AUGUST 2011: FOCUS - FRIENDS WHO SMILE August comes upon us quickly and with many changes. Here at the office that is readily apparent wit

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August comes upon us quickly and with many changes. Here at the office that is readily apparent with the household moves of two families, a Quinceanera for a granddaughter, birthdays, the beginning of a new school year for the staff’s children and winding down of summer’s vacations. All of this certainly defines a busy season. In the busyness of this season consider these ideas: August 2 is Friendship Day, started in 1935, is now celebrated internationally. In addition, it is also “National Smile Week” during the second week of August. How do you show your friends that they are special? What makes you smile? Send us your ideas! This newsletter is our Friendship Letter to you. Make us “smile” by sending us your note!



jodihooper is pleased to introduce Jodi Hooper. Jodi has graciously shared with her children’s ministry materials. It is listed under Curriculum on the Children's Page and has a wealth of Biblically sound lessons for kids, covering every major Bible story as well as support materials for Sunday School Teachers. Go and check out Jodi’s lessons which have power points, accompanying small group lessons, and weekly family devotions to go with each lesson. Stay tuned so you do not miss the new lessons that will be added soon.


August Brings the New Store

During the month go August we will be switching our store over to a new format. We have hit some limitations with our current format and know that we need to make a change. We found a system that will allow us to integrate with our current website in a very seamless way.

HOWEVER, in order for us to make that switch it may require a little more effort on your part the next time you place an order. The good news is that the new store will use the same username and password that you use for the site. (We are working hard to get to a single log-in for all our sites and services.) The bad news is some of you may have to re-enter your billing and shipping information. You will only have to do this once as the new store will remember it going forward. As always, if you have any issues we can help you along.

So during the month of August be on the lookout for our new store.



Sandra Glahn

Hear Hear Hear! One of our authors, Sandra Glahn has just completed her latest Coffee Cup Series Bible Study Book “Sumatra with the Seven Churches” . We are excited to see how God is continuing to develop our authors and to present God's Word to the world. We were able to share free copies of her book at the ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) compliments of AMG publishers.

Michael Garrett,'s director of marketing, and the man behind the online Bible Study tool jingle and tutorials, has now relocated to the Dallas, TX area with his family. If you or your organization are interested in discussing marketing with Michael he can now be reached at the local office. Let Michael help you share the good news of with your congregation, your bookstore, your ministry. Call him at 214-580-1999 and ask for Michael!

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_SO LONG EUROPE ...WE ARE USA BOUND... Two of our authors, Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Michael Burer, along with their families, will return from their year’s sabbatical and once again take up the daily teaching duties at Dallas Theological Seminary. God has richly blessed their time in the European cities and mountains and they return refreshed with many ideas and new thoughts for their students. Catch both authors on the blogs page as they ponder new and interesting topics or answer theological questions about the NET Bible. Both Dr. Bock and Dr. Burer were part of the translation team for this project.


icrs 2011

On July 10-13, we were at the ICRS (International Christian Retailers Show) in Atlanta where there were over 1000 vendors. Your staff made many new friends, had voluminous contacts and received many positive comments about the new online Bible Study tool. We thank the staff of ICRS for making our “debut” so effortless and fun! Thank you for each who stopped by our booth on Debut Ave. You are our new friends.

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At the ICR Show we met Amy, a young bible school gal who ministers and works in Hollywood on film production. She was the winner of our ICR drawing for a FREE NET Bible. Here's what Amy told us: " and your on-line study tools is the most relevant ministry tool that I've seen thus far at this conference" After returning home Amy wrote to us to say this: "Thank you for your prayers, and thank you so much for the Bible! Our conversation that day was one of the highlights of my week at ICRS and a total blessing! "

proven way

July 29th found SonShine at the Hope Center Leaders’ Retreat Ministry Share Fair hosted by Proven Way whose goal is to lead the way for women of influence by following the example of Christ’s servanthood. SonShine shared about that day telling all of the women attending about the online Bible Study tool and the NET Bible.


distance ed

Help us Impact the World

Looking to minister to the world from the keyboard of your computer?(Volunteer with the opportunity to move to a paid position)

Volunteers/Interns needed:
We are making good progress on the Chinese NET Bible project (CNET) but we are still in need of additional volunteers. This month we had a person who volunteered to help us get the CNET approved by the Chinese Government. NEEDED: Additional Project management and Chinese scholars, programmers and people to help build a web site, software products and distribution. If interested Contact us.
Several responded to our call for help: (1) to enhance our NET Bible online environment in Spanish and (2) our Sunday school teachers effort, but we still need someone to lead the effort. Maybe that is you? If you would like to explore leading the effort Contact us.


One of the blessings of being an internet ministry is that we can link to you via the internet. With that in mind, did you know that your ministry could be a co-laborer in the vineyard with
Opportunity One: -- Brand the Bible Study Environment with your own logo/brand and links to your site. We maintain it, fix anything that is broken, and give you the Study Environment for your ministry to use. You get free advertising to your site and we get the word out about the Word. To see if your organization qualifies for this opportunity contact Michael Garrett for more information.

Opportunity Two: --Does your church have a bookstore? Do you own a bookstore? We have the opportunity for you to be a reseller with the advantages of stocking the finest study Bible with its 60,000 translator notes and satellite maps. You get to advertise the NET Bible and we get the advantage of stocking your shelf! Contact Michael Garret, our Marketing Specialist for more information and a copy of our reseller agreement.


We always take time to thank God for how He has poured out upon His grace for what is needed at just the perfect time but we are in a Summer Slump, a term that we often use to describe a time when donations are falling or sales are falling. As you can see we are in need of more "real cash" to offset expenses. We always want to be cautious to remind our readers that care of your own personal needs is a priority. (God, family, church, should be the order). But if you have been blessed by the ministry of would you help provide trustworthy studies and a free NET Bible to everyone on the globe with Internet access by donating this month? (We are thankful for a large donation that came in after the reporting period.) Remember it is your donations that keep able to provide for you the marvelous trustworthy resources, no funds are used for management salaries as people donate their time. Click here to donate.
Note- All income (Donations and Bible sales/revenues) are accounted for. The store has outstanding NET Bible debt and sales are being used to meet debt and store expenses. When there is a future profit those profits will be reported as a donation to the foundation. As you have noticed we have turned on limited Google ads to help in the revenue side. We will have a more complete report next month



Prov 15:13 A joyful heart makes the face cheerful. Your notes from near and far make this verse a reality. Thank you!

From Andrea: I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much this website has blessed me. I am 25 years old and will be graduating from college in exactly 30 days. Before I found you guys I was going thru an emotional crisis in my life. I have been raised as a Christian but have never taken the initiative to learn the word of God. Now things have changed, I will be getting married soon and God really spoke to me about truly building a relationship with Him. I am grateful for finding your website, which has soooo many sources of bible study that I really need to read.

Blog News

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Once again our bloggers are challenging us out of the "couch potato" comfort zone and into reading. Check out Lael Arrington's blog about "Summer time, easy livin' and mission drift" In preparing your student for the fall follow Ed Gossein's blog "Go ahead, be a wise guy...". And for you more studious people check out what Dr. Bock says about "A Good Book: The Millennials" FORUM

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FORUM: Soon there will be a new look and a new feel as the techies work on updating the forum so the log-in will also work on the forum. YEA!. Just as on the blogs and users, our Forum commentators are challenging us to move into reading books about various topics. Follow the recent discussion on Dietrich Bonhoeffer's life and the WWII establishment against organized religion. Click to follow the discussion here.
Also since this month is "Friends Month" gather a "SMILE" from joining and participating in the Cyber Cafe. and follow the various topics offered there.


iPad Webapp.newsletter

Don't forget the NETBible One iPad Web App. You can find it in the Apple App Store by searching for "NETBible One" This free app brings the power of our web based NET Bible Study Environment to the iPad, and represents the first step of our new Mobile Development Initiative. Keep your eyes on our website and this newsletter for announcements throughout the summer and fall as we are working on an IPhone and Android NETBible app. Click here for the Nokia Cell phone app, donated to us by a volunteer.