Update 8/26 2:09pm -- MTA will close transit at noon on Saturday Preparing for Irene's Transit Disrup

Update 8/26 2:09pm -- MTA will close transit at noon on Saturday

Preparing for Irene's Transit Disruptions

We are hoping this storm will steer clear of us in NYC or peter out altogether in the Carolinas. That being said, the MTA has already suspended all planned service changes over the weekend in anticipation of it hitting.

So here's how you can prep (and help others prep) for what does happen to city traffic and transit:

1. Know What's Up.

The Roadify app is going to be chock full of great reports on traffic and transit conditions. Check it often and know the situation before you get your rain boots wet walking to that flooded station.

What we know so far:

Picture 376

NYC Evacuation Zones Map

If winds reach speeds above 39 mph as forecasted, the MTA will shut down the entire system for a period of time. Don't be surprised to have no public transit from Saturday evening through Monday morning.
The City will make the decision to evacuate the general public from Zone A areas by 8 a.m. tomorrow (Sat.).

Check this map to see if that's you >>>>

City sponsored outdoor events (like street fairs) on Sunday are cancelled.
Alt Side is canceled Saturday and Monday.

On top of the awesome commentary from you folks and alerts from the MTA and DoT, the Roadify Crew will be updating the app throughout the storm with any and all legitimate updates we find. Check your app, check our Twitter feed, check your umbrella.


2. Give Your Own Reports.

Every comment written in the app during and after the storm has the potential to be seen by thousands of Roadify users. Giving will have a positive impact on your neighbors and fellow Roadifyers.

Together, we'll produce more reports than any news outlet possibly could and that's pretty cool.

But stay safe!


3. Be a Roadify Reporter

If you want to go one step further, we're asking folks to volunteer as Roadify Reporters, where we'll simply ping you occasionally for an update on your neighborhood or station. We're hoping it'll be news as happy as "All clear! :)", but either way you'll be an invaluable source of help.

We won't make you go out in the rain. :)

The following people have volunteered to cover the following areas:
* Dylan's got 2nd Ave on the F Train and the Bleeker St 6.
* Brian's got Bedford on the L and Marcy on the J.
* Dan's got Nassau Station on the G and Greenpoint.

Which area can you help with?

Reply to this email and tell us which lines, station or 'hood you're willing to help cover. Dylan (dylan@roadify.com) will be your main contact and ensure that you're kept in the loop (and may even be able to get your report on the news or something cool like that.)


Stay safe and dry and please get in touch if you have any questions.

The Roadify Crew

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