now, back to this issue of our eMag. I hope you enjoy this edition- especially our new "LumberJock Laughter" section. I'm still chuckling at the hilarious cartoon that was created for us.

Also, be sure to check out the really special surprise added just after my editorial. A big thank-you to our friends at Woodcraft. (Note: deadline is Monday July 5).

As always I would love to hear your comments about the content. You can post your feedback here.

Woodcraft July 2010 Coupon

LumberJocks' Summer Woodworking Awards 2010

summer 2010-header-logo

I cannot wait to see the wide variety of interpretations for this Awards category:

Fluidity: "Like grasses swaying in a summer breeze, the fluid motion is visible in the solid form of the wood."
Create a woodworking project that portrays fluidity and/or movement, Be sure to describe your inspiration and vision-- the interpretation is as important as the finished product.

And why take up the challenge to build a fluidity project? If not for the challenge itself, what about the prizes? There are over $2000 worth of prizes waiting to be awarded! Impressive.

Read more about the Awards here in Martin's blog as well as the official Awards page.

LumberJocks Connect & Other LJ Events

Checking The Event Calendar

Check the Event Calendar for future events.

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LumberJocks Around the World

Who's In Your Area?

looking for other woodworkers in your area? Start a blog and send me a note and I'll add it to our eMag!
when plans are confirmed for a picnic or other LJ event, send us an email with the following information for the Event Calendar: Title, Date(s), Location, Description (1 paragraph), Link to blog or forum post with more details.

Interview With An LJ: Scott Bryan


Scott Bryan

This month I had the privilege of speaking with Scott Bryan.
The following is the LJ interview:

How did you find Lumberjocks and what keeps you coming back?
I became aware of Lumberjocks about 3 years ago as I was browsing the web sites of Matt Vanderlist and Marc Spagnolo. Both were promoting LJs at the time and I thought that the site sounded interesting. This prompted me to take a look at the site and I was floored by the stunning projects that were being posted. Also I really enjoyed seeing the positive interaction between the site members, since up to this time I had worked in relative seclusion with regards to my woodworking experiences. I guess I am somewhat old school in that I really have never spent a lot of time with on-line social networking sites. For instance, I have a Facebook account but rarely look at it and I do not Twitter. But the thing that attracted me to LJs when I first looked at it is the same thing that keeps me coming back today- the interaction and sharing of woodworking projects and topics. Like most of us, who are members of this group, when I get the opportunity to discuss woodworking topics I find it hard to quit. Being able to share woodworking knowledge and ideas is the central concept behind LJs and this is the principal reason for my involvement in the site.

Read the rest of the interview...

The Talk of the LumberJocks Shop


One of our "hot" projects

(For the most discussed projects this past month, click on the "Hot Projects" link on the Projects Page's toolbar) and don't forget to check the "silent projects" that are waiting for some feedback.)

The following are some other projects posted by our fellow LumberJocks.

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We know that woodworkers are artists - some are multi-faceted, such as our fellow LumberJock Frank who is an artist in wood, word, and photography.

Check out his 71-part (and counting) series of Woodwriting Haikus.

LumberJock Laughter


LJ Shop Project: Measuring


An LJ Tape Measure

Any good woodworker knows that precision is key to a good project - or you might end up with a table looking like the one in the cartoon above. But how do you make those precise measurements?

If you are like me, measuring is as simple as "one little line past the quarter inch" on any old tape measure. Now, don't go rolling your eyes, I'm sure that I am not the only one who does this!

But there are more precise ways and there are more measurements than the "little line" and the "inch". Hang around a shop for some time and you will eventually also hear woodworkers talking about millimeters or the precision of a thousandths of an inch!

I don't think I'll ever be talking in relation to the "thousandths" but I have remembered a couple tips shared by my fellow LumberJocks:
1) regardless of how you measure, use the same measuring tool throughout the entire project. One measuring tape may not be identical in precision to another.
2) wood moves. It shrinks and expands. That means that that "zillionth of an inch" is not going to mean much as the humidity level changes.


Zero Clearance on the Table Saw

And check out these tagged postings here at LumberJocks.com:
* Forum Topics tagged as "measuring"
* Blogs tagged as "measuring"

Where In The World Is MsDebbieP?


This month we head to Wisconsin for a visit with Bureaucrat.

As I looked around the shop/garage area at Bureaucrat's, the one thing that stood out for me was the use of storage space. Not only were the cabinets and shelves on the walls but when I looked up I noticed the space in the following photo - a great shelf above the desk and door, with a light attached underneath - two keep elements of shop space. Think "up" for storage and always have good lighting for work areas.

When I asked Bureaucrat what he would change in his shop, he responded:
As I think about the changes I would make, there are 3 changes that come to mind for me immediately: first, I would use OSB or Plywood on the walls instead of drywall. While drywall has a better fire rating, the luxury of being able to hang things anywhere out weighs the unlikely possibility of a fire. Second, I have two 20 amp circuits to run machines and a 15 amp circuit for lights. I would prefer to have a sub panel in the shop with several more circuits. The third item I would change is to have my air scrubber (a homemade behemoth) located outside of the shop. I would set it up like a forced air furnace. Speaking of furnaces, heat in the winter would be good too.

Picture 4

Storage: Think "UP"

And, as for advice to new woodworkers:
If I were to give advice to a new woodworker regarding shop space I think I'd advise them to find a space, no matter the size, where you can leave your project set up. Setting up and taking down projects or the tools to do them really makes the project into work. If you can have it set up, you can drop into your space and just work the wood. Remember, shop size is relative. Some LJs are working out of closets, others out of garages and others out of dedicated shops. The one thing for sure is that your shop is never as big as your dreams.

Thanks for the visit, Gary!

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"I’ve been reflecting on what my time here has taught me…I’ve learned better and faster ways of doing things. The combined skills of the members here on LJ’s is unparalleled!! Their willingness to share those skills is truly a breath of fresh air..." ~littlecope

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For all you woodworking soccer fans - check out these containers made for "African" Marigolds in the beautiful orange colour of the soccer shirts for Holland. Very symbolic project. Way to go Houtje!



There may not be enough room here in this backyard remodel to play a good game of soccer but, oh, what a great space for outdoor entertaining or simply relaxing and enjoying the backyard. Beautiful.